9 Reasons Why People Should Travel in 2023

17 January 2023
9 Reasons Why People Should Travel in 2023

Why do people travel? Here's an answer: Life is so much more than what you see on social media. While it's so easy to check out what's happening in other cultures and different locations around the world through your phone, nothing beats the power of getting to see the world with your own two eyes. However, there are reasons why people travel, especially in the new year. Lumina Homes have compiled a list of the top 9 reasons to answer the question: Why do people travel?


New Possibilities: Discover Different Cultures

Admit it, once in your life, you have travel dreams to visit a new destination, or to check out a place that you've just heard about from friends or family, or even seen on Instagram. But did you know that among the reasons people travel, one reason that made them realize why do people travel is it's not just the place, but it's also the culture that made them love to travel?

Have you heard that most people living in other countries want to check out Boracay, Siargao, or Cebu? It's probably because they want to experience for themselves the hospitality and great culture that Filipinos are known for.

Hence, you should do the same as well! Test the theory of discovering different cultures. For example, try to visit the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, and discover the beauty of the Inca trail in Peru.

Want a tip to enjoy a trip? Don't hesitate to try out foreign food and new cuisines! Tell your friends about Australia's vegemite, or Peru's ceviche and how they compare to the Philippines' local cuisine.

First, of the many reasons why do people travel? To gain new possibilities of discovering a new culture to love, aside from the Philippines. Who knows, you might just enjoy so much and fall in love enough to consider buying a cozy yet affordable house and lot for sale in Peru, Australia, or anywhere else in the world, take your pick.


Quality Time: Visit Family

Due to the pandemic in recent years, we have missed not only the luxury to gain new travel experiences, but also reuniting with parents, families, and relatives, especially during the holidays. Hence in 2023, with travel restrictions beginning to ease, the world is slowly opening its doors and life may soon continue as we know it.

Make the trip to see your parents all the time, or at least for the entire school holidays. You could also enjoy the freedom to spend time with your cousins and relatives and re-create your childhood adventure with them. If there's one reason why people travel again, they are making up for lost time, as nothing beats spelling out quality time rather than spending it with your family face-to-face and in real-time.


Develop Relationships: Visit Friends

Similar to visiting your family, another reason why you should travel in 2023 is to renew friendships, despite having your own lives. Along with the benefits of visiting friends who live in a new place located in a different city, you get to experience new things in beautiful places not just as tourists, but with kind people you can eat with and have fun with completely. Plus, you can expect to see sights and patronize businesses that only locals are aware of.
One of the many tips you must remember when visiting friends, ask them how they travel as the people live in the country. Do they take public transport such as a train or the bus, take taxis or hail an Uber for a better experience? This way, when you come back for more trips, you can take the cheaper routes, saving your money for worthier experiences.


New Challenges: Get Out of Your Comfort zone

One of the best reasons why people travel? To embrace the self and its journey in life. While there may be a lot of reasons that push you to travel, the overall theme is that you want to grow and get out of your comfort zone. At first, overcoming challenges such as joining the long list of solo travelers may give you anxiety, but this is where you get to know yourself better. You could finally take the leap and pursue your dreams to travel abroad.


Don't be afraid if you might need to adjust to a new routine--such as asking for directions, or learning a new language, just know that these adjustments can assert your independence to new heights. It also allows you to explore and experience new places in an authentic manner while improving your perspective, boosting your confidence, and treating yourself to a new adventure every time.



New Insights: Learn New Skills

If you're asking what's a unique benefit that traveling offers, here's our answer: it's the gift of being in the moment. Since taking trips is a significant investment you can gift yourself, don't wait long enough to talk yourself out of it.

One benefit of having an open mind in terms of traveling is learning new skills, say, for example, physical challenges such as scuba diving, zip lining, or hiking. You can also acquire other skills such as learning how to teach the children, connecting with a local person through a shared experience, or discovering the history of the particular location you choose to have your vacation. As we have said earlier, the best way people enjoy their lifetime is when they acquire new experiences personally, and not just through their screens.

