Best Air Purifiers at Home for Improved Indoor Air Quality

16 December 2022
Best Air Purifiers at Home for Improved Indoor Air Quality

After more than two years since COVID-19 hit, we're almost back to the old normal of pre-pandemic times, only with face masks. The Philippines' level of vaccination reached the herd immunity threshold of more than 70 percent, hence the fewer and fewer COVID-19 cases being recorded each day, making Filipinos feel safer than ever.


Still, it's not that the coronavirus disease is gone for good. People are still encouraged to use face masks, and proper ventilation at home is advised as there is a greater transmission risk when indoors. This is when an air purifier device comes in handy to sanitize every homeowner's air and improve overall indoor air quality.


But, not all air purifiers are created with equal efficiency and quality. In this article, Lumina Homes aims to provide a guide for homeowners who are on the lookout for the best air purifier available on the market. After all, you deserve no less when it comes to your family's safety, especially from illnesses. That can only be achieved with the best air purifier brands that boast of quality and efficiency.



Benefits of Having a Quality Air Purifier at Home

If an air purifier got you curious but still quite wary about its effectiveness for cleaner indoor air, let's first tackle some legitimate benefits that having an air purifier at home could bring. For starters, experts test air purifiers to determine how fast (or slow) they remove dust and other particles based on the Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) standard set by industry experts.


Below are a few more proven benefits that air purifiers could provide for homes and homeowners alike.


1. It helps to eliminate harmful chemicals

Air purifiers feature high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters, which do the fantastic work of trapping dust particles, bacteria, allergens, and other volatile organic compounds. This prevents indoor pollutants from thriving in your home by nipping them in the bud through the air purifier.


2. It neutralizes foul odor lingering in the air

If you cook indoors, have furry friends, or plan to repaint your walls soon, you won't have to worry about any unpleasant odor that would linger in the air if you have an air purifier. That is to say, your indoor air will not only be cleaner with the presence and application of an air purifier, but also produce a pleasant smell to ward off any off-putting scent.


3. It reduces chances of contracting airborne viruses

Since air purifiers work as air cleaners, it would result in a healthy indoor environment that will prevent its inhabitant from contracting viruses attainable through bad air quality and pollution. This is one of the top and major benefits of having an efficient air purifier at home, and it's a worthwhile investment that costs at a fairly affordable price.



7 Best Air purifiers to Choose From for your Home

Investing in a quality air purifier is something that would really help you and the entire family achieve a home with cleaner air and healthy indoor air quality, which would also make you less prone to respiratory illnesses caused by air pollution and poor ventilation.


Below is a number of all the air purifiers that have the necessary features for functionality and effectiveness. It's up to you which among these captivated you the most. Without more ado, let's clear the air and get to it!


1. Sharp KC-WS65P-W Air Purifier

The first on our list of reliable air purifier brands contain the necessary HEPA filter to trap airborne contaminants out of the air. It also comes with a sensor for air quality monitor made perfectly with a deodorizing filter. In addition, this air purifier brand offers a humidifying filter to help ensure an ideal humidity temperature in a room. With all these excellent features, this air purifier is definitely worth an immediate purchase!


2. American Heritage AHAP-6270 Air Purifier

American Heritage Appliances in the Philippines are patronized by homeowners for their quality provisions of modern and functional products and services. For air purifiers, the company also has it handy for anyone who looks for a device to achieve purified air in their homes. The AHAP-6270 Air Purifier boasts to eliminate disease-causing airborne particles at nearly a 100-percent efficiency. It comes with a 4-stage filtration system, a HEPA filter, a photocatalytic filter, and an odor filter to complete its functionality in ridding your indoor air of impurities.


3. Sharp FP-J30E Air Purifier

If you prefer smaller air purifiers without losing all the quality features you're looking for, then Sharp FP-J30E Air Purifier is the right one for your preferences. For small rooms and spaces, this is the right air purifier to help you achieve clean air indoors. Just like other air purifiers, this comes with a HEPA filter to fight off allergens and dust particles in the air. If unsure whether your device needs replacement, this air purifier features an indicator as to when replacement filters are already crucial.


4. Whirlpool AP636 Air Purifier

Whirlpool would doubtless ring a bell among homeowners in the Philippines. The company is simply known for its quality appliances that have since been met with wide patronage. If you're looking for an efficient air purifier, Whirlpool has it too! Its version features a 6th Sense Technology that consists of built-in sensors that monitor and measure a home's air quality. Based on what the sensors have read, it will adjust its settings accordingly. It also highlights a 4-stage filtration with a pre-filter, HEPA filter, activated carbon filter, and a photocatalyst filter. Simply put, Whirlpool's air purifier guarantees quality and efficiency.


5. Cherry UVC AP-02 Air Purifier

If the American Heritage air purifier features 4-stage filtration, Cherry UVC AP-02 Air Purifier boasts a 6-stage filtration. This comprises a pre-filter, a HEPA filter, a honeycomb filter, a photocatalytic filter, ultraviolet light, and healthy anions. What is more, this air purifier brand claims to trap 99.98 percent of airborne contaminants that could be detrimental to inhabitants. Aside from all of these, this air purifier features a sleep mode and multiple speed wind modes.


6. Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro H

Xiaomi is another global brand trusted for its electronic gadgets and durable home appliances. Xiaomi's Mi Air Purifier Pro H is one of the finest air purifiers in the Philippines for its world-class technology. It comes equipped with HEPA filters and wind speeds, and is boasted to trap dust particles very effectively. This is ideal for rooms of up to 72 square meters in size. Controllable using an App or through Google Assistant, Xiaomi's air purifier is one smart home device that will rid your indoor air of contaminants and will future-proof your home.


7. Samsung AX34T3020WW/TC Air Purifier 

Aside from Xiaomi, Samsung is yet another giant in the electronics world. Having said this, Samsung has established itself as a potent force to reckon with when it comes to providing useful technology. Samsung's air purifier presents a multilayered process of purification with a bacteria-removing HEPA filter, and convenient dust and gas sensors, among others. This air purifier from Samsung can purify indoor air of a room of over 34 square meters in size. Without any shred of doubt, Samsung's air purifier is worth a purchase to implement a much better and improved air quality at your humble abode.



Lumina Homes: Achieve Homeownership in a Healthy Community with Clean Air

Before sealing a property purchase, most homeowners first assess the location of an affordable house and lot for sale. This includes whether the location is within relatively close distance to establishments such as grocery stores, schools, churches, transport terminals, LGU offices, and more. It is also a major plus if the location features a healthy environment with clean air and an overall relaxing atmosphere.


Lumina Homes, the modest housing brand of Vista Land, provides homeowners with exactly what they look for in a house and lot in the Philippines. There is also an enjoyable play area for kids, a multipurpose hall for homeowners, and even a basketball court, depending on your chosen Lumina Homes location. For over 10 years, Lumina Homes has committed to providing an affordable house and lot for Filipino families, and this legacy will remain in the years to come.


For your specific real estate investment inquiries, do not hang back and give us your message through our website or via any of our social media channels. We can't wait to seal a home deal with you as a future Lumina homeowner!

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