Budgetarian Family Travel Hacks for your Next Trip

24 August 2022
Budgetarian Family Travel Hacks for your Next Trip

Restrictions on travel have begun to be lifted in many countries around the globe, so now is the time to finally book that trip to that island paradise or charming destination that you are eyeing to go with your entire family!


Worrying about the expenses including expensive hotel rooms when you travel with the whole family?


It is possible to have a wonderful holiday without spending a fortune, whether you are staying in the nation or traveling abroad!


How to travel on a budget with family


Spending a lot of money when traveling is a common problem. Taking a trip for free just does not exist. Taxi fares, air travel taxes, checked luggage costs, and parking fines await you the moment you step outside. There's no way to get a cheap train ticket unless you're a student or a senior citizen.


Thankfully, there's a list of budgetarian family travel hacks which may help you maximize the value of your next budget family travel. Be careful to follow some simple guidelines and use them as you organize your vacation:


Before the trip: Budget airlines and cheap family accommodation


Do some digging to get the best flight at the best price. It's best of course if you can book a flight at off peak times. If you're trying to decide between Cebu Pacific and Air Asia, for instance, you may visit some flight comparison sites that compare the two airlines for a budget travel.


In respect of this, your lodgings should be treated no differently. It would also be good if you can get reservations two weeks before your family tour. There are a plethora of comparison websites to choose from. Use low-cost flights and accommodations that are less expensive but yet meet your needs in terms of safety, comfort, and accessibility.


Saving money on cheap flight


In order to make the most of flight deals and cheap flights, check out these tips and tricks:


Don't overstuff your baggage


If you want to take budget flights, keep the weight of your bags in mind. A variety of "packing tricks" exist to help travelers minimize the amount of space their bags take up and the money they spend on baggage fees. You may also learn some space-saving practices before you go, such as folding techniques or how to store them in a vacuum bag.

Don't Eat on the Plane


Food provided on airplanes might be pricey and poses a health concern owing to COVID-19. In order to save money and avoid hidden costs on long-haul trips, one tip is to have a full meal before boarding the plane. You can also pack some snacks for your kids in case they get hungry during the flight.


Budget accommodation for family vacation


You must put in a lot of time researching this to get it right. You need to be close to a major tourist area rather than being in the middle of all the action. With that, you may save money by not staying in a more costly, tourist-oriented hotel while still having easy access to major points of interest without spending a lot on transportation.


Prefer practicality over luxurious hotel room.


Stay at a hotel that suits your needs without breaking the bank. It's more practical to simply reserve a hotel that's comfy enough to sleep with air conditioning in unless you're planning a lavish break. Fortunately, there are several low-cost lodging options available, including hostels, inns, homestays, and flats.


Find a place to stay that has a kitchen


If you're planning to have a few weeks family trip, then this type of budget accommodations are important. It's easy to make a home-cooked meal by purchasing ingredients from a nearby market or grocery shop. In addition, you may also save money on food by reusing restaurant leftovers for another meal.


During the trip: Daily expenses hacks

Find free tourist hotspots


There are many fun activities that you may do with very little money. The best way to experience a new culture is to participate in the local customs and traditions, and sometimes, the best way to do that is at no cost to you. These things to do may be found online, like green entry or free museum days, or better yet, suggestions can be gotten from the locals.


Save money on local cuisines and street food


Trying the local food is one way to experience local culture without breaking the bank. Authentic, regional cuisine may often communicate a place's narrative better than any other medium. There are two ways to find interesting and delicious local cuisine: either do some research about the local restaurants with family discounts before your organized tour or simply wing it and ask a local.


Bring snacks and drinks during the family travel


When you're traveling from one destination to another, you'll inevitably get hungry and thirsty, especially with kids. When you travel on a budget, it's important to avoid luxurious snacks which can quickly add up in price. Instead of spending your hard-earned cash on these expensive treats, you can stock up on inexpensive local snacks at the supermarket.


Use local transport and travel on a budget.


The public transportation lines are a fantastic place to begin. Traveling by tricycle or jeepney is a common way for locals to get around the Philippines, and you should do the same if the country you're visiting offers anything similar like the tuktuk in Thailand or Cambodia; just be wary of drivers who attempt to extort too much money from you.


Budget-friendly travel costs with walking tour.


Transportation expenditures may be reduced with careful planning of the trip. Walking from point A to point B while taking in the scenery is a great option when your route includes many nearby locations. In addition, you will get a taste of the area as seen through the eyes of a native. Experiences like that can't be matched!


Rent a family car

The price of travel may add up quickly. Renting a versatile van is the best option for transporting a large group. Think this through and see whether it really is the best choice for you. In addition to the cost savings, your family can travel together in the same vehicle when you hire a car. Plus, you may tailor your sightseeing to fit your schedule.


Getting the best deal and cheapest destinations for your family travel budget!


You can get an ultimate travel hack for your family's budgetarian travel with Lumina Homes!


Skip the rush of booking budget airline during peak season and travel at cheaper prices if you live in Lumina Homes because of its closeness to major popular destinations and landmarks all over the country. We have more than 50 projects nationwide from Luzon, Visayas, to Mindanao and all of them are located near some great destinations in the area.


Apart from this, our communities are also near airports and transportation hubs that make it easier for you and your family to travel around the country or even abroad! You can conveniently travel even with kids because you don't have to endure the long hours' travel time going to your travel destination.


So, be practical and get this ultimate travel hack now and make every day a family holiday with Lumina Homes!

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