How Social Media Influences Your Finances and Spending Habits

11 August 2022
How Social Media Influences Your Finances and Spending Habits

Using online platforms may have both positive and bad consequences, despite the fact that social media provides many advantages, such as the capacity to communicate with individuals we can't physically be near.


But, in spite of the fact that social media has the ability to establish and maintain connections, its usage may lead to emotions of envy, insecurity, and isolation, which frequently lead to overspending or feeling that your financial situation isn't up to pace with your peers.


Because social media has a direct impact on our purchasing decisions, the ability to know which items and services are worth your money is a major advantage of social media.


Social media platforms factors that affect our spending habits


Here, we'll examine the link between social media and our shopping patterns. Here are the ways social media use or create a negative financial impact to its users:


1. Trending on social media feeds


Seeing the world through the prism of social media, it may seem like everyone is wearing the most expensive athletic brands, driving the most expensive automobiles, and winning or dining every day. This can cause people the feeling that they are missing out or what they call FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).


In cases like this, our self-control and financial discipline are strongly challenged. At this time, it is helpful to remember that social media is a glorified highlight reel. before making any financial decisions, never forget that you don't have to copy or imitate everything that you see in social media platforms.


2. The magic of targeted ads


Those who regularly use social media will have no problem grasping the gist of what this statement entails.


A month after finding a certain pair of sunglasses on one device, you'll see Facebook adverts for the same brand each and every time you visit the social media platform afterward. Unless brands are getting any kind of return on their investment in this targeted advertising area, they won't be paying for it.


No one should be shocked that marketing efforts are having an effect on how much we spend money online. Keep in mind that this is a plan you should be aware of and make every effort to control your spending habits as part of your financial goals.


3. Personal data selling


A few weeks of seeing such sunglasses on the shelves is not enough. As a result of your data being sold, you'll see advertising for things that have been bought by people with similar browsing and purchasing habits. If you're in an online shop for a new pair of sunglasses, there's a tendency that you could end yourself purchasing a hat, sunglasses, and a pool koozie all at once!


4. It's like playing with a game of Monopoly money


An amount spent online doesn't have the same weight as one spent in person because of the ease with which you may click on a tailored ad and buy a new product.


Making a purchase online might also be more convenient psychologically than purchasing something in person. As soon as you have to give up your money, you may sense the loss of that money. A card payment reduces the sensation of loss even more so if you have stored your payment information online or connected it to your account through in-app interactions.


The more money you have, the more real it seems to you, therefore you spend it.


5. Impact of influencer marketing


Some influencers' only purpose is to promote their own way of life, and as a result, it goes without saying that they want you to part with your cash to buy what they're selling. Otherwise, they would not be able to support themselves. It's impossible to avoid seeing these ads on social media since they're continuously popping up in your feed.


Ways to avoid spending much on social media and improve your financial wellness


You can protect your finances while using social media platforms by considering these online practices:


1. Stop comparing yourself to others


Most people can't handle the barrage of flawless lifestyles, costly goods, and extravagance they see on social media, much alone the targeted and smart advertising that goes along with it. As tempting as it is to submit to the pressure, this might have a negative impact on your financial well being.


This is why the easiest method to prevent comparisons is to stop doing so in the first place! It's a difficult task, but it's doable. Look deep inside to discover the gifts you may share with the rest of the world! What others have doesn't make you happy, and trying to find happiness in their possession is a fool's errand that never works. The things you can purchase with money don't make you happy.


2. Set up a spending plan if you don't currently have one.


Keeping your spending in check is much easier if you have a set spending limit and stick to it. Creating a budget for your expenses can help you to achieve financial stability as it reminds you to not spend money on things that you don't really need.


3. Refocus your attention on the right things.


Re-evaluate the individuals you follow or the feeds you have set up in order to offer you material that is related to your interests or that makes you feel good. If you like hiking, consider following other hikers. If you'd want to learn more about managing your finances, consider following websites that provide financial planning advice. Most importantly, avoid sites that make you feel like you're missing out by following just those things that make you happy.


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