Summer Home Essentials to Beat the Heat

22 March 2023
Summer Home Essentials to Beat the Heat

In the Philippines, our hottest months of the year are officially called the dry season from December to May. Still, we fondly call the months of March to May to be "summer" as there is a nicer ring to it in lieu of calling it the dry season (which sounds unironically dry too!).


As such, Filipinos also grew to love summer for a variety of reasons, especially for serving as the period for an academic break, time to spiritually reflect during the Holy Week, and for being the anticipated season for family vacations.


But the warm summer sun can provide tremendous inconveniences if you don't have the essentials to cope with the extreme heat. If you don't have these summer must-haves yet or are not even sure what these summer essentials are in the first place, you've come to the right place.


Whether you're heading to a tourist-famous beach resort or simply going outside to run an errand, refer to our recommendations of what you will be needing to officially call yourself and the family summer-ready.



10 Things You Need to Have this Summer Season

Whether you're spending the summer vacation at home or at a beach destination with your loved ones, becoming summer-ready is extremely vital to avoid being inconvenienced and contracting illnesses caused by the humidity and unbearable heat waves of the season. Below, refer to our summer home essentials list to help you cope.



1. Camera

We bet it's not going to be a problem as practically all smartphones these days have built-in cameras to snap a good shot. This could be a problem some ten years earlier when phone cameras don't produce clear photos, making a digital camera a necessity to capture good pictures with your friends and family.


2. Summer dress

In this season of warmer weather, perk yourself up in a comfortable dress in order to prevent beads of sweat when you go outdoors. Make the summer heat much more bearable with a cotton fabric to allow air to circulate freely in your summer OOTD.



3. Sunglasses or shades

We normally call them shades, and wearing one is simply suggestive of the summer season. If you're heading to a beach destination in broad daylight, a snapshot wearing your sunglasses would make for an Instagram-worthy post for your friends and followers to put a heart reaction on! Plus, shades with polarized lenses will protect your eyes from direct light.



4. Beach shorts

For our gentlemen especially, a beach, flowery-printed short is a summer must-have. Pair it with a button-down polo and you're geared up for your trip to the white sand beach of Boracay island! If you've worked out and prepared to have your dream summer bod, lose the polo with just your beach shorts on and flaunt your hard work!



5. Swimsuit

For ladies, an exquisite pair of swimsuits would make for an ideal summer garment to swim on the beach and pose for a photo with natural lighting beautifying your background. This is absolutely a summer essential that's meant to be shown off and boost your confidence irrespective of your size.



6. Summer hats

Whenever you set foot outside your abode, chances are you'll be exposed to unusually hotter weather this summer season. This is where having a hat would help you block the sun from burning your face. If heading to the beach, a sunhat would be ideal to capture exquisite pictures of you clad in your summer dress with a floppy hat to protect your face, neck, and even your shoulders from direct sunlight.



7. Linen sheets

Our summer home essentials list is not limited to things for outdoor use but also indoors. One of them is a linen sheet to have a good night's sleep with the warm weather still felt during nighttime. This will help you feel more comfortable on top of your air conditioner or ceiling fan switched on.



8. Flipflops

Wearing shoes for footwear is neither convenient nor fashionable in a season of extreme heat. Having a comfortable flip-flop would be a summer must-have to fight the heat while still providing protection for your feet as you walk outdoors. Make it more fashionable by opting for brightly colored flip-flops or ones with beach designs.



9. Citrus essential oils

Essential oils are proven beneficial to alleviate mood swings and reduce overall feelings of anxiety at home. Diffusing your interior space and even cleaning supplies with all things citrus essential oils for aromatherapy will lighten up your mood and would give your house a certain aroma that is conducive to comfort and relaxation. It couldn't be more essential at a time when the weather could adversely affect one's overall mood, leading to stress and increased anxiety levels.



10. Sunblock

Finally, do not forget to buy sunblock to prevent sunburn and excessive ultraviolet rays exposure as you soak yourself in a generous amount of sunlight, either on the beach or just outside your house.


This summertime, it pays to be prepared to fight the harmful effects of prolonged sunlight exposure. It is likewise essential to have a community upon which you can enjoy spending the summer vacation with your loved ones. Ideally, it should be near retail establishments so you can buy what you need this summer without traveling far from home.


Lumina Homes communities nationwide are built for convenience and comfort. Moreover, many of our housing communities nationwide are near beach destinations so you can spend quality time with your friends and family in a nearby tourist spot. We have communities in Batangas near beach resorts, as well as perennially favorite destinations in La Union, Pangasinan, Iloilo, Zamboanga, and many more from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.


If you plan to spend the hot days just at your home, an affordable house and lot with Lumina Homes is something you can depend on to spend the season. You can watch a movie on your TV, play board games and outdoor sports, as well as invite your friends over to your Lumina home.


There is a Lumina house and lot in the Philippines built exactly for your lifestyle needs. Reach out to us through our website for your real estate investment inquiries. For more stories and tips like this, feel free to navigate through our hundreds of blogs. Avail of an affordable house and lot for sale with Lumina Homes and reserve yours today.

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