17 Must-watch All Time Favorite Christmas Movies

5 November 2021
17 Must watch All Time Favorite Christmas Movies min

As the holiday season draws near, it's time to start thinking about the several ways to get into the holiday mood. From preparing the most spectacular Christmas baked goodies, listening to your favorite songs, and of course, cuddling up on the couch for some Christmas movie marathon with the finest Christmas movies of all time. Grab your precious soft, comfy pillow and your favorite holiday mugs, and settle down for some great screen time in your Christmas PJs.


Even if you're searching for some lighthearted holiday entertainment—from Christmas season movies for kids, romantic holiday movies, or a fun-filled film for the whole family—you can easily find something to suit your need. Thanks to the power of the internet, the traditional Hallmark Christmas movies aren't the only ones that can compete with your Christmas movie genre.


Here are some of the best Christmas movies for your holiday affair.


1. Elf

elf movie lumina homes house and lot

One year after it debuted, a human guy reared as an elf in New York City has become one of the Christmas season's most beloved films. Find out if he was able to have a wonderful life in one of Warner Bros holiday films.

2. A Christmas Story

a christmas story lumina homes house and lot

This film deserves a prestigious prize! If you've never seen the movie A Christmas Story, you're missing out. In addition to the leg light and the Red Ryder BB pistols, it taught us never to lick a frozen pole. Join them in this fun Christmas journey with the whole family.

3. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

how the grinch stole christmas lumina homes house and lot

In 2000, Jim Carrey starred as the Grinch in a live-action, feature-length film adaptation of the beloved children's book. Get out of the cookie-cutter crowd this year by wearing your green fur to show off your uniqueness and share some happiness!

4. The Christmas Chronicles

the christmas chronicles lumina homes house and lot

Kate and Teddy Pierce's Christmas Eve plot to capture Santa Claus on tape evolves into an unexpected voyage that most youngsters can only dream of.

5. A Charlie Brown Christmas

a charlie brown christmas lumina homes house and lot

With the aid of his pals, his curious dog, and one little but sturdy Christmas tree, Charlie Brown tries to discover the real meaning of Christmas in this classic animation.

6. Santa Claus The Movie

santa claus the movie poster lumina homes house and lot

This is the tale of a brilliant toymaker who finds a mythical realm of elves at the North Pole and becomes Santa Claus. Santa's eagerness to please Patch departs the North Pole for the bustling streets of New York City, where he gets entangled in a toy tycoon plotting to take over Christmas. Santa's journey to retrieve his trusty elf and preserve Christmas for all the children of the globe starts now!

7. Christmas Eve

christmas eve movie lumina homes house and lot

In "Christmas Eve," six separate New Yorkers find themselves stranded in elevators for the night on Christmas Eve, resulting in a dramatic and funny scenario. All of them are altered by the events of their long night together, with nowhere else to go.

8. A Christmas Carol

a christmas carol movie lumina homes house and lot

This holiday classic is about the Ghostly spirits that awaken Ebenezer Scrooge from his sleep on Christmas Eve, and they tell him about the horrible life he's led and the terrible destiny that awaits those who don't alter their ways. When Scrooge is confronted with his own personal narrative of deteriorating morality, he must choose between death or redemption.

9. Love Actually

love actually movie house and lot for sale lumina homes

Eight very diverse couples are followed as they struggle with their love lives in several loosely connected stories, all situated in London, England, during the hectic month before Christmas.

10. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

national lampoons christmas vacation lumina homes house and lot

The Griswolds are gearing up for a holiday get-together, but Clark, Ellen, and their two children have difficulty keeping things calm. While Clark's recurring misfortune is made much worse by his annoying family visitors, the fact that his Christmas bonus is just around the corner motivates him to keep trying.

11. Christmas with the Kranks

christmas with the kranks movie lumina homes house and lot

Are you in the mood to laugh your way through the holidays? Gather the whole family around as you watch Tim Allen, and Jamie Lee Curtis portrays a married couple in this film who decides to forgo Christmas in place of a Caribbean vacation.

12. Home Alone

home alone movie lumina homes house and lot

Kevin, the McCallister family's eight-year-old boy, is accidentally left behind as the McCallisters hustle to catch their flight to Paris for the long-awaited Christmas break. While being at home on his own and indulging in various delights, young Kevin is unaware that a criminal pair of not-so-capable thieves have been preying on the empty houses in his neighborhood. Inevitably, the McCallisters' house will soon be visited by daring criminals eager to clear up Kevin's ostensibly deserted abode. Are Kevin and his family ready to protect their home?

13. The Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween 

the nightmare before christmas lumina homes house and lot

Town's Pumpkin King, Jack Skellington, is sick of dressing up as a pumpkin for a holiday every year. On his way home from work, he stumbles onto Christmas Town. He is so captivated by the spirit of the season that he recruits the local bat population to help him stage a Christmas celebration instead of Halloween. But no matter how hard they try, they can't quite pull off this white Christmas celebration.

14. Noel

noel movie lumina homes house and lot

An all-star ensemble, including Paul Walker and Penélope Cruz, connect five strangers on Christmas Eve in New York City via a sequence of incidents in this captivating Christmas-themed movie.

15. A Christmas Prince

A Christmas Prince lumina homes house and lot

What makes A Christmas Prince so enjoyable to watch is that movie packs in every rom-com cliché you can think of in only 90 minutes. An assignment to cover the attractive but enigmatic prince of Aldovia turns out to be more than the assigned journalist bargained for.

16. Almost Christmas

Almost Christmas film lumina homes house and lot

It is Danny Glover's one wish for Christmas: that his adult children and their families be able to get along for the season. Be thankful for your family and celebrate a merry little Christmas with them as you watch this heartwarming movie. This is a perfect family Christmas treat for everyone.

17. Rise of the Guardians

rise of the guardians lumina homes house and lot

For the first time, the Guardians must band together to preserve children's dreams, beliefs, and imaginations throughout the globe from an evil spirit known as Pitch, who intends to conquer the planet. This animated movie is perfect for watching with your kids this holiday season.


These Christmas movies will keep you entertained for the holiday cheer and all month long, but there's nothing to lose if you started watching some of them before December even started. Gather your whole family and have that Christmas-themed movie night with them every weekend to spark off that holiday spirit! 


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