Holy Week Guide: Visita Iglesia in Laguna

26 March 2022
Holy Week Guide Visita Iglesia in Laguna

Spain has brought Christianity to the Philippines throughout its 333-year rule over the island. Since then, a number of faiths have evolved, including the Roman Catholic, which has been proclaimed the country's major religion.


When Catholicism was first introduced in the Philippines, the construction of churches started to flourish. Many parts of the nation are privileged to have a wide variety of beautiful churches and inspiring tales to share.


In addition to its historical attractions and great local delicacies such as Buko Pie, Cassava Cake, and Bibingka, Laguna is also one of the provinces that has a large number of ancient and historically significant churches. There have been around twenty different churches in the region. Visita Iglesia, the annual Lenten church tour in the Philippines, attracts throngs of pilgrims every year during the season of Holy Week to go to this province.


The Province of Laguna is home to more than a hundred Roman Catholic churches, many of which have been standing for decades or more. In addition to religious pilgrimage, the Visita Iglesia or the Seven Churches Visitation may also provide an opportunity for the devotees to learn about its history.


Listed here are some of Laguna's oldest and biggest churches that you can include in your Holy Week Visita Iglesias:


Saint John the Baptist Parish Church (Calamba)

Beginning with the nearest church location, Manila residents just need to travel an hour to reach the Calamba Church in the Philippines. The church, which is more than a century old, is significant not just because of its antiquity but also because of its historical significance. It has been designated a National Historical Landmark for its significance as the site of national hero Jose Rizal's baptism.


You can find the Calamba Church at Jose P. Rizal cor. F. Mercado St., Calamba, Laguna.


Saint Bartholomew Church (Nagcarlan)

Its unadorned stone and brick front still exudes the centuries-old elegance of Nagcarlan Church, despite the many modifications it has received over the years. An equally gorgeous interior has historic tile patterns on aisle walls leading to ornate golden altar items. It's also worth mentioning that the bell tower's crenellation was inspired by Muslim architecture and that it holds one of the country's oldest church bells.


Saint Bartholomew Church is located at J. Lirio St., Nagcarlan, Laguna.


Our Lady of Guadalupe Church (Pagsanjan)

The Pagsanjan Church is another Spanish-era structure. The church was primarily founded and developed in Pagsanjan. Tourists, as well as devotees, find it interesting to visit as this is the only Roman Catholic church in the town of Pagsanjan, Laguna.


On November 12, 1687, the Pagsanjan Church was established, and the picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe that was presented by Mexico is displayed there. It is claimed to be the Philippines' oldest church under the patronage of Our Lady of Guadalupe. The first Our Lady of Guadalupe chapel was built at Panjansan in 1588, using light materials like bamboo, nipa, and wood under a labor force for the construction.


It was then rebuilt with adobe rocks and other solid materials by Miguel Guan Co. to replace the old construction of the church. The inside and outside of the church were both redone, as were the furnishings and equipment. It was badly devastated during World War II, and a copy of the church was built out of its wreckage and remains. Since its construction, the church has been rebuilt many times.


The Diocese of San Pablo designated Pagsanjan Church as the Guadalupe Diocesan Shrine in 2012. And in the current day, the church continues to undergo repairs, but they ensure that its sanctity is maintained despite all the adversities it went through.


You can find Our Lady of Guadalupe Church at National Highway, Pagsanjan, Laguna.


Saint James the Apostle Parish Church (Paete)

Paete Church, which was first constructed in 1646, has been through multiple devastating earthquakes and repairs before becoming the historic, solid brick church that it is today. It protects artworks that date back four centuries and have been designated as National Cultural Treasures. Paete local Jose Luciano Dans created three of the artworks, while an unknown artist's oldest piece may be located near the altar.


Saint James the Apostle Parish Church is located at Juan Tinawin St., Brgy. 9 Ibaba del Norte, Paete, Laguna.


Saint Gregory the Great Parish Church (Majayjay)

Another church in Laguna that was certified as a National Cultural Treasure is the Majayjay Church, that's why you must not miss including it on your Visita Iglesia list. It was built in 1649 and is one of the country's oldest and best-preserved churches. This Romanesque church has aged nicely, with natural overgrowth that further enhances its appeal. Aside from this, the church is also home to a number of religious artifacts, one of which is an old church bell.


You can see Saint Gregory the Great Parish Church at F. Blumentritt St., Majayjay, Laguna.


Saint Mary Magdalene Parish Church (Magdalena)

Compared to the other churches on this list, Magdalena Church is a relative newcomer, yet it has seen one of the most crucial eras in Philippine historical development. Inside this 165-year-old stone church, Emilio Jacinto's shrine may be found. It is a reminder of the moment the church offered sanctuary to one of the greatest Katipunan heroes.


