All Season Outdoor Plants for Your Mini Garden at Home

20 July 2023
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It's impossible to ignore the beauty of the suburban yards and gardens when summer is in full flow and the weather is warm and sunny.


Although they are great for our eyes to see, growing healthy plants in your house and lot Philippines is a challenging endeavor. It may take some time, especially if you are just starting out, to get a handle on the fundamentals. Nonetheless, planning tasks on your own is the best approach to understanding the process.


Low-maintenance plants that can survive all the Philippine weather should always be your first choice when creating an outdoor home garden. This is due to the fact that they have a far lower risk of dying and need less maintenance.


Fortunately, there are various hard-to-kill plants you can choose from, from potted plants to scented flowers and small plants in your outdoor space. Regardless of the weather, your garden will look its best if you use the plants on this list.



A List of Plants for Your Garden that Can Survive All Types of Weather

You may have always thought that your yard was too dry, too dark, or that the soil was too sandy to sustain such gorgeous plants. Nevertheless, we have gathered here a wide variety of flowers and plants that will flourish healthily in your miniature garden all year long!



  • Sedum

Late summer is the perfect time to grow sedum flowers. In addition, cooler temperatures are also great for their growth. These plants can withstand dry conditions and need little attention. The flower heads of sedums are enormous, their foliage is showy, and their stems are sturdy. They thrive when planted in clusters and produce more flowers.



  • Celosia

Flowers aren't often thought of as long-lasting. Celosias, on the other hand, have remarkable longevity. It is resistant to high and low temperatures, as well as several kinds of insects, pests, and even illnesses. As a bonus, they can be grown vertically, making them ideal for use in containers, urban gardens, and as cross-pollinators for other plants.


Celosia is one of the many flowers that has high tolerance in a wide range of environmental conditions. However, they may perish if they become soaked to the root and are then attacked by fungi and bacteria. Additionally, celosia is very tough and long-lasting. Only mites may harm it. Your flowers may be swiftly overrun by mites, and by the time you notice the problem, it may be too late to save them. So, make sure to check out some DIY pest control tips to avoid this.



  • Catmint

The catnip plant is a cousin of this one. It is cat-proof since its leaves have no aroma, which means planting this can safeguard your other plants in the garden as well.


Catmint is a perennial plant with grey-green leaves and lavender-blue blooms. As long as it gets enough light, heat, and water, this plant will thrive. If you want to cultivate catmint at home, make sure to grow them in a pot and put some edging around it.



  • Petunia

It's not possible to cultivate certain flowers in partial shade. But not the case for Petunias. They are adaptable, growing well in containers of many shapes and sizes, as well as in the ground.


Petunias are another fantastic annual flower that may continue to bloom until early November and do best in warm conditions. The warmer it is, the more flowers you'll see. They are also very low maintenance since there is no need to deadhead them to encourage further blooming.



  • Pansy

Almost no other flower can bloom continuously throughout the year, like the pansy. Pansies have a long bloom time (eight months on average) and need no deadheading or other maintenance. They thrive in marginal conditions, so you can plant them anywhere from a pot to a window box to a raised bed.



  • Hardy Hibiscus

This type of flower thrives under direct full sun, best for the summer-long weather in the Philippines. They are quite effective in drawing in winged creatures like monarch butterflies and hummingbirds.


These blossoms tend to begin their show late in the summer. The blooms they produce are enormous and come in a variety of stunning colors, including white, pink, and red. Although these plants might appear dry during the colder weather, if you give them some space and time, they will recover once the sun shines on them again.



  • Violas

A viola is one of the few low-maintenance flowers that may also serve as ground cover. They're like hardy pansies that live in well-drained soil, and although their blossoms may not be as showy, they'll still manage to survive and even grow. Pansies are also unique among ground cover plants because of their colorful flowers.



  • Portulaca

Portulaca, often called moss rose, is an excellent low-maintenance flowering plant for novice gardeners. It thrives in the direct sunlight. This plant's thick leaves are able to flourish in normal soil.


In addition, it has a moderate drought tolerance. This plant is often used as a filler in flower beds. Aside from the standard Portulaca, the Mojave variant is also available, which is also a great alternative. It blooms in a variety of gorgeous colors, including orange, yellow, tangerine, red, and pink. Your garden is going to look amazing with all these bright colors as this plant germinates and grows quickly from seed.


Keep in mind, though, that you shouldn't put this plant through the ordeal of transplanting it into your garden during periods of high heat or cold.



  • Dahlia

Planting dahlias is as simple as planting a seed. It thrives in any soil with little care and may be planted anywhere without the need for fertilizer or watering. Dahlias thrive in pots and should be planted there. This is due to the fact that they can be grown almost anywhere, including inside, outdoors, and even in a window box.



  • Zinnia

Growing zinnias from seed is the simplest and most common way to cultivate flowers. When compared to other flowers that germinate in cooler conditions, it needs less sunshine, water, and care. Zinnia is just one of the popular spring blossoms that can be planted in early summer and still continue to bloom and thrive, so you don't have to worry about getting a head start by planting them in the spring.


Having your own home garden is now achievable with the right home investment. Lumina Homes offer affordable house and lot for sale that have bigger lots, giving you more space to plant at your heart's content in the comfort of your own small space.


On top of this, our affordable house and lot packages include amenities for greener spaces like a mini garden and playground, as well as a community garden-- making it a perfect choice for all plantitos and plantitas out there!


Our homes are also located in the suburbs, away from the polluted city, giving you and your plants cleaner and fresher air.


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