Unlock Your Kids' Dreams With these Schools near Lumina Sariaya

5 December 2022
Unlock Your Kids Dreams With these Schools Near Lumina Sariaya

Since it contains over a hundred historical structures and ancestral residences, the majority of which were built in the Art Deco style, Sariaya is also recognized as the Heritage Town of Quezon as well as the Art Deco Capital of Southern Luzon.


Its proximity to the seaside makes it a sought-after tourist destination for adjacent cities and towns, and the fact that it is the only town near Mount Banahaw in both the Quezon and Laguna Provinces further adds to its appeal.


Along with its clean beaches and nature-trekking activities that bring daring hikers to the top of the legendary picturesque mountain, the Municipality of Sariaya also has its own set of educational institutions that makes it one of the best locations for your Lumina Homes' brand-new house and lot in the Philippines.



Private Schools in Sariaya Quezon, Philippines

The Municipality of Sariaya provides education gateways for students to refine their abilities and skills in their chosen endeavors as part of its objective to achieve sustainable growth via highly competitive industries, easily accessible services, and possibilities for a higher quality of life.


Below is the set of learning institutions that you can find near Lumina Sariaya:


Sariaya Institute, Inc.

Sariaya Institute, Inc. is a learner-centered institution that aspires to cultivate mature young adults who are academically competent, have strong moral character, and possess marketable skills in a supportive and secure setting where they can be inspired by values of commitment and dedication to excellence and serve as a positive force in their local, national, and global communities.


They provide their students with a solid educational grounding by providing them with skilled professors, an organized and well-articulated curriculum and set of guidelines, modern classrooms and laboratories, and a secure atmosphere in which to learn. In addition to its stellar lineup of learning partners, the organization offers a wide range of extracurricular activities that may pique students' interest and enthusiasm.


Classrooms at this private school are completely air-conditioned and equipped with smart TVs and free Wi-Fi, providing pupils with the best possible learning environment.


Sariaya Institute, Inc. is also now offering K to 12 Enhanced Basic Education Program-- from Preschool, Elementary, to Junior High School and Senior High School.


Students can choose from their Academic Track and Tech-Voc Tracks.


Their Academic Track includes Accountancy, Business and Management; Humanities and Social Sciences; Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics; and General Academic Strand.


Those on the Tech-Voc Track, on the other hand, can take courses about Information and Communication Technology with an emphasis on JAVA and Oracle programs.


Where to enroll: E Gala St., Poblacion 2, Sariaya, Philippines (Around 13 minutes travel time from Lumina Sariaya)



Computer Systems Technological College, Inc.

The guiding idea of CSTC's founder, president, and chief executive officer, Nelson D. Mendoza, Ph.D., is summed up in the philosophy that believing in anything is the initial step towards making things happen. CSTC's long-term goal is to establish itself as a preeminent institution for the provision of life-altering education.


The College of Sciences, Technology, and Communications, Inc. relies on the success of its programs, the satisfaction of its students, the strength of its ties to industry, and the results of its ability to adapt to new circumstances and overcome obstacles through careful and methodical long-term planning in order to remain operational.


Moreover, CSTC aspires to be a premier transformative learning environment and institute in the areas of academic mastery, intellectual growth, technological skill, and professional knowledge.


Currently, CSTC, Inc. is offering academic programs for High School, College, as well as Certificate Programs. In addition, this private educational institution also provides TESDA Courses related to Tourism; Wholesale and Retail Trading; Social Community Development and Other Services; Metal and Engineering; Construction; Electrical and Electronics; Human Health / Health Care; Garments; and Automotive and Land Transportation.


Where to enroll: Arellano Subdivision, Pan-Philippine Hwy, Sariaya, 4322 Quezon (Around 13 minutes travel time from Lumina Sariaya)



Colegio de Santo Cristo de Burgos

The Quezon Province in the Philippines is home to the Catholic Colegio De Santo Cristo De Burgos or CDSCDB, which opened its doors to male and female students in June 2008. Juanito Manigbas, a modest follower of Santo Cristo De Burgos, had a dream of creating a school where young people may be molded following the doctrines of the Catholic Church.


According to local legend, the Spanish friars of Sariaya, Quezon transported this picture of the crucified Christ all the way from Burgos, Spain.


Educating the kids of Sariaya and relieving their parents of the financial burden they perceive to be necessary to fund a higher education inspired the establishment of CDSCDB. There is also a long-term goal of producing successful people in Quezon Province, and the school is working toward that end.


CDSCDB is currently offering Senior High School Strands and College Education Programs that comprise both 2-year and 4-year courses.


Where to enroll: Tierra Monde Subdivision, Sto. Cristo Bridge, Sariaya, 4322 Quezon (Around 5 minutes travel time from Lumina Sariaya)



Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation Inc. (Candelaria Campus)

Rising from the ashes of destruction like a phoenix, Manuel S. Enverga University was reborn from the rubble of World War II.


With the support of its donors, MSEUF maintains a standard of excellence in higher education that goes above and above the minimum criteria set by government agencies and the high expectations of our constituents. Every member of their faculty and staff has the resources they need to execute a high-quality job the first time, every time via our relentless pursuit of quality improvements in classroom teaching, scholarly inquiry, and service to the community.


The Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation now provides a wide range of education courses.


For undergraduate programs, this private school provides courses in the arts and sciences, accountancy, architecture and fine arts, business administration, criminology and law enforcement, computer studies, education, engineering, law, maritime education, public administration, and also technical courses.


Where to enroll: Barangay Malabanban Norte 4323 Candelaria, Quezon (Around 13 minutes travel time from Lumina Sariaya)




Venture in a Safe Educational Environment through Lumina Sariaya

Built on a strategic location in Brgy. Sampaloc Santo Cristo, Sariaya, Quezon, Lumina Homes in Sariaya, Quezon is an affordable house and lot community that is close to your everyday essentials and almost everything!


Lumina Sariaya has a total of 10 hectares, and it's just a 7-minute drive from the heart of Sariaya. More than that, it provides a splendid panorama of the holy Mt. Banahaw and kid-friendly places that your children will surely enjoy.


This subdivision in Sariya, Quezon offers a wide range of home model units such as Angelique Townhouse, Angeli Duplex, Armina Duplex, Angeli Single Firewall, and Armina Single Firewall unit that are all built with quality materials, ensuring the durability of each affordable house and lot for sale.


Get now this home investment and take advantage of lifetime use of its amenities that includes a Multi-Purpose Hall, a Guarded Entrance, as well as Mini Gardens and Playgrounds. Hurry and provide now the quality home and education that your kids deserve with Lumina Homes and Lumina Sariaya!

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