Smart Investment for Millennials with Home-Based Jobs

13 August 2022
Smart Investment for millennials with Home based Jobs

Work-from-home opportunities are becoming more prevalent, particularly among millennials. It is estimated that approximately 50 million people in the workforce these days are classified as millennials, making up a generation that exceeded Generation X in 2015.


Due to this, numerous businesses have revised their work policies to accommodate telecommuting by millennials, who are now making up the majority of their employee base. As it happens, the traditional 9-to-5 workday is also no longer necessary for many millennials, who want to work remotely.


Importance of remote work and work-life balance to millennials


Millennials are all about staying connected and keeping their individuality. Because of this, more than half of millennials would like to work remotely full-time, according to the latest survey results. Work environments that do not resemble a cubicle are preferred by today's generation of workers since they are more comfortable and productive in these kinds of work settings.


Additionally, young professionals don't want to spend additional time traveling to and from work. As a matter of fact, it is common for young employees to see travel time as a waste of time that they put greater value on than their jobs.


On top of this, when it comes to millennials in the workforce, work/life balance isn't just a phrase, but rather a need. This requirement is made easier by the availability of flexible employment arrangements provided by the internet.


As a result, this causes global firms to get on the remote work culture bandwagon because of the high desire for greater work/life balance.


For millennials or Gen Z who work from home and want to build their career goals by remote working, here are some of the smart investments that you need to consider in order for your to increase your productivity and save money for the future.


How to maximize your remote workplace set-up


Remote work offers both advantages and drawbacks, but for a lot of us, the positives far exceed the downsides. Here are some of the investments you need to consider in order to enhance your productivity and efficiency while working from home:


1. Enough home space for your remote work


One of the first things that remote employees need to consider when they start working from home is a space for their home office.


Your personal and professional lives will be much easier to separate if you have your own office space. The lack of a conceptual barrier between business chores and personal tasks makes it easy to overwork oneself while working from home on the sofa or in your bedroom. You should keep your home office in a separate area and only use it for work. When you're done with work, it will be much simpler for you to convert to "work off mode" and be ready to spend time with your friends and family.


That is why if you are thinking of home investment that can give you the best of both worlds-- remote work and holiday feel-- Lumina San Juan is the great choice for you!


Lumina San Juan's house and lot packages offer enough space for your family with an extra room for your home office. You can choose for our wide range of home model units such as:


  • Angeli Townhouse
  • Angeli Duplex
  • Armina Duplex
  • Angeli Single Firewall
  • Armina Single Firewall


On top of this, our Lumina San Juan community is located in Brgy. Calincamasan, San Juan, La Union also has proximity to various surf beach resort that will give millennials the ultimate work-life balance that they are looking for in their remote work set-up!


2. High-speed and reliable internet connection


Millenials who are new to working from home sometimes overlook the fact that they will need a much higher degree of speed to complete their professional activities than they do when they are just surfing the internet or shopping online.


For those who work from home, video conferencing with colleagues and customers is likely to become a regular occurrence. When doing a project for a client, you're going to have to transmit massive files back and forth, ones that an email just cannot handle.


Fast internet is required for all of these jobs. A video chat disconnecting or a file download taking hours rather than minutes is the very last thing you need.


Looking into the alternatives available to you from your service provider and upgrading to a speedier plan is a good idea. At some point in the future, when your workplace is running as effectively as possible, this might save you both time and stress.


With Lumina Homes' partnership with Streamtech, buying a house and lot package in Lumina San Juan will also give you the fast and stable internet you need for your remote work through their fiber internet connection!


3. USB Power Strip with Surge Protection


Having a power strip in your home office is a must. Surge protection is essential, so make sure you choose one with this feature. When you have a number of gadgets plugged in, this is a good way to keep the electricity flowing safely.


Socket and USB power strips eliminate the hassle of having to worry about running out of batteries on several devices at the same time. In addition, certain models of power strip may be mounted on walls, baseboards, or furniture using the included hardware. As a result, you may hide it from view while it continues to perform its essential functions.


4. Remote work software


Working from home means working alone and surrounded by the comforts and distractions of your own home, which may make it difficult to focus. As a result, it might be difficult to establish routines and adhere to rules.


It's nice to know that there are so many free and paid options accessible online. A wide range of remote worker issues is addressed by these technologies, such as:


  • Focus and procrastination
  • Mental health and wellbeing
  • Motivation
  • Security
  • Task and project management
  • Time management
  • Time tracking and productivity


If you want to maximize most out of your work-from-home arrangement, you'll need certain things. As a general rule of thumb, everything in your home office arrangement should have a function.


Also, having a home office will pay for itself in the long run, even if it costs you hundreds or even thousands to get started. With Lumina San Juan, we offer flexible payment schemes that will ease the burden of our homebuyers on their journey. You can choose whether to apply for a bank home loan or in-house financing.


You can also be one step away from having a home investment and make your home reservations now through our Lumina Homes Online! To know more about our great deals and flexible payment method, you can visit our official website.

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