Filipinos' Wacky Ways of Celebrating the New Year’s Eve

29 December 2020
Filipinos Wacky Ways of Celebrating the New Years Eve

New Year's Eve 2021 will look a lot different than last year's celebration with all the crazy twists and turns that shake the world. But every Filipino home will surely be preparing for the upcoming year with something similar to the previous years.


Filipinos have fascinating beliefs and traditions that could be best witnessed and experienced during New Year’s Eve countdown, the time when Filipinos bid farewell to the outgoing year and welcome the incoming year with much vibrant, enthusiasm, and hope.


No firecrackers are needed! Here are some Filipino wacky ways of celebrating New Year’s Eve safely and that can still be done in the comfort of your Lumina Home:


Coins in every corner of the house. 

Coins are usually colored with gold and silver which are well-regarded as purifying substances. While Filipinos are surely enthusiastic about this during New Year’s eve is because of the hope to have better finances in the upcoming year.


Even some homeowners of the Lumina Homes community, do this upon their move-in or house warming parties regardless of the date.


Basket with twelve round fruits.

Another Filipino belief that brings luck to the financial aspect of the family is putting 12 round fruits (or sometimes 13) on the table. Having these fruits on New Year's Eve is a sign of prosperity and abundance for the household. And the number 12 represents each month in a year. Still can't think of 12 types of round-shaped fruits? Don't worry—you can choose from this list of different fruits as you prepare for this most eagerly awaited holiday. 

  1. Apples
  2. Grapes
  3. Oranges
  4. Pineapple
  5. Berries
  6. Asian pears
  7. Watermelon
  8. Kiat-kiat
  9. Cherries
  10. Star Apple
  11. Siniguelas or Spanish Plum
  12. Kiat-kiat or Mandarin Oranges
  13. Melon


If you want to promote and take pride in our local fruits and give this tradition a deeper meaning by nurturing our agricultural sector, check this list of Philippine fruits:

  1. Coconut
  2. Chico
  3. Pomelo
  4. Rambutan
  5. Mangosteen
  6. Tiesa
  7. Guava
  8. Atis
  9. Duhat
  10. Mabolo
  11. Aratiles
  12. Lansones
  13. Mango 


Jump at midnight.

Wazzup shorties? There is still hope! According to the Filipino belief, jumping at midnight will add some inches to your current height. Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump!


Make loud noises.

Greet the New Year with a thundering noise! As soon as the clock strikes 12, you'll want to get loud. And the best way to do that — aside from banging on those pots and pans, turning your vehicle’s engine on and blowing its horn. Empty cans are dragged all around, whistles, and torotot are blown. Think of different ways to sway the bad spirits away and bad luck for the upcoming year without even spending a single peso. 


Open all lights, doors, and windows of your Lumina Home.  

Make your Lumina Home shine because the brighter days are coming as you switch on the lights. Opening all the windows and doors allows luck to enter easier at your house and lot property. Oh I mean by opening ALL doors in your house includes cupboards, drawers, and cabinets!


Dress-up and that's polka dots.

Just like the coins and the twelve round fruits, round objects symbolize prosperity. The more circle you have, the better finances it will be for the family in the incoming year. There is no harm in having some fun trying this polka fashion trend this New Year. Do this as a family matching outfits. And who knows, this might be great fun to become your family's tradition, a good reason to gather every new year at your own Lumina Home.


No chicken allowed.

With all the food on the table, you might notice that one favorite dish is missing: chicken cuisines. It is believed that chicken wings might flap away from the entry of luck in each home. Sorry, chicken lovers! New Year’s eve is not an advisable celebration to dig in with those.


Eat sticky rice.

Sticky rice is believed to bring closer relationship and ties among the family so it’s really one of the most important food that should be present on every Filipino family’s table. Filipino-styled rice cakes like bikobibingkasumankalamay-kapitcarioca, and a lot more. 


Let's eat pancit.

Another valuable dish during the celebration is pancit. Filipinos presume that it will give them a long life due to its long thread of noodles. Some people say not to cut the noodles before you eat them or it could defeat the purpose.


Make sure the containers are full.

All water and food containers including spices and condiments must be full at this time so that the supplies will be overflowing for the whole year-round.


Debts must be paid off.

Good news to all the creditors who are waiting all year long to have the debts be paid to them! Most Filipinos pay their loans before the current year ends assuming that it will prevent them from having too much debt on the incoming year. Also, whatever condition your wallet is in when the New Year arrives, so it will be the rest of the year. And don’t start the year off by spending money. Frugality on the first day sets the tone for wise money management in the coming year.


Goodbye, 2020 Social Media Posting.

Posting a long and melodramatic life summary of the outgoing year on social media. With the coming of technology and the information highway, some of the Filipino traditions also evolved and one of this is through posting your experiences from the outgoing year, both the downfall and successes on social media. This is usually long and melodramatic as each Filipinos reminisce both the remarkable and happy memories of that year.


Write a New Year’s resolution.

Since 2021 made us no choice but to stay at home this year, we all have extra time to work on New Year's resolutions. Try to cover a range of baskets — things like career, health, finances, self-care, realizations on availing house and lot — and get ready to have your best year yet.


Be at home with family.

With the entire list above, this one is the most essential part of every Filipino home when celebrating the New Year. There would be no better celebration than having all the members of the family at home, happy and healthy while enjoying all the sumptuous food on the table. 


But of course, these will be much happier if you know that you are celebrating the New Year in a house and lot you can proudly call your own.


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Have a brand new start by purchasing affordable house and lot for sale by Lumina Homes that commonly range from Php500,000 to Php1.7 million. This could be easily availed through flexible payment schemes through financing that fits you and your budget like pag-ibig housing loan or bank financing.


So before this year-end, invest in something long-term and gives assurance to the safety and security of your family. Make a house and lot reservations now with Lumina Homes and welcome 2021 looking forward to happier days.


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