Guide: How to Apply for Government Jobs in the Philippines

16 September 2022
Guide  How to Apply for Government Jobs in the Philippines

Are you looking for a regular job with the best compensation package?

Then, pass a civil service exam and be a government worker.

Among the most rewarding jobs in the Philippines are those who have government positions. It offers many advantages, such as bonuses, healthcare, and vacation benefits. You can also quickly get approved if you purchase a house and lot in the Philippines. 

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But first, you must meet specific requirements to get government jobs.

So, if you're planning to work for any government agency, know their job position status and the process of getting hired.


6 Types of Government Agency Job Position Statuses

Every year, hundreds and thousands of available job vacancies from different government agencies. There is one job suitable for talent and skills, from teachers to doctors and nurses, from IT officers to data encoders.


All you need only is to choose the job opportunities you want and complete the requirements.


Meanwhile, here are the six types of government job position statuses for you to consider.


1. Contract of Service

Like the private sector, the government also hires project-based employees. These are workers with special or technical skills that the government needs temporarily. Contract of service job positions is covered by the Commission on Audit (COA) but not civil service law.


Therefore, their services can end as soon as the contract has ended, but they can receive government benefits. One perfect example of this is data encoders.


2. Job Order (JO)

It is the most common type of government job position status. In layman's terms, it is called the "pakyaw" system. Workers who belong to JO statuses are not considered government employees. They are required to perform a specific job with a six (6) month period contract, renewable if needed. They are not entitled to benefits given by a regular employee.


But, they are paid based on the salary grade that the government categorizes. Examples of these are construction workers.


3. Contractual

Contractual job positions can take up to one year of government service, which is also renewable. Unlike JOs, contractual workers can receive the same government employee benefits. They are also paid based on the Salary Standardization Law or Republic Act No. 114661. 


 4. Casual

In urgent needs, the government also hires casual workers to fill the workforce gap. They are the so-called seasonal workers and are paid on a daily basis. It means that they are only paid on the days they have worked. 


5. Co-terminous

It usually applies to department secretaries and executive assistants of the national government. Their job ends once the tenure of the government official appointed them also ends.

However, they can stay longer in the said position if the transitioning government official re-appoints them. 


 6. Plantilla

They are the so-called regular government employees entitled to all the benefits approved by the constitution. It includes PhilHealth, PAGIBIG Fund membership, GSIS membership, sick leave, vacation leave, and retirement benefits.

Examples of these are nurses, doctors, and public school teachers.


Qualifications for a Government Job

Regardless of the government job position status, basic qualifications are the following:

  • Must be a Filipino citizen
  • Must be the legal age, at least 18 years old
  • No criminal record


Regarding educational background, you must possess the following:

  • at least a bachelor's degree relevant to the job, or
  • must hold a master's degree if you are applying for executive positions.


Furthermore, government jobs require them to have relevant work experience and attend internships and training. Lastly, you must pass the Civil Service Professional Eligibility Exam if you want a regular government job position.  


Pros and Cons of Government Jobs

Indubitably, working in the government also has flaws and benefits, as no country has a perfect government system. Here are the pros and cons.



A. Job security

The main reason many people opt to work in the government is the government jobs' security of tenure. It is simply because the government never goes out of business. 


B. Competitive salary and benefits

The current standardization law allows government workers to enjoy full compensation and benefits packages based on their salary grade. You are entitled to a competitive salary and privileges, whether casual, JO, contractual, or project-based. Plus, a generous amount of retirement benefits also await government retirees.


C. Flexible working arrangement

Working in the Philippine government also offers work and life balance with a flexible working arrangement. The Civil Service Commission studies the implementation of 4 days work and work-from-home scheme for most government jobs.


D. Skills training and development

Depending on the government agency, some employees are chosen to attend skills training and development in other places, even abroad.




A. Slow career progression

Unfortunately, you can only be promoted once a senior level retires or resigns. Thus, it can take time.


B. Slow processes

Despite the advancements, most government offices still apply several manual methods, specifically in the documentation. Hence, you can't cut corners.


C. Negative reputation

You can't change the fact that there is still existing corruption, nepotism, and favoritism.


Steps in Applying for Government Jobs in the Philippines


1. Check the job vacancies.

There are a lot of ways how to check job openings and vacancies. But, the most reliable job postings are through Public Employment Service Office and Civil Service Commission. You can also visit some of the government agencies, the local government units, and other concerned agency offices for more job openings.


2. Submit your government job application

Make sure you check all the required documents needed, such as your resume and application letter. Ensure that all the requirements are original and accurate before submitting them to HR Office.


3. Undergo an interview and examination

There are two sets of interviews and examinations - preliminary and final. Give your best shot to pass them all. Remember that there is no magic formula in a job interview. All you need is the confidence that you are fit for the position you applied for. Once you pass the final interview, you are required to submit pre-employment requirements.


4. Sign your appointment papers.

Now, this is your moment. You finally made it! Sign your appointment papers but read the agreement carefully to know your benefits and privileges.


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