How to Celebrate World Sleep Day

9 March 2022
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It may seem foolish to bring up the subject of sleep since it is such a common occurrence in our daily lives. It's one of the most mundane and underappreciated parts of a person's day to day life, especially for our hardworking women. However, for some who have reoccurring sleep issues, obtaining adequate sleep may be a significant difficulty and have a negative impact on their overall well-being.


This is the reason why we are celebrating World Sleep Day this March 18, 2022.


World Sleep Day Committee of the World Sleep Society

It is said that about 50 to 70 million American citizens are affected by some kind of sleep disturbance, including over 25 million individuals who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea, and insomnia or the inability to sleep at all or for a full night is the most often reported issue.


An international group of health professionals and researchers who were interested in sleep medicine and research organized the World Sleep Day Committee of the World Sleep Society for this day's first event.


It is the goal of World Sleep Day to get healthcare professionals and the general public together to talk about sleep issues, come up with solutions, and encourage those who don't have sleep issues to achieve better sleep, even to the busiest women in our society.


The World Sleep Society collaborates with a number of media outlets to assist disseminate information on the importance of getting enough sleep and the impact it may have on daily living. We need to get the word out and let folks know where they may go for assistance!


Celebrating World Sleep Day

As the occasion suggests, we can all enjoy World Sleep Day with no effort at all. A few little steps toward improved sleep may have a profound impact on your life. The following are examples of methods to offer a deliberate homage to the day:


1. Purchase a Brand-New Mattress

Numerous sleep disorders may be traced to the lack of adequate structural support for the body as it sleeps. World Sleep Day could be a good time to explore whether a new mattress might improve your sleep. Quality mattresses such as Uratex Senso Memory Frost Mattress may be the answer to those scorching, sleepless evenings. It features a relaxing coldness of up to 5 degrees may encourage you to fall asleep faster and relax like a queen.


2. Try a Sleep App

Those who are having trouble sleeping may find some relief via the use of a smartphone app. To assist people going to sleep or to monitor their sleep patterns throughout the night is the goal of the sleep apps like Slumber, Calm, Sleep Cycle, and Reflectly.


3. Become a Volunteer at a Sleep Awareness Event

If you're interested in supporting research into sleep apnea and insomnia, you may donate on this day. Find out if there are any events in your region or if there is an online sleeping foundation you can join.


4. Maintain a Healthy Sleep Habit

Adults may make the mistake of assuming that since children sleep so easily when they are exhausted, they should be able to do so, too. But, unfortunately, they frequently can't! A person's sleep pattern may require a little more attention and care, much like taking care of the physical body or hygiene just like by simply washing or brushing our teeth.


By practicing excellent sleep hygiene and bedtime routine, you enable your brain and body to wind down and get ready for a restful night's sleep. Some of the relaxation and healthful behaviors that you can include in your daily routine are:


Reduce your caffeine intake.

Due to caffeine's ability to function as a stimulant, it is recommended that you avoid drinking caffeinated drinks at least six hours before going to bed.


Dim your room's light.

It is advisable to dim the lights in your bedroom to send a message to your brain that it is time for you to sleep.


Have regular exercise.

Take a brisk walk or perform some other cardiac exercise a few hours before you plan to go to bed if you have trouble sleeping at night. There's a big chance that the cause of it is your lack of physical activity during the day.


Have a set bedtime and wake time.

The body's circadian rhythms function best when the same bedtime and waking hours are observed every day.


Allow 30 minutes for your bedtime rituals.

You could plan for half an hour of mild stretching or listen to soothing music before going to bed instead of assuming that you will fall asleep immediately.


Make an effort to relax your mind and body by meditating.

Meditation and deep breathing may help the brain discharge the day's tension, which sets the way for a more restful night's sleep. Doing yoga is a great idea, especially after a day's hectic schedule at work.


Check your room temperature.

Temperatures should be between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit or 16 and 19 degrees Celsius in the bedroom. Make sure to maintain this level of temperature in your room.


Reduce screen time.

This might be the most challenging thing to do especially if you are binge-watching some KDrama series but it is best to switch off all electronic devices at least 60 minutes before going to bed in order to avoid disrupting the body's natural sleep cycle.


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An important goal of the annual World Sleep Day is to raise awareness about sleep disorders and provide resources and assistance to those who need it most. Through the provision of relevant information and resources, it can result in an effective tool for spreading awareness about the necessity of getting enough sleep and for improving people's perceptions and experiences of sleep.


It's true that having a good night's sleep is important, especially for our body and mental health. Another factor that may affect someone's sleeping habits is having peace of mind. They say that this is the most difficult thing to achieve in life, particularly for women who are always on the go. But do you know that most people can achieve it by having a space they can call their own?


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