Nearest Dining Options in Lumina Ozamiz

8 February 2023
Nearest Dining Options in Lumina Ozamiz

Ozamiz City is the entry point to Misamis Occidental. Every day, bargeloads of people, automobiles, and commercial commodities traverse Panguil Bay, making this one of the busiest ports and an ideal place to live in all of Northern Mindanao.


Despite its agricultural roots, Ozamiz City on Mindanao has become a regional hub for commerce, healthcare, transportation, and education because of its convenient location and calm environment. In addition to this, the mineral reserves, agricultural, and forest products of the provinces of Zamboanga del Norte, Zamboanga del Sur, and even some of Lanao del Norte and Misamis Occidental are mostly exported via the city's local port due to its advantageous harbor position.


Because of the city's potential for development and its growing economy through various commercial establishments, the area also becomes a hotspot for house and lot in the Philippines.



Welcome to Lumina Ozamiz!

Lumina Ozamiz was created in response to the widespread desire of Filipinos, and especially those living in Ozamiz, to own a home and a piece of land.


It offers a broad range of affordable house and lot for sale, from socialized to economic, allowing people of all income levels, even those making the minimum wage, to realize the Filipino dream of home ownership.


Playgrounds, basketball courts, multi-purpose halls, and even a shuttle service are all available to Lumina Ozamiz residents at no extra cost. Also, this home investment includes a round-the-clock guarded entrance, which makes Lumina Homes Ozamiz residents live with peace of mind in this safe neighborhood.


Apart from these great functional amenities, Lumina Ozamiz also has proximity to a wide range of food hubs and restaurants that offer not just Philippines traditional food and famous Filipino snacks, but also international cuisines.



Ozamiz City Top Restaurants: Where to Eat in Ozamiz City?

Living in Lumina Ozamiz gives you convenience and movability that you can taste the best dishes in Philippines and in the world in just a few minutes walk from home. Here are some of the closes food hubs and restaurants in Lumina Homes Ozamiz:



1. Shanghai Boy

This is the place to go if you're a fan of Cantonese cuisine. This restaurant has a great vibe, serves tasty cuisine in generous servings, and is a great place to unwind.


The majority of neighborhood residents also order takeout from this establishment. You can get a lot for your buck here, and the portions are usually rather large. Some of their specialties and highly recommended dishes are the Chinese style Beef, Lumpia Shanghai, Lomi, Pancit Canton, and their refreshing halo-halo.


If you need a space to host a party or a business conference, Shanghai Boy has a function hall upstairs that you can reserve for large groups. It is conveniently situated in the center of Ozamiz's bustling commercial district which makes it pretty accessible for everyone.


Where to eat: Don Anselmo Bernad Avenue, Ozamiz City, Misamis Occidental (Around 2 minutes walk from Lumina Ozamiz)



2. Frito

Unli wings are a trend these days. Thankfully, you can also enjoy this chicken gastronomic experience in Ozamiz, City! Frito is the spot to visit if you're in the mood for unlimited chicken wings.


The service is adequate, and the atmosphere is comfortable. The crew is so kind that they even offer to take your advance order for the next batch of wings we wish to taste. What more could you desire than to be able to eat as many wings as you want without worrying about running out?


This restaurant offers unli wings and has no qualms about making good on its promise of unlimited flavors, making it one of the most popular restaurants in the area. What stood out for the guests is the Red Jalapeño with Honey and Original chicken wings. Other flavors to enjoy are their Angel's Wings and Soy Glaze. Meanwhile, for fans of spicy chicken, you can select flavors based on their spicy-ness with Citrus, Garlic, and Spicy Barbecue as the most milds. They also have other levels of spicy-ness like the Kimchi, and Buffalo (which is the spiciest!).


Where to eat: Gomez corner Abanil Street, 50th Barangay , Ozamis City, Misamis Occidental (Around 4 minutes walk from Lumina Ozamiz)


3. Supermix Lutong Pilipino

When it comes to the Philippines best food, Supermix Lutong Pilipino never gets old! Since its founding in 1983, Supermix Lutong Pilipino has been offering patrons a wide selection of delectable Filipino dishes from more than 50 home-cooked meals every day (maybe even including some of the Noche Buena food list!), making it one of the best restaurants in Ozamiz, City.


It's not a sales pitch, and it's worth the cost! This makes it a go-to place for the locals, whether it's a regular day or during the different types of holidays in the Philippines.


Where to eat: Zamora Street, Ozamiz City, Misamis Occidental (Around 4 minutes walk from Lumina Ozamiz)


4. Big J Grill House

When it comes to satisfying everyone's appetite with dinner or lunch foods in Philippines, Big J is the best option. There are a lot of homey touches here. It's your choice whether you want to eat indoors or outside, under the shade of the trees. After a long day of city life, it's wonderful to relax at this restaurant. It's also a best place to go in Christmas Philippines with some good music from live bands.


Both the taste and price of their cuisine are excellent. Their signature dishes include grilled pork, chicken, and fish, and they provide a wide selection of beverages including coffee to complement your meal. You can also try their fruit drinks, which have no added sugar and taste great!


If the food hub concept is all the rage in Manila right now, Big J is a good place to be in Ozamis. It has all around excellent experience: the cuisine, the atmosphere, and the people you meet.


Where to eat: Zamora Street, Ozamiz City, Misamis Occidental (Around 6 minutes travel time from Lumina Ozamiz)



5. Yammy's Seafood Grill

If you think that Cebu City is the only one that has great seafood dishes for a restaurant, then visit Yammy's Seafood Grill, which serves freshly cooked seafood! We're sure that you can't go better than this one in the city of Ozamiz. You can't beat the quality and price of the sizzling seafood, with the approval of the locals as a strong indicator of its high quality.


Yammy's Event Room, the establishment's second location, has been opened adjacent to their eatery. The venue is available for booking for any special occasion, whether it a celebration of life, anniversary, engagement, birthday, or retirement.


Where to eat: 152 Ozamiz - Oroquieta National Hwy, Ozamiz City, Misamis Occidental (Around 6 minutes travel time from Lumina Ozamiz)



Lumina Ozamiz's affordable house and lot are truly a gem that you can find in the province. Located in Purok 1, Brgy. Labo, Ozamiz, City, this community is literally a few steps away from the heart of the downtown center.


With its convenience and high accessibility, residents can easily find a place to have some famous snack in Philippines near home!

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