5 Effective Methods for Brokers to Meet the Client Needs

9 December 2022
5 Effective Methods for Brokers to Meet the Client Needs

Like any other career professional and passing a real estate exam, you must put all your heart and passion if you want to become a successful agent or broker. Without dedication and hard work, you will have no leads, no deals to close, and no money to earn. That is why it is critical to ensure that you understand the client, attract them with investment-worthy property, and delight them with the numerous perks as homeowners.


Apparently, you will have to nurture them to make sure they made the right decision in buying the property. This can be achieved if you know effective real estate marketing strategies.



Understanding the Customer Journey

Customers or clients today are getting smarter and wiser. They don’t just believe in word-of-mouth and traditional sales pitching. They also know where to find lists of real estate properties in various search engines and social media platforms. And, they know if it’s a clickbait or real deal property investment.


So before you engage with prospective clients and become a successful real estate agent, learn the stages of the customer journey first. 



  • Awareness Stage

What are the main issues or concerns of the customer? Are they looking for a house and lot in the Philippines yet unsure if they can afford them? As a real estate agent or broker, determine your client's pain points and focus on strategies to alleviate them.  



  • Consideration Stage

Now that the customer is already aware of their problem, they look for solutions, methods, and approaches to address them. This is the stage where the customer usually compares the solutions being offered. At the same time, they also understand the possible consequences if they choose a specific solution.



  • Decision Stage

At this stage, the customer finally makes a decision about which solution is best for them. They usually list specific products or businesses for their final purchase. If you want to be part of their decision stage, make sure you lay long-term benefits and valuable purchases.



5 Real Estate Tips for Brokers and Real Estate Agents

In the real estate industry, you will compete with many real estate agents and real estate business associates. Therefore, you must have effective methods to win potential clients or consider these broker and real estate agent tips to succeed.


Get Insights from Your Client

Clients have different needs, expectations, and priorities. But, it’s your job to know and understand the client. Therefore, get insights from your client’s life, such as asking questions like what inspires them to buy a property. Ask about their preferred neighborhood and community amenities.


Through this, you may be able to offer features and specifications of your available property. But don’t push selling them; instead, align your property based on their needs and priorities. That way, you can also build trust and relationships with your client. 



Be Property Matching Expert Real Estate Agent

You must be aware that clients consult other real estate professionals to shop for their property needs. Thus, you need to make an effort and be an expert in property matching. Since you already know their wants and needs, you have the idea of what type of property they should prefer. 


Of course, you must offer several property options they can choose from. Make sure it matches their preference and lay down its advantages and downsides.



Know the Latest Real Estate Trends 

It always pays to learn. So, widen your knowledge by attending community events, seminars, workshops, and conferences related to real estate. It helps you know the latest real estate trends and industry news in the market. Plus, you can gain expert tips from other real estate professionals.


Also, joining various broker networks will strengthen your connections and opens up more client opportunities.



Take Advantage of Online Marketing

Not only are clients techie these days, but also how transactions are done on the internet. Therefore, you must also engage online by taking advantage of digital marketing, property listings, search engines, and social networks. 


To get started, post your available properties on various listing websites and share a virtual open houses tour as well. It would also be ideal to answer simple user queries even if they’re not buying. This will give them the impression that you are ready to assist as a broker. 


Building your own website is also recommended if you know someone who can make one. Be active on social media platforms and increase your following. You can also make use of online ads to generate leads.  



Nurture Your Client

The most important real estate agent tip is to nurture your client. Just because you can make money from them, you sell your real estate properties right away. Clients will definitely avoid you if you directly sell them your product. 


Thus, the best way to win their trust is to show how you can help them. Don’t just sell; serve them. Act as an advisor and treat them as a family, not a mere client-broker relationship. Avoid pressuring them to purchase the property, but shed some light on what benefits they can get from it. 



Sell With a Purpose through Lumina Homes

No matter what the market conditions are, you probably noticed why some brokers and agents stand out well. You may call them lucky or competitive, but the bottom line is that they must have really done something right.


Just like in Lumina Homes, we provide training and skills development for brokers and real estate agents who want to sell affordable house and lot for sale units. Part of this program is to sell with a purpose since most of our clients are middle-to-low-income earners, overseas workers, retirees, and millennials. Hence, we cover almost all types of groups, but they are also the most vulnerable. They purchase properties not because they can afford them but because they want to ensure their hard-earned money goes to a worthy investment.


If you have that mindset, you can be a part of our growing community. Lumina Homes is the leading property provider of affordable house and lot properties in the Philippines. We continue to expand our location throughout the country, offering quality and budget-friendly home packages. For more details and info, contact our nearest Lumina admin office today. 

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