DIY Dog House: How to Build One for Your Furry Friend

27 July 2023
DIY Dog House How to Build One for Your Furry Friend

All fur parents would doubtless agree that there is an explicable joy that dog ownership brings. Not only are they extremely adorable, but their energetic presence are also stupendous stress relievers! However, receiving their love and loyalty must be reciprocated with giving them the best possible care. It's a responsibility that you must feel obliged to fulfil as someone who willingly signed up to be a pet parent.


After all, some dogs shed a lot, wet their master's bed, or they can simply be a little too overwhelming when they are inside your home inexhaustibly roaming and playing around. As such, building them a nice outdoor house can serve as a solution. This way, they can have their own space to sleep and be nestled in when you're not around or too busy to entertain them.


If you plan to build a DIY house for your furry companion, we can help you come up with the materials, some crafty design ideas, and the actual construction process. In this article, we'll list the steps on how you can build a home that your dog will perfectly fit into and grow to love.



Responsible Pet Ownership in the Philippines

Taking the time to build your dog's house is one good indication of responsible pet ownership. Be that as it may, it must be noted that tying up your pets and restricting them in a cage are not advisable. They must be routinely walked in dog parks, allowed socialization with other pets, and increase exposure to people so as to prevent them from developing into highly territorial and antagonistic animals.


So after your work or during the weekends, make it a commitment to play with your pets, walk them outside for half an hour, and provide them with nutritious food to keep them healthy. Notably, they must also be taken care of and comforted during typhoon season when thunderstorms trigger dog anxiety. Dogs are also terrified of hearing firecrackers, so be sure to keep your doggo in your arms during the New Year's Eve when the fireworks are an integral part of the celebration.



DIY Dog House: Step-by-Step Instructions

Building a mini house for your dog is a must if you won't allow them to sleep inside during nighttime for personal valid reasons. Without more ado, below are the step-by-step process of building your dog a home that it can spend plenty of time when playtime inside your house is over.



Pick a dog house design

To make sure your dog will fit into and be comfortable inside, the size of the house must be double the size of your dog. Essentially, it must be large enough for your medium-sized dog to turn around, stand, sleep comfortably, and play with its dog toys. Before you begin the construction phase, create basic sketches of the design and make the necessary measurements.



Cut the pieces

The next best step would be to cut the plywood or lumber using a saw in accordance with your chosen doghouse design. You would need panels for all parts, including the back and front wall, the other two sides, and the roof. For proper insulation, construct a base with insulated panels to allow air inside during the dry season.



Assemble the frame

Cut out eight pieces of your wooden material for the framing, which will tighten the walls and the roofs. Consider a 15-inch-long frames for each wall and 13-inch-long frames for the roofing. Use galvanized wood screws to fasten all the frames.



Attach the roofing

Constructing a triangular roof is best to shield your pup and its house from rainwater and other external forces. A sloping roof also allows your dog to stand comfortably without having to duck its head. Ideally, the dimensions should measure at 32 inches long and 20 inches wide on a 2x2 piece of wood. These will then be attached atop the side panels to form the desired roof shape.



Make the door

The next step would be installing a door to make an entrance and exit for your dog's house. Do this by cutting out an opening from one of the walls. Then, securely attach the hinges to the door and the framing so as to allow the door to swing open or close. You can also attach a latch to keep the door shut if necessary.



Color with pet-safe paint

Make your pet's house more visually appealing by coloring it with pet-safe paint. Aside from aesthetics purposes, painting your dog's house is also beneficial to protect the wood from weathering and prolonged sunlight exposure that can gradually damage the building material.



Add bedding or accessories

Comfort must also be a priority in making your dog's house. Having said that, you must add a soft bedding for your dog to restfully sleep in a cozy flat instead of lying down on a bare crate floor or the ground. Aside from that, add accessories and crafts to make the doghouse look more inviting for your pooch.



Place the dog house somewhere safe

After finishing your beloved pet's little home, place the doghouse in your yard or somewhere you think your dog will be most comfy in, which is ideally away from direct sunlight that can irritate or dehydrate your dog.


Lumina Homes, Vista Land's modest housing segment, is a pet-friendly zone where you can freely walk your cats and dogs in our spacious outdoor spaces. Our affordable house and lot provisions are great for pet ownership as well. There will surely be ample space where you can place your dog's house if you build one!


What's more, our Lumina projects nationwide are rest assured near establishments considered essential for homeowners and their pets alike. This includes schools, medical, dental, and veterinary clinics, supermarkets to purchase dog foods and other pet essentials, local tourist destinations to bring your furry babies, and accessible transportation options, among others.


We also offer amenities such as a multipurpose hall, gazebos, jogging paths, guarded entrances, free shuttle services, mini-gardens, and a play area where your hooman-friendly dog can socialize.


Secure an affordable house and lot for sale through Lumina Homes this year and enjoy quality, convenient, and affordable homeownership. Make your investment inquiries today and reserve your future house and lot Philippines very soon!

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