Set Up Your Lumina Home Decor Based on Your Love Language

20 July 2023
OG Set Up Your Lumina Home Decor Based on Your Love Language

Besides the bedroom, where you spend most of your life lying around or sleeping, you probably spend the most time in your living room. It's a place to rest, entertain, and spend quality time with loved ones, and it also serves as a social hub for hosting guests and family.


With that in mind, it's crucial that you make your living area as inviting and cozy as possible. It's a good thing you can personalize based on your character or feeling and style this part of your house and lot Philippines in a variety of ways.



Creative Ways to Design Your Living Room Based on Your Love Language

No one wants to hang out in a living room, family room, or sitting room that is too crowded and disorganized. That is why having so many options for design is fortunate, as even the smallest room can be made to seem more spacious and welcoming with the right application of clever layouts and furnishings.


One of these strategies is by projecting the ambiance and home décor of your living room depending on your personality or love language. According to author and pastor Gary Chapman, there are five love languages in which people show their affection and fondness.


So, determine your love language and apply these design tips to your affordable home space investment from Lumina Homes.



A. Acts of Service

When you do an Act of Service, you sacrifice some of your free time. Doing something for your significant other that you know they'd like, like getting them gas, watering their plants, or making them a meal, is an example of the Acts of Service language used in intimate relationships.



Designate areas for accommodations and comfort

You're the kind of person who goes all out to make guests feel at home the minute they walk through the door, and that starts with the living room.


This will be immediately apparent to guests as soon as they enter your home and see your coat rack, shoe rack, or even your hand out to take their coat in return for a drink. Visitors to your home could find a coffee station stocked with cold and hot brews, little cups, and condiments like cream and sugar. Or maybe a formal mix of multi-course dinner that you serve with great care and consideration.



B. Receiving Gifts

Those who speak and understand this love language see gifts as expressions of caring and concern. They value not just the present itself but also the thought and care that went into it.



Put the stamp on your space by showcasing your favorite items

Your living room is a great area to display the thoughtful gifts that others have given you, whether you're the gift giver or the recipient. Think about the story or moment you want to convey with your design. You can make any space seem like a celebration by filling it with mementos and remembrances of the people and events that mean the most to you, whether it's via bulletin boards featuring your kids' artwork and trophies or a shelf/china cabinet displaying prized possessions.


A dish of candy or mints is a nice touch but consider including other little items that visitors may take home with them. Whatever it is that transforms your Lumina Homes from a simple dwelling into a cozy refuge for you and your guests.



C. Physical Touch

If physical contact is your preferred method of showing affection, it suggests that you value these interactions more than other common methods, such as words of affirmation or material presents.



Put some cozy, appealing pieces of furniture

Your living room, in contrast to that of others who may have more traditional furniture or a more 'polished' sense of the area, is all about serenity, intimacy, coziness, and perhaps a little bit of clutter. You are a fan of mellow colors, warm tones, and low lighting, and you prefer a compact layout to one with plenty of empty space.


You're the kind that thrives when you can get up close and personal with the people around them. One giant sofa instead of many armchairs or a single large blanket for several people instead of several smaller ones are examples of what this may appear like from your perspective.



D. Quality Time

Togetherness and quality time are at the heart of this Gary Chapman's love language. It's all about giving someone your whole, undivided attention as a token of your devotion to them.



Set furniture where it will encourage conversation

You're the kind of person who enjoys making places that are explicitly planned with communication in mind since you value Quality Time. You put a premium on socializing with others, so it makes sense that you would want a warm and welcoming interior design, a space that can comfortably accommodate more than a small number of visitors, and furniture that is positioned so that it faces inward, giving the room a somewhat 'circle' effect. This facilitates interaction, promotes a sense of belonging, and encourages people to relax and be themselves.



E. Words of Affirmation

The term "words of affirmation" refers to verbal expressions of love, such as compliments and reassurances of value. When words of encouragement, positive quotations, handwritten notes, and sweet texts are someone's main form of receiving love, those are the things they treasure the most.



Create spaces for heart to hearts talks

If you are a person who is "word inclined," or someone who loves to spend time having in-depth discussions with others about any and all topics, then you may want to design your living space such that there are quiet corners where you may have meaningful talks.


Even if there is enough room for a large gathering, you probably want to keep things intimate, so two soft couch facing each other can be the best method to fill your emotional tank during conversations with close friends or loved ones.


You may also decorate the walls with inspirational posters and phrases, a notebook or guestbook that invites guests to write their own messages and other objects that center on the written word.


Your way of relating to the world is heavily influenced by your preferred love language. Everything from the foods you like and the music you listen to to the people you surround yourself with and the layout of your home is a reflection of your own tastes and preferences.


When you're aiming for freedom in designing and renovating your brand-new home, it is always best to seek a bare-type affordable house and lot for sale, such as the ones we have in Lumina Homes!


Splurge on decorations and home design to your heart's content while enjoying the perks of smooth and quick transaction in buying your affordable house and lot that gives you a bigger space for your family and your home requirements.


Check out our range of home model units from townhouses, duplexes, and single firewall units now!


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