Guide to Preparing for Guests at Home this 2023

30 April 2023
Guide to Preparing for Guests at Home this 2023

Since we, like many other people, don't live close to our extended family, we often have guests from afar over the summer months. While most family members are content to just fall into a soft bed and catch up, there is an art to making your house seem like a home away from home for your visitors.


Even though your house and lot in the Philippines and neighborhood are probably quite familiar to you, visitors may feel very lost if this is their first time there. Keep in mind that the more comfortable they are, the more time you will have to enjoy and create memories with them.


To that end, if you're expecting guests this summer, don't waste any more time than necessary arranging the guest room by skimming over these simple, time-saving pointers!



House Guests Preparation Guide for Your Lumina Homes

Inviting overnight guests into your home for the first time, whether it be for a mini-family reunion during the summer, for the friends your darling children met at school, or for a big housewarming to show off the fruits of your labor, can be as exhilarating as it is daunting. Let us help you get your affordable house and lot by Lumina Homes ready by preparing for house guests this holiday season.



A. For the Guest Room

An integral feature of your house to prepare is the guest bedroom. Here are the things you should double-check and set up for your house guest good night's sleep:



Clean your guest room

One of the keys of being a welcoming host is to make sure that the guest's room is as comfortable and inviting as the rest of your house. Guests will feel even more at home if they find a freshly made bed, clean linens, and a vase of flowers plucked from your garden waiting for them in their guest room.



Put on some extra blankets and beds

You may require extra beds or guest room bed if you plan on having a large number of overnight visitors at your home. The time to prepare items in advance is now; stock up on blankets and extra pillows to make your visitors feel at home.


Pro Tip: Having an air mattress (or two) on hand might be useful if you need to make a bed for a visitor quickly.



Prepare some guest room essentials

When possible, a seating area is always appreciated. To achieve this, all you need is a comfy chair and a basket of reading material beside the window. Also, make sure to check that there is enough light in the area. Put in some more lamps or use brighter light bulbs.


Moreover, you can also provide your visitors with notetaking necessities (paper, pencils, pens, and maybe even Post-It notes) just in case they feel the need to write something.



B. For Your Guest Bathroom

Don't forget to provide sufficient restroom facilities while entertaining visitors at home. In the absence of a dedicated guest bathroom, it is still your responsibility to clean and stock the bathroom(s) your visitors will use.


Guests will appreciate finding the following in the guest bathroom:



Feminine hygiene products

Yes, ladies, we've all been there: caught in a bind where we have no means of replenishing our supplies. Preparing for the possibility of female guests means stocking the guest bathroom with a number of options for feminine hygiene.



Toilet paper

It's rather unnerving to have to go searching through someone else's cabinets or ask to use their bathroom facilities. Stocking up on toilet paper? Make sure to have some spares close by the bowl. Storage on the floor or below the commode in the form of a basket or container serves both aesthetic and practical purposes. A handful of extra toilet paper may also be stacked above the toilet tank.




In case they forget anything, it's helpful to keep some travel-sized toiletries on hand for visitors. You may give them toiletries like toothbrush, shampoo, conditioner, and lotion. Keep a few spare items too, such brushes, combs, and toothbrushes, on hand.




Make sure your visitors have access to clean, fluffy bath, face, and hand towels in the bathroom and that they know where to find them.


Pro-Tip: The family's used towels should be discarded and replaced with clean ones if there is no guest restroom. Take care of the washing so that there is no laundry left on the bathroom counter.



C. Other Things You Need to Prepare For

Last but most definitely not least. You should get your home ready for visitors since you probably don't want to welcome them with a mess.



Clean your front porch

Clear the porch of any clutter, then sweep it clean. If the outside or inside of your front door and door handle is grimy, you should clean it. Having a clean and organized home will make visitors want to come again.



Your inside foyer must be welcoming

Gather your shoes and papers that are stacked inside the door so visitors don't feel like they're intruding on your space as soon as they enter.



Sniff test your home

Did you know the smell of your own house becomes so familiar to you that you no longer recognize it? So it's not easy to get an accurate read on how your home truly smells. In order to ensure that your guest arrives in the fresh air and aroma of your home, you have to thoroughly clean your bathrooms and kitchen.


Clean the carpet and dust the furnishings in preparation. Empty the garbage cans and clean the litter boxes. Also, bringing in some fresh flowers or fresh fruit is another great way to enhance the aroma of your house when your guests arrive.



Stock up your pantry

If you often run out of anything necessary for breakfast or supper, it's best to stock up on additional supplies. You may make your visitors feel at home by stocking the fridge with some baked goods, breakfast staples like milk and cereal, eggs, and nut and cracker snacks.


Pro-Tip: Put some fresh fruit in a dish and keep it on the counter between meals to promote healthy snacking.



Get some good lighting and ventilation

Your home should be well-lit both inside and out for visitors. Inspect the lighting and swap out any burned-out bulbs before your their arrival. Put in a few well-placed nightlights for those midnight snack attacks or restroom trips. You may also make your guests feel more at home by utilizing either natural light or candles while they are there.


Also, if your guests will be staying with you for a while, make sure your home has plenty of fresh air vents and windows. Fresh air may be maintained in the home by opening windows, using fans, and maintaining clean air filters.



Pack a welcome kit

Including a welcome package for your guests is a trademark of a gracious host. Put together a welcome package on their bedside table with essentials like bottled water, a few books, brochures from local attractions and restaurants, your Wi-Fi password, and any other information your overnight guests may require.


You can now make your guests feel special in your own home by getting an affordable house and lot for sale that includes an extra room for investment.


Lumina Homes Armina and Athena home model units provide the most indoor and outdoor space for your home, providing bigger and well-ventilated rooms for you and your family. Check the list of communities where you can find them, and don't forget to make your reservations as early as now!

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