Child Passport Application for your Kids' Global Travels

9 June 2022
Child passport application for your kids global travels 1

Traveling alone may be enjoyable, but you should take advantage of the chance to see the world and make memories with your children.


But before you get too excited about including your kids in your global travel itineraries, consider the fact that Filipinos of all ages need to have their own passports first before going abroad.


Child's Passport Application in PH Guide

There is a special instruction for kids on how to get a Philippine passport from the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), taking into mind their age and vulnerability. Those wishing to apply for a Philippine passport while still a minor fall into one of two categories:


0 to 7 years old

Since babies and children under the age of seven (7) years old do not have the mental ability to make their own decisions on their own, booking an appointment online is not possible for minors within this age range.


The DFA Aseana office and other DFA consular offices countrywide will allow children to use the passport courtesy lanes as of March 2022, provided that their accompanying parents or guardians are properly immunized.


8 to 17 years old

As with everyone else, those who fall into this category of minors must make an appointment online. There is also a courtesy lane for children who have another younger sibling also applying for a Philippine passport and who is under the age of 7.


Different requirements would also be needed depending on if a child is traveling alone, with a parent or legal guardian, or with somebody else.


Steps on how to get a PH passport for babies and minors

Here are the steps on how you can apply for a PH passport for your kids:


1. Make sure that you prepare all the necessary passport application requirements and supporting documents.

Minors must meet the following passport requirements:


A. Confirmation of online appointment.

Minors under the age of seven are exempted from having to make an online appointment with DFA in order to apply. Instead, they may utilize the courtesy line at any DFA consular office countrywide, including the Aseana office.


On the other hand, it is still necessary for kids between the ages of eight (8) and 17 to make an appointment in advance online. Priority or courtesy lanes may only be used by applicants who have another minor sibling who is seven (7) years old or less while making an appointment.


B. Passport application form completed in full.

The minor's parent or legal guardian may complete and sign the application form on the minor's behalf. Applicants may get a passport application form at the passport office. The passport application form for children may also be downloaded online.


C. Both the minor and either the parent or the legal guardian are required to attend the application in person.

When both parents are unable to help their young kid with the passport application, an approved adult companion may step in. Also, all of the following additional conditions must be met on the day of application by both the minor applicant and his or her parents:


- An SPA, or Special Power of Attorney, signed by the parents. An adult chaperone is required to help the kid complete his or her paperwork. In addition to the SPA, an Affidavit of Support and Consent can be filed. No matter what kind of paperwork is submitted, a copy of each parent's current photo ID and/or passport should be included. The SPA or Affidavit must be validated by the Philippine Embassy or Consulate before it may be used outside of the country.


- A valid government-issued ID of the approved adult companion, such as a passport or an adult/guardian PSA certificate.


- Application for DSWD travel clearance and parental Affidavit of Support and Consent if the minor applicant is not traveling with a parent/s. The Philippine Embassy or Consulate in the country where the affidavit was signed must authenticate the document.


D. Child's birth certificate

The birth certificate of the minor applicant must be issued by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), formerly NSO. However, if the minor's PSA birth certificate is not clear or readable, the Local Civil Registrar Copy should be provided instead.


On the other hand, if the baby or minor doesn’t have a PSA Birth Certificate or Report of Birth yet, documents that may be used in place of the child's PSA birth certificate or birth report include as follows:


PSA-authenticated Certified True Copy of Local Civil Registrar (LCR) Birth Certificate for applicants born in the Philippines.


In the case of those who were born outside of the U.S., the first endorsement from the Consular Records Division is required.


E. Marriage Certificate (if only one parent is accompanying the child)

As long as the mother isn't accompanying her kid, the mother must sign a Special Power of Attorney (SPA). The SPA must be validated by the Philippine Embassy or Consulate before it may be used abroad.


F. Either parents' passports or government-issued identification cards, or the passports and ID cards of any permitted adult companions


G. School ID of the minor (if applicable)


2. Submit to DFA all the passport-related requirements.


3. Payment fee for the Philippine passport.


Here is the updated list of the Philippine passport fees:

For Aseana and Consular Office within Metro Manila

Regular: Php 950 (12 working days)

Express: Php 1, 200 (6 working days)


For Consular Offices outside Metro Manila

Regular: Php 950 (12 working days)

Express: Php 1, 200 (7 working days)

For Foreign Service Posts

Regular: $ 60 (28 to 60 days)


4. Claiming of passport/s.

To claim your passports, you will need to come back to the DFA office on the day specified on your receipt and pick it up. As an alternative, you can also wait for the passports to arrive at your home or workplace if you choose to have them delivered to you.


The gift of complete childhood experience

From a cultural standpoint, visiting overseas may be a wonderful gift for children, as they get an appreciation for how other people live in other parts of the world. It has the potential to alter their view of the ways in which differences may unite individuals from all walks of life. This is especially true in nations where individuals from different religious and cultural backgrounds coexist peacefully. Children learn to notice the similarities among individuals rather than focusing only on the differences.


But do you know that you can also enhance their young perspective about the world by choosing the right community for them?


Lumina Homes communities provide one of the best experiences for your kids with its strategic and accessible location that has proximity to various schools and educational institutions as well as different recreational facilities and tourist attractions that your children will surely love!


Every Lumina Homes community is also equipped with amenities that promote outdoor activities and an active lifestyle for your kids through its mini gardens and playgrounds, jogging path, and multipurpose hall. You can have the assurance that your kids can get the perks of socializing and interacting with other children inside a secure and safe community.


Discover more about the different places and recreational spots that your kids can enjoy near Lumina Homes communities through our online blogs and YouTube Channel. Make your home reservations now!

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