How to Request Bank Certificate from Digital Banks

27 February 2023
How to Request Bank Certificate from Digital Banks

Whenever you apply for a loan, such as housing applications for a house and lot in the Philippines, one of the requirements needed is a bank certificate or a bank statement. 


Now don’t be confused between a bank certificate and a bank statement, especially if you’re unfamiliar with them. These two documents can be obtained by a bank account holder through their banks but bear different content and purposes.  


So, if you are asked to submit any of these bank documents, make sure you have requested the right content to serve its rightful purpose.


What is a Bank Certificate

A bank certificate, also known as a bank account holder certificate, is issued by the branch manager or authorized bank personnel confirming you have an existing account from their bank.


This document contains details of your account number, type of account, your account balance, the opening date of the account, and your average daily balance. This also includes details if you’re receiving a subsidy or a grant that has been awarded to you. 


You can get visit your bank to request for bank certificate. But it requires a certain fee before you can get it. Also, a bank certificate usually has three (3) months of validity from the date it was issued.



Uses of Bank Account Holder Certificate

Bank certificates also bear different purposes. Besides applying for a loan, bank certificates are used for visa applications, credit cards, plans or membership, and further studies. It is a proof that you have a steady flow of income wherein you can finance yourself, regardless of the situation. You don’t have to own millions in your bank account, but it’s an evidence that you can pay your financial obligations. 



Bank Certificate versus Bank Statement

A bank certificate is a one-page document that summarizes your account details. But it includes a signed confirmation from the branch manager of your bank. Therefore, it is a legitimate document.


Meanwhile, a bank statement is a record of all your bank transactions, including deposits, withdrawals, taxes, interests, and the corresponding transaction dates. This also includes cash payment transactions of your utility bills or mortgage of an affordable house and lot property, if there is any. You can download bank statements through your bank’s login portal or via their mobile banking app, and it’s free.



Can We Get Bank Certificate Online?

As we continue to embrace the digital age, many banks take advantage of technology to provide better customer service. Getting a bank certificate online is now possible, whether from a physical or digital bank.



How to Get Bank Certificate Online from Digital Banks

Suppose you need a bank certificate for specific purposes; here are a few easy steps you can follow. 



Download the bank’s mobile app.

Most digital banks have online banking apps. So, make sure you have downloaded their app to get started. Ensure it is also the latest version, or update your installed app if it hasn’t been used for a long time.



Sign in to your account.

Log in to your account and check if your account is verified. Go to the User Profile section to complete the missing details. Input a verified email address and contact number. You will receive a notification from your bank once your account is verified.



Proceed to your dashboard for requests.

Go to your dashboard section and look for the “Request Bank Certificate” button. Enter the purpose of your request and click “Email my Bank Certificate.” Once submitted, you can now download your bank certificate from your verified email address. 



Important Note

Most digital banks only allow bank account holders to request a bank certificate once a day. Also, you have to enter a password to view your bank certificate in your email. So, make sure you follow instructions well.



How to Request Bank Certificate from Physical Banks

For instance, if you don’t own an account with a digital bank, here are some tips for getting a bank certificate from physical banks.



Prepare the documents needed.

Before heading to your bank, get ready with the documents needed for verification purposes. Bring valid IDs, a passbook or ATM of your bank, and a Special Power of Attorney or authorization letter if you are not the bearer. It would be best to bring a brown envelope to ensure your certificate will not be crumpled once you claim it.



Go to your nearest bank.

Some banks’ branches have access to your account. But to make it easier, visit the bank where you opened your account. On the other hand, other banks allow bank account holders to set an appointment or email them first to get their bank certificate.  



Fill up a request form.

Approach the guard to get your priority or queue number, and then fill up your request form. Take time to review your form, especially the account number, purpose of the request, and other pertinent details.



Proceed to your assigned bank officer.

Once your queue number is called, proceed to your assigned bank officer. Hand in your request form and documents needed for verification. Once validated by the bank officer, proceed to your assigned teller for service fees for the issuance of the bank certificate. Some banks will debit the payment if you want to. Be sure your account has sufficient funds.



Claim your bank certificate.

Wait for your turn to be called to claim your bank certificate. It usually takes a few minutes or an hour to get it. However, getting a bank certificate from other banks can sometimes take one (1) business working day. Therefore, never hesitate to ask the bank officer about how long you can claim your bank certificate.


Are you planning to build up an investment in real estate using this bank certificate from a digital bank? You came to the right place! One of the qualifications to own an affordable house and lot for sale unit in Lumina Homes is having a bank certificate, especially if you want bank financing. Moreover, our process is also easy if you have approval from bank or PAG-IBIG housing loans. 


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