Tikoy Recipes to Try This Chinese New Year

13 January 2023
Tikoy Recipes to Try This Chinese New Year

It’s Chinese New Year once again, and many people are excited to know what lies ahead of them. Most are hopeful that they will have a promising year in 2023 and wish they could own an affordable house and lot. Others are anxious if they will have to suffer similar struggles again, such as renting a small but shabby house and lot in the Philippines.


Regardless if this year will bring you good fortune or bad luck, serving tikoy for the Chinese New Year’s Eve dinner must be present on the table. 


Level Up Your Tikoy Recipe in 2023

Have you ever wondered why tikoy is served on New Year’s Eve? According to the legend, tikoy is a bribe to the Kitchen God, who reports to the Jade Emperor about the families’ behaviors. Tikoy or Nian Gao is given to the kitchen deity to make him difficult to open his mouth and speak ill of the families.


However, you’re probably bored with its usual taste. So, level up your tikoy recipe this Chinese New Year and try these ten (10) sticky rice cake recipes below.


Tikoy Ala Mode

Let’s start with a dessert called Tikoy Ala Mode to sweeten our conversation. Cook tikoy traditionally and add an ice cream of your choice and sprinkles as your toppings. This mix of traditional and modern cuisine will bring new flavors to your mouth.



Ube Tikoy Rolls

The ube craze never goes out of trend and is still among the favorites in 2023. The combination of tikoy, ube, and roasted peanuts are nothing but a heavenly taste. So, cut the tikoy cake into a rectangular shape, fill it with ube halaya and roll it over with roasted peanuts to create ube tikoy rolls.



Bibingka Tikoy

A delectable mashup of Filipino and Chinese delicacies is a great way to enjoy the duality of different cuisines. Although bibingka and tikoy are made from glutinous rice flour, they create a unique punch of flavor when mixed together. So, try Bibingka Tikoy or Bibingkoy! Remove this sweet cake from its cake pan, mold it into a round shape, and place it on rounded cut banana leaves. Add sweetened mongo and cheese strips on top to complete the bibingkoy recipe. 



French Tikoy Toast

You can also upgrade your breakfast with French Tikoy Toast and match it up with a cup of coffee. Melt sliced butter on a pan, and fill in a sliced tikoy between 2 slices of bread. Pan-fry this filled bread and brush the beaten eggs and milk mixture on both sides until it's golden brown. Finish it up with a dusted sugar and serve. 



PB and Tikoy Sticks

If you’re a peanut butter lover, you can also try PB and Tikoy Sticks. Slice the tikoy into rectangular shapes, spread peanut butter as fillings, and roll them over to roasted grounded peanuts for a crunchy texture.  



Tikoy Teok-bokki

Tikoy is also an ideal ingredient to create this famous Korean dish with a different twist. Teok-bokki is one of the favorite dishes of many Filipinos today. Mix glutinous rice cake with teok-bokki, and you will have an instant Tikoy Teok-bokki for the Chinese New Year.


Thanks to the Korean entertainment industry’s influence, this spicy stew will surely capture the hearts of the tikoy and K-town lovers.



Lumpiang Tikoy

Lumpia is among the most common staple Filipino food. Besides lumpiang ubod and shanghai, you can also make your own Lumpiang Tikoy. Wrap the sliced tikoy strips in a spring roll wrapper and stuff it with either cheese, ube, peanut butter, or Nutella to suit the taste. Fry them until all sides turn golden brown. Once pan-fried, serve while these are still hot and crispy.



Tikoy Turon

Another Filipino crowd favorite is the turon. In a lumpia wrapper, place a sliced tikoy and sweet langka filling. Roll them up, seal the wrapper with a white egg on the sides and fry them until it’s golden brown. Use paper towels to drain excess oil. Then, serve while it’s hot to glow up your merienda with a Tikoy Turon. 



Ginataang Tikoy

A warm bowl of ginataan during this rainy season can satiate your cravings. But this sweet bowl of goodness is also great, with tikoy as one of the secret ingredients. To create this Filipino dessert, all you need is coconut milk, sago, langka, saging na saba, kamote, brown sugar, and, of course, tikoy. 



Slice all the ingredients into cubes and add them to boiling water with mixed coconut milk and sugar. Mix the ingredients well until fully cooked, and serve them in a bowl.



Deep-fried Cheese Tikoy Sticks

There’s one crazy recipe for cheese lovers as well. Slice the tikoy and fill cheese strips in between, then drench them into flour, egg, and bread crumbs. Fry them in a hot pan, and you’ll have deep-fried cheese tikoy sticks. 



Indeed, 2023 is now around the corner - new hope, new beginnings, and new plans. Celebrating this festive season is only a mark to look for better opportunities to have a smooth-sailing life all year round. Knowing how stars will align your fate and destiny is by following several Chinese traditions. But, all these will not become a reality if you will not put them into action.


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