How to Create Engaging and Relevant Presentations for Homebuyers

19 October 2022
How to Create Engaging and Relevant Presentations for Homebuyers

One of the toughest parts of meeting and making a presentation to homebuyers is holding their attention for an extended amount of time. In fact, you've probably all seen lots of clients absorbed in their own thoughts, whether that's via looking at their phones or by chitchatting with the person sitting next to them.


So, let's be honest. We've all experienced this crushing ennui and listlessness and for this reason, some sellers experience increased anxiety when they approach an audience of expressionless faces. This in turn affects them as they start talking quicker and attempt to get through the presentation as quickly as possible.


And we all know that this is most definitely not the optimal approach to conveying serious and profound meaning as well as to landing the sales or deal that you are aiming for.



Ways to Make Your Client Presentations More Engaging

Presenting to potential buyers is a crucial part of any successful sales process. Whether you're presenting to a prospect for new business, a current client to show off account successes, or a client to sell a new house and lot in the Philippines and help expand their home investment, it's important to make presentations that are both interesting and relevant to the audience.


In order for us to help you to spice up more engaging client presentations, whether they take place online or in person, you can consider the following suggestions.


1. Prepare a killer introduction that can capture your audience's attention.

The first few minutes of a presentation are crucial to setting the tone for the whole event, which is a good enough reason to put some thought into your introduction.


You should work on developing a compelling beginning that can set the tone for the remainder of your presentation. Some of the excellent introduction presentation ideas are the following:


Ask a rhetorical question to your prospective client

Kick things off with a question that gets people thinking, rather than one that demands a response. Questions such as, "Do you think buying a house is a good investment for your family's future?" fall into this category. This is also a great way to build rapport with more introverted clients.


Start with a relatable scenario

Pick a story that reflects the nature of the audience you'll be addressing. Discuss the needs and concerns of your past customer or existing client and how you helped them by showcasing account results. It would be simpler for your potential client to see themselves as successful buyers if you told them a tale they could relate to.


Crafting engaging icebreaker

You should have your customers write down and discuss the top three reasons they want to purchase an affordable house and lot. In the case of couples, you should advise them to do the activity alone. That way, they may go back over their mutual aims and priorities.


2. Share an interesting story during the client presentation.

After your introduction, you will now be at the core of the meeting-- the presentation of the property.


At this point, make sure to stay grounded and think about the essentials. The location, property types and neighborhood features, unit measurements such as lot area and floor space, number of bedrooms, and pricing should all get special attention and be in bullet points when creating presentations.


Alternatively, instead of just listing each piece of information or key points, you can also make a narrative as you move through this list.


Add body language to your virtual tours to give potential buyers the some idea on how it feels to live or own the home. You can also explain to them how easy it is to do errands like food shopping from the property due to its close proximity to a supermarket. Or, if you're concerned about the number of bedrooms, have them visualize how their children's rooms will look when they ultimately settle in. The goal here is to make sure that your story is interesting enough for an engaging presentation to prospective clients.


3. Add multimedia to your client presentation slides.

The first guideline for making an engaging presentation sales deck is to never overcrowd it with text. Instead, you should use visual aids like images, 3D models, films, infographics, quotation cards, etc., and have a few words in your presentation design. In addition to making the presentation seem better, this will also boost the audience's ability to absorb and understand the presentation's key points and information.


4. Make your presentation more engaging by mentioning some current events.

As long as it is relevant, you can mention some current event that makes sense during your presentation. Make use of them to showcase your professionalism and experience in the real estate industry.


If you're familiar with infrastructure projects in the areas your customer is considering, you'll make a great impression. Joking may also be infused with reference to current events and phenomena in the realm of popular culture. Also, some clients might feel more at ease with you if you try to relate to their favorite characters or celebrities.


5. Answer all concerns and questions with assurance.

Having a compelling start is essential, but a powerful ending is just as vital.


To make the summary more engaging, let them voice any remaining questions or concerns. Put on your real estate guru hat and strive to provide answers that are backed up by evidence when clients ask you questions. Keep in mind that this is your chance to shine so use it wisely.


When you've answered all their questions, describe your next actions, let them know you'll be emailing the summary of your meeting, and don't forget to educate them about your available digital platforms.


And last but definitely not the least, remember to express gratitude to your customers for their time and consideration.



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