Exploring Modern Living Trends through Duplex House

28 July 2023
Exploring Modern Living Trends through Duplex House

In a busy city with high real estate prices, the idea of owning a detached single-family house may not be a practical one for most people. Fortunately, a detached house and lot Philippines isn't the only kind of dwelling that may be considered "house-like."


As a matter of fact, a duplex's floor plan is similar to that of a single-family home, yet it costs far less to purchase and maintain. Aside from being an affordable house and lot option for Filipinos, a duplex flat is also a step up over a regular condo or apartment because of the semi-private outdoor area that comes with it.


A duplex offers a comfortable middle ground between apartment and single-family home living, making it an attractive option for certain families and as a home investment. What follows is a complete guide to this extremely particular architectural style.



What is a Duplex Home? Everything You Need to Know

As the name implies, a duplex is a kind of residential construction in which two separate dwellings or "units" share a shared wall. The units may be placed next to one another or stacked on top of the other.


These units have their own front and back doors, driveways, and gardens, as well as the standard kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, living areas, and other amenities found in detached homes. Although two families may live in the same building, they each have their own individual residence and postal address.



Duplex houses as an innovative home design

A duplex is a kind of residential building that typically consists of two attached units with one unit on top of the other. Both duplex home designs and duplex house plans have been updated to reflect current architectural fashions thanks to new breakthroughs and advancements in the building industry.



3 Types of Duplex Houses

The layout and style of duplexes aren't standardized between countries but you may roughly divide duplexes into the following categories:



#1. Low-rise duplex

The top floors of these ultra-modern duplexes include large balconies. This duplex is smaller than most others of its kind in terms of square footage. The architects of a contemporary duplex home plan have their work cut out for them to make the most efficient use of the given square footage.



#2. Ground duplex house

A ground Duplex is a two-story duplex that occupies the ground level of a multi-family building. The bottom level of these duplexes look out into the garden, while the top level is dedicated to living spaces like the kitchen and the living room.



#3. Standard duplex house (most common)

The most common duplex design is this two-family dwelling. Two stories are constructed in this fashion, one on top of the other. The main living areas of these contemporary duplexes are located on the ground level, beside the kitchen and the living room, while the top floor has either two bedrooms or a master bedroom and an additional room for the kids.


One of the ideal examples for a standard duplex house investment can be found in Lumina Homes communities.


Lumina Homes offer a wide variety of affordable house and lot for sale, including duplexes, that will surely fit your budget and cater to your needs and lifestyle. You can choose from our duplex units, such as Angeli, Angelique, Armina, and Athena.



What are the Benefits of Having a Duplex House

The choice of purchasing a duplex vs another kind of housing is not an easy one. Thankfully, the advantages of a single-family house are shared to a greater extent in a duplex. You could be happy with some of the perks of a duplex two-storey home, such as:



  • Accommodating

One of the benefits of a duplex unit is that it may function as two separate units. As a result, duplex buildings capacity allows for two families to live there comfortably and separately.



  • Extra room for a home office

A duplex might be a great option for anybody looking to start a business or do their job from the comfort of their own home. Without having to sign a long-term lease or pay exorbitant monthly rent for apartment buildings, you may save money by working from home and setting up an office or meeting space on the ground or upper floor.



  • Affordable type of home

While purchasing a duplex may first seem to be an expensive option, the reality is quite the opposite. They're a little more than average for the home space but still rather inexpensive compared to another two-storey house. The cost of a duplex house design may be kept manageable with some careful budgeting.



  • Gives you the privacy that you need

If you and your family members want to sleep under the same roof but yet maintain some degree of individual privacy, a duplex apartment or home is the perfect solution. As a result, the area may be put to good use in providing sufficient living units attached for all residents.



  • Extra money through rental income

Since a duplex contains two units for two families, it may be rented out and used as a source of supplemental income. Although you share a common central wall, having a private entrance is preferable when you decide to invest in an apartment living for rental income.



Drawbacks of Getting Duplex Homes

Like every other housing option, duplexes have their drawbacks. It would be helpful to know whether you are aware of and willing to account for the following potential issues before selecting whether or not to purchase this house model unit:


  • Houses with two units each, or duplexes, are typical in places with low population density and plenty of available land. Locating a large duplex inside the city borders might be difficult, and if you do, it could drain your finances.

    But with Lumina Homes communities, this won't be a problem. You can enjoy the proximity of your dream home to the metro while also enjoying the serenity of suburban life.


  • In most cases, a duplex will share a wall with its neighbor. The residents may get concerned that the noise may travel to their unit from the opposite half of the duplex. In a conventional duplex, too, the family occupying either level may experience disturbances from the activities of their neighbors.


  • It may be difficult to find a renter for a duplex with an internal staircase since the occupants would likely utilize it as a shortcut to go to work. Only a duplex with an extra unit that has its own entrance will attract renters.

    Fortunately, Lumina Homes two floors duplexes only shared a common wall, but each unit has its own staircase connecting the ground floor and upper floor houses. Also, each half duplex has its own separate entrance, perfect for multi-family housing.


  • A duplex is often held by two separate families. Due to this, the property owner now has more upkeep and landscaping work to do, and taking care of a huge duplex all by yourself might be challenging.


The drawbacks of the duplex house depends on the type of community you will decide to invest in. Some of these disadvantages can be solved if you start your investment in Lumina Homes duplexes. With our modern duplex house plan, we're sure that you will find your new home comfortable and convenient to live in!

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