However, one thing you need to remember when you travel to other places is that despite the exciting challenge it offers, you must still ensure your safety. Never lose sight of common sense. Hence, before you participate in adventures during your vacation, make sure that you are also aware of your personal safety. The most important thing before any adventure to conquer your fear is to ensure you are alive to enjoy the victory after. So go ahead, try skydiving, mountain climbing, and even deep sea diving, and live to tell the tale after.


Mind Wander: Travel to Escape

At some point in your lifetime, have you ever experienced feeling stuck, or trapped by a demanding job? Do you wish to forget a bad breakup or de stress from family grudges? You can certainly seek medical treatment or the many ways to relax to relieve stress and boost your mental health. But if you're looking for one of the best ways, traveling is a surefire answer to escape daily life, at least for a while.

It's time to relax, you can choose to take a well-deserved trip around the world. Perhaps, you can try booking a first-class flight, joining a cruise, or even go take a break and trying an off-planet trip to space. No matter where and how you decide to rest, don't forget that in exploring you can take off your mind the things that bother you. Who knows, in this thinking break, you get to decide how to save yourself from the worries back home or be grateful for the opportunity to travel.

Ultimately, travel never fails to give us a newfound appreciation for what we have in our lives, for they remind us how fortunate we are, because, despite the anxiety we have, we still have the energy to disconnect from the demands of our lifestyles and have an enjoyable weekend with some peace and quiet.


New Perspectives: Interact with Other Travelers

While others look to enjoy the culture of every place they visit, there are people who choose to speak with new people to gain new friends, tell them related experiences, or even listen to interesting anecdotes of the people they meet on the way. While some may think this is common only for young people, it's actually for everyone who wishes to expand their understanding of why people love Travel. It's also a way how you can reflect and join in celebrating the backgrounds of varied people you meet. How else can you begin expanding what you know about the customs of a particular location or a certain cuisine if you don't engage with another traveller, or immerse in a conversation with a local? If you want to get exposed to other languages, exercise, and stimulate yourself mentally minus the stress, then go ahead and talk to people. Who knows, you might just get your motivations from them, or you also inspire them with your story.


New Destinations: Research New Cultures

Why do people travel? Aside from making memories doing varied extreme activities, there are people who choose to acquire knowledge during their travels. Instead of just jumping into unfamiliar territory, some travelers decide to research new cultures, with the hopes of improving their lives for the better.

If you think of travel as just a vacation, then others choose to travel as a way to let people leave in search of a place to live. Some people check if different places have better weather and if it has different landscapes so they can scout for an affordable house and lot. For example, people from Europe tend to retire in Asia or take an extended holiday where the sun shines longer so it's warmer, or where the beach is better.

On the contrary, there are those who go to a foreign place in search of new horizons, may it be in the form of attending university abroad, getting hired in overseas jobs, or even starting a business or offering services in a totally new environment. Aside from a vacation, people use travel as a learning experience to help them decide whether to carry on with their lives in a foreign land.


Return Home: Explore Your Own Country

If you can't get enough of the reasons why you should travel this 2023, then here's a reason closer to reality. You can check out nearby attractions on your bucket list found in the Philippines! Traveling doesn't always need to be abroad. Most of the time, you can enjoy what's here in our own country. Plus, because we're an archipelago, Mindanao can have a different culture than Luzon or Visayas, so you can explore fascinating places and still have time to recharge, have that much-needed relaxation, or even just be in the moment.


But did you know you can hit two birds in one stone as you travel throughout the Philippines? In the event that you fall in love with one little corner in any of your travels and decide that you want it to be your new hometown, don't you just wish you can have your own house and lot in the Philippines, especially in that area? To save your reputation and prevent arguing, you can partner with capable professionals from Lumina Homes to help you choose from over 50 key locations available throughout the country. Want to educate yourself about this good investment? Go ahead and add site tripping to your itinerary.


When you travel, whether you choose to sit in a room, or play with humans, don't forget that travel is your opportunity to set your priorities straight.

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