It's just a short drive from Magdalena to local natural wonders such as Pagsanjan Falls and Mountain Lake Resort, all of which are worth a day trip if you like sightseeing and recreational activities.


You can visit this stone church at Bonifacio, Magdalena, Laguna.


Saint Paul the First Hermit Cathedral (San Pablo City)

The 17th-century San Pablo Cathedral Parish, with its charming terracotta-red front and a recent restoration of its original design, is about an hour's drive from Calamba. It is considered to be the only church in the world dedicated to St. Paul the First Hermit.


The Hidden Valley Springs in Calauan, which is 30 minutes away from San Pablo Cathedral, is a great location to unwind after a long day of exploring the city.


Saint Paul the First Hermit Cathedral can be found at Marcos Paulino Ave, San Pablo City, Laguna.


Nuestra Señora De Candelaria (Mabitac)

A church dedicated to Our Lady of Candelaria may be found above Calvary or Kalbaryo Hill in Mabitac. With 126 stairs, a panoramic view of the town of Sta. Maria and Laguna Lake, this chapel is noted for its architectural splendor.


The church of Nuestra Señora de Candelaria is situated at Kalbaryo Hill, Mabitac, Laguna.


St. Anthony de Padua Parish Church (Pila)

This church is also known as Pila Church since it is primarily situated in the city of Pila. To honor St. Padua, the cathedral was built in 1578 and renamed Saint Anthony de Padua after his death. This Antonine Parish was established in 1581, making it the country's first of that name.


It was the Augustinians who initially established a mission in Pila, Laguna, operating From Bay, a neighboring town in the province. The church was constructed out of cane and is dedicated to St. Anthony of Padua. A parish was established at Pila Church on June 13th, 1581. In addition, it also become the country's first church dedicated to St. Anthony.


You can visit the Parish Church at 82 Burzagom St, Pila, Laguna.


Immaculate Conception Parish (Santa Cruz)

The Immaculate Conception Parish Church was established in 1608 or simply known as Santa Cruz Church. It was damaged by fire during World War II and rebuilt in 1948, at which time it became a popular tourist attraction. In addition to the veneration of the Immaculate Conception, Santa Cruz also had a devotion to the Holy Guardian Angel, which dates back to 1678.


The Immaculate Conception Parish Church can be found at P. Guevarra Avenue, Santa Cruz, Laguna.


San Sebastian the Martyr Parish Church (Lumban)

Lumban Church, also known as the San Sebastian Parish Church, is situated in the Municipality of Lumban in Laguna, Philippines. It is considered to be the town's lone Roman Catholic church. The church was built of bamboo and nipa and was damaged by water; it was then rebuilt using woods.


In 1586, the wooden church was destroyed in a fire. The first Franciscan mission in the Philippines was established in the town of Lumban in Laguna province. The Lumban Church was constructed around 1600. When it was finished, it was both the city's first stone church and the first Franciscan structure outside of Manila to be fashioned entirely of stone.


The Parish church is located at Poblacion Lumban, Laguna.


Saint John the Baptist Church (Liliw)

St. John the Baptist Church is the centerpiece of Liliw, a small hamlet with several well-preserved historic houses. You can't help but be transported back to the mid-1600s when you see this magnificently maintained red-brick baroque style architecture roman catholic church. Ensure that you light a candle at the Capilla de San Buenaventura, which can be found via an archway to the left of the church's main entrance during your Visita Iglesia.


You can visit Saint John the Baptist Parish Church at M.H. Del Pilar St., Liliw, Laguna.


Located near Manila, Laguna is a town with a rich cultural heritage and history that is always ready to be discovered. Many people are familiar with the province since that is where our national hero was born. In addition, Laguna is home to a slew of fascinating attractions, such as the Los Baños and Calamba hot springs and the world-famous Pagsanjan Falls. The tsinelas footwear of Liliw and the wood sculptures of Paete are just two of the province's many distinctive trademarks.


Apart from this, Laguna continues to develop as an industrial city as the DPWH and the Laguna Lake Development Authority recently started discussing about the proposed Laguna Lakeshore Road Network (LLRN) Project. This is a new expressway that will connect the southern province of Laguna to Metro Manila via Laguna Lake.


This is also the reason why top leading community providers such as Lumina Homes, started to develop housing segments in this part of the country. Currently, Lumina Homes offer one thriving subdivision in the Province of Laguna called Lumina Calauan which is located at Brgy. Masiit, Calauan, Laguna.


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