The First Philippine Republic Facts You Need to Know

25 January 2023
The First Philippine Republic Facts You Need to Know

Every year, the First Philippine Republic Day is observed on January 23. Almost 120 years ago, the independence of the Philippines was declared by Emilio Aguinaldo, after 300 years of being ruled by the Spaniards. This made the country the Asia’s first republic. President Rodrigo Duterte signed this day into law as one of the country's special working holidays. This is to commemorate the declaration of the First Philippine Republic or also called as the Malolos Republic, on January 23, 1899.


It is undeniable that Bulacan, the land of heroes, is one of the most historic places in the Philippines. As a matter of fact, Malolos City, the capital of Bulacan province, was the site of the establishment of the First Philippine Republic. The said province is also one of the provinces that served as the capital of the First Philippine Republic designated by Aguinaldo in his attempt to elude the American forces. Because of Spanish colonization, the province is brimming with history and culture.


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3 Common Facts About The First Philippine Republic


1. Emilio Aguinaldo led the First Philippine Republic.

It was Emilio Aguinaldo who led the declaration of independence for the Philippines from Spanish colonialism on June 12, 1898. Taking over from the former dictatorial government of the Philippines, he also led the proclamation of the Malolos Constitution on January 23, 1899.



2. Filipinos received freedom.

Filipinos were liberated from their colonizers under the First Philippine Republic, which allowed them to live freely and exercise their basic rights. Throughout history, this has played a significant role. There were three branches of government under this system - the Executive, the Legislative, and the Judiciary. It also promoted the use of native languages and the separation of church and state powers.



3. Malolos Republic was considered the First Philippine Republic.

The Philippines were under Spanish control for 300 years. The Philippines became an independent nation on January 23, 1899, after the declaration of the First Philippine Republic. Hence, the Malolos Republic was considered the First Philippine Republic that has given basic rights and freedom to Filipino citizens after a long period of colonization.



The First Philippine Republic Day and Its History

In the Philippines, January 23 is a working holiday known as the First Philippine Republic Day (Araw ng Republika ng Pilipino). Through Republic Act No. 11014, President Rodrigo Duterte established the annual observance of this day on April 5, 2018. This day commemorates the inauguration of the First Philippine Republic by General Emilio Aguinaldo at the Barasoain Church in Malolos City, Bulacan, on January 23, 1899.


It was under Spanish rule that the Philippines spent over 300 years. Upon the defeat of the Spanish Empire in the Spanish-American War in 1896 and 1897, the Philippine Revolution ushered in the nation's independence. In the days following the U.S. victory at Manila Bay, President Emilio Aguinaldo issued the Philippine Declaration of Independence and founded a dictatorial government. An official proclamation of the Malolos Constitution establishing the First Philippine Republic. Unfortunately, it came to an abrupt end on April 1, 1901, when President Aguinaldo was captured and coerced into swearing allegiance to the United States.


In 2018, President Duterte assigned the NHCP or National Historical Commission of the Philippines, along with the Department of Education to plan activities and events for the First Philippine Republic Day that were outlined in Republic Act No. 11014. Through the act, Filipinos can continue to appreciate the historical significance of the event and be proud of the rich and noble history of the Philippines.


The First Philippine Republic Day is considered a working holiday in the Philippines: schools, businesses, and other establishments remain open on this day. Although it's a working holiday, it is still a day of celebration for the Filipino nation because it celebrates freedom, courage, and national pride.



4 Ways How to Observe The First Philippine Republic



1. Prepare and organize special events.

It's a working holiday, so your organization can host special events. Billboards can highlight holidays and historical events in a colorful, informative manner. Educators can arrange educational activities in schools to teach students about the historical events that culminated in the declaration of the First Philippine Republic.



2. Explore this historical event through documentaries and movies.

Observing this historic event in this way is probably the easiest way to do so. You can find documentaries, films, and movies that revolve around the event. You can enjoy it alone, with friends, fellow history enthusiasts, or even with your family.



3. Take a tour of historical sites.

A tour of significant places in the Philippines is also a memorable way to celebrate the First Philippine Republic Day. It is a great opportunity to be engaged in the First Philippine Republic Day celebration by visiting museums and historical monuments.



4. Pay tribute to national heroes and veterans.

Celebrate the independence of the nation on this day by expressing your love for it and recognizing the heroes who fought for it. Learn about those who fought selflessly for Filipino freedom by reading historical books and documents.



Philippine History: The Importance of The First Philippine Republic Day

It took courage, determination, and strength for the First Philippine Republic to fight for independence from the colonizers. Hence, Filipinos celebrate and honor the independence, liberation, and freedom of their country on this day. Beautiful traditions and a rich cultural heritage characterize the Philippines. As the country celebrates the First Philippine Republic Day, it is an excellent opportunity to highlight the country's picturesque scenery and everything it has to offer.



Celebrating First Philippine Republic Day continues to inspire Filipinos and instill a sense of reverence for the rich and noble history of the Filipino nation. Honoring this day reminds us, Filipinos, of the bravery of our great ancestors.



Indeed, the Philippines brims with historical milestones and cultural identity that sets us apart from the world. With historical sites spread out throughout the country, you'll surely find a residential location near places that brims with history. In fact, Lumina Homes have built premium communities where you can purchase an affordable house and lot as an investment for your future. If owning a house and lot in the Philippines is one of your major goals, let Lumina Homes help you make that dream come true. Contact us today!

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