How to Celebrate Easter Sunday at Home

1 April 2021
 Written by: Ness Albito


Metro Manila, Bulacan, Cavite, Rizal, and Laguna, or called the NCR Plus Bubble under the Enhanced Community Quarantine until April 4, were advised by the government to avoid going out and stay at home unless there is a need to buy some essential goods and services. Following the rules, the celebration for Holy Week will be done again in our homes' safety. 


Spending Easter Sunday at home can be a big challenge, especially to parents who still have younger kids at home. Children love to do fun activities and go out to play. With the safety protocols to avoid the spread of the pandemic, kids must be at home all the time. Some kids might have gotten used to being at home 24/7 and adapted alternative ways to be entertained and occupied. Still, during special occasions like Easter Sunday, young kids feel eager to do fun and enjoyable activities.


Easter Sunday could have been a much-awaited event yearly since it involves dressing up with cute costumes, eating sweets and delicious treats, and the ever-popular egg hunting.


Easter Sunday will still happen, so prepare the house for an Easter celebration by making your walls a brighter, more cheerful color with a few strategically placed bunnies and egg decors!


Here are the enjoyable ways to spend Easter celebration at home:

1. Create DIY Decors for Easter celebration

You can print out some images or pictures that you can download from the internet and organize a coloring activity with your children. You can print images related to Easter like eggs, bunnies, tulips, chick, and candies. You can even be resourceful by letting them trace the dots first to discover the picture before coloring it. The artworks done will be used as decoration for the Easter Sunday celebration.


Another activity can be doing bunny ears for each member of the family that will serve as the party hat at home. Bunny ears can set the mood for everyone that something special will be done on the day of the Easter celebration.


2. Easter Egg Hunt at Home

Worry no more if the kids cannot have a scavenger hunt because you always doing it at home is always an option. Egg hunting activity is a must-have every Easter Sunday. It seems that the celebration will not be complete without this much-awaited challenge. If before, children and adults enjoy doing this in an open space or with other kids at an event, let us make it a memorable bonding at home. Make sure to hide the eggs in easy-to-reach places to ensure the safety of your kids. And to add some creative and exciting vibes to it, use the colorful plastic eggs and place questions inside and those who answer them will receive egg-shaped candies. Or even spice it up with a treasure-hunt wherein the kids will be guided by a print-out map to locate the hidden eggs with some treats inside for a fun surprise!


3. Painting Egg Activity

Painting Easter eggs is a fun activity for all ages and skill levels, so you probably don't want to skip it. Organizing this activity is good for the whole family to do, where you can share and communicate creatively.

Unleash everyone's creativity by using non-toxic and water-based paints to ensure health safety while designing the eggs. You can also add some thrill to it by allotting a time limit and giving prizes for the most beautiful and creative egg designs. Eggs painted may also be used for the egg hunting activity.


4. Egg Relay Race

Level up the usual "calamansi relay" in party games and switch to eggs this Easter Sunday! Get everyone in this competitive game to show their true sportsmanship. Bite the spoon, balance the egg, hurry to the finish line and get back to the starting point to tap the next player. Strictly, no touching! Hands at the back. If a player happens to drop the egg, the player must return to the starting point. The first team to finish the task will win and get some sweet treats.


5. Simple Baking and Cooking Activities

If your children are old enough to learn how to cook, why not channel their inner chef talent by introducing them to baking or cooking. Make the whole family involve in preparing the food to be served during the Easter celebration. You may bake some cute egg-shaped cookies or simply make a pancake and let kids design it with some choco chips or candy-coated chocolates.


We can do various activities with our kids at home without risking their health and safety outside. You may also search the internet for virtual event that the kids may attend, so they can also interact with others.


With all these Easter Sunday activities at home, the best thing to do with our family and kids this Easter Sunday is to pray for guidance and a better world and remember that His resurrection is the reason for the Easter Sunday celebration.


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