Why Invest in Ready-for-Occupancy Properties in Nueva Ecija?

7 March 2023
Why Invest in Ready for Occupancy Properties in Nueva Ecija

Many homebuyers choose ready-for-occupancy (RFO) properties but also have second thoughts if they should invest in them. This is simply because RFO units are quite pricey compared to pre-selling units. Although pre-selling properties may be cheaper, it can take a few years for you to wait before you can move in.


But the truth about RFOs, there are plenty of reasons why you should invest in these properties. So, before you decide to look for a house and lot in the Philippines, check out the benefits of ready for occupancy properties.



Why Should You Choose RFO Properties?

Whether it is a small or big investment, opting for RFO properties is an ideal option in terms of practicality and value. However, it always comes with a high price. But don’t be discouraged because you can now avail affordable house and lot properties that are move-in ready.


Here are some perks you can enjoy if you choose RFO houses. 


Move-in instantly

Obviously, the main reason why RFO properties are the best investment is that you can move in right away. The units are finished and ready for turnover. You don’t have to wait a few years to occupy the property. All you need is to get approved for the housing loan, comply with all the requirements, and make the down payment. 


Amenities are readily available.

There are no more surprises; what you see is what you get. Many residential communities provide the best amenities as their selling points for RFO homebuyers. This includes a 24/7 guarded entrance, community or activity hall, mini-parks and playgrounds, and exclusive shuttle service for residents. 


Reasonable payment schemes

There’s healthy competition in real estate. Although national property developers are dominating most of the country’s locations, local developers are taking advantage of their familiarity with a certain location. As a result, many of these developers offer reasonable payment schemes to win the hearts of aspiring buyers.   


RFO properties are in themed communities

Developers understand having a themed community can help enhance or improve the lifestyle of a homeowner. If you have selected a well-established developer, rest assured that you’ll be living in a master-planned community. It is environment-friendly, safe and secure neighborhood, with access to your essentials, and a flood-free zone.  


Living life now and beyond

The availability of the housing details and their inclusions shorten your time making final decisions. You can easily spot which location and amenities you actually need to live in now and also for the future.



5 Reasons to Invest in Affordable House and Lot in Nueva Ecija

Did you know that you can find RFO properties in Nueva Ecija? What’s more, these are also affordable house and lot for sale. But, above all, there are plenty of reasons to invest in the Rice Granary Capital of the Philippines. 


Here are the top five (5) reasons we can give you.


It offers great investment opportunities.

In general, Central Luzon is one of the investment destinations in the Philippines. It is surrounded by three (3) international airports and expanding infrastructure projects from the government. Thus, traveling back and forth from Metro Manila and other neighboring cities becomes more accessible. If you own a home in Gapan, Nueva Ecija, it is also an excellent opportunity to offer rental properties to people visiting Gapan City.


It provides accessibility.

Nueva Ecija also has a vast number of commercial and business establishments you need. This includes reputable schools, hospitals, shopping malls, supermarkets, recreation and entertainment centers, and many more. Therefore, you can quickly adapt to Novo Ecijanos’ lifestyle even if you’re used to metro living.


It features top tourist destinations.

Nueva Ecija is also filled with some of the country’s best destinations. From breathtaking mountain views and majestic waterfalls to farmlands, this province can satisfy wanderlust and adventure. To name a few, Minalungao National Park, Gabaldon Falls, and Khaliblu Palace.


Local and foreign tourists often flock to these attractive spots and prefer to stay long. Hence, they will also be looking for a place to stay, which can be an advantage if you own a home for rent.


It offers a low cost of living.

Aside from rice abundance, Nueva Ecija is also rich in food resources, such as vegetables, meat, dairy products, and fruits. And they are all guaranteed fresh and less expensive compared to Metro Manila. So, living in Nueva Ecija offers a low cost of living.


Furthermore, Nueva Ecija is also abundant in popular dishes and delectable delicacies. This includes the most popular Batutay or beef longganisa and Puno’s ice cream and sherbet.


It helps you balance work and life.

Imagine your everyday views will be a sprawling scenic landscape of mountains and rolling hills. Such magnificence will give you a pollution-free environment. It relieves stress and pressure due to the hustling and bustling city life. Thus, it helps you reinvigorate and keep your work-life balanced.


Indeed, living in Nueva Ecija province will give you a better and more comfortable living. With its numerous benefits, it’s an ideal place to start a new family or even enjoy your retirement years. That is why Lumina Homes is delighted to offer two (2) of the most dynamic cities you can choose as an investment option. We have residential communities with available ready-for-occupancy properties located in San Jose and Cabanatuan. 


Lumina Cabanatuan is situated in Barangay Valle Cruz, Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija, while Lumina San Jose can be found in Barangay Caanawan, San Jose City, Nueva Ecija. These two Lumina communities are complete with amenities and close proximity to all your needs.


If you are interested to know about our house and lot for sale Nueva Ecija properties, visit the nearest Lumina office. You can also message us through our chat box or book a reservation for an onsite visit. Be one of the most satisfied Lumina homeowners in Nueva Ecija today and avoid the lengthy process of real estate investing.

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