9 Ways How to Grow Healthy Plants at Home

23 November 2022
9 Ways How to Grow Healthy Plants at Home

What is your dream garden? Do you envision plants thriving as you peer out your window boxes, or you're happy just to get enough space for some potted plants? No matter what your preference is, here are some ways how you can try to grow healthy plants in your own space and at your own pace. Get ready to bring your garden to life with Lumina Homes.



Types of Garden Design Setup


1. Outdoor garden

One of the best garden design ideas not everyone can have is the luxury of having the outdoor space to grow their own plants right within their backyard. Hence, an outdoor garden shouldn't be limited to just plants. Feel free to add a garden swing, garden furniture, or even a pergola, complete with fairy lights! Let wildlife roam free, and kids do the same. You can design a seating area surrounding the fire pit, where you can also sit together with your family using folding furniture. Just ensure that landscaping is regularly done so your large garden doesn't turn into wild woods.


2. Cottage garden

But if you have a small garden space in your home, you can opt for a cottage garden. You can use a narrow strip of land to start having raised beds or garden beds, depending on your preference. You can start being a gardener using this small space, and even have the basic pesticides, mulch, fertilizers, and plants. But should you prefer, you can even start your own compost pile, so you have a natural fertilizer.


3. Indoor Garden

With the onset of the pandemic, people have found ways to pass the time and among them is creating their own indoor gardens. Your garden need not have raised beds, but rather you can start planting indoor plants from terracotta pots, or even plastic cups, whichever is cheaper. To get started, you can start buying from the garden center initially then from there you can grow healthy plants through cuttings, transplanting, or from seeds.

4. Zen garden

Another reason to grow healthy plants is to aid in your growth as well. Whenever you're feeling stressed, you can come into this specific space and take calming breaths. Not only will you be able to have an air exchange with the plants, but it will also aid you to destress. Sometimes even the simple acts of watering, and weeding to grow plants can allow us to grow healthy as individuals, too. You can seek the help of expert advice to know which plants best fit a Zen garden, but other small garden ideas usually have moss, creeping thyme, ferns, bamboo, and horsetail.


5. Kitchen garden

If you want to start a kitchen garden, you can start with what came from food scraps used during cooking. Not only is this sustainable, but this can also be a good way to ensure that you have the ingredients you need for your cooking year-round, without having to dash to the market for that much-needed herb or having a raised bed. You can start with plant pots on your kitchen window, where the sun can reach them.


6. Vertical garden

If you have limited space for pots on the floor, a kitchen sill for your indoor plants, or even an outdoor space for the window box, then instead of going horizontal, you go vertical. With vertical planting, you can also grow climbers to maximize the space. Vertical gardening is one of the things that you can definitely try, especially if you're living in a condo. Try hanging pots or hanging baskets in your living space, so you can maximize the space vertically. An advantage of hanging your plants is the water feature, since they are elevated, you can keep track of their roots, on whether their roots can absorb the right amount of moisture and nutrients they need.


Types of Gardens According to Produce

1. Herb garden

While there are types of garden ideas you can try based o on their containers or where you are planting, you can also consider what type of plants you will grow. Common with kitchen gardening is an herb garden. You can start with basil, rosemary, or even tomatoes straight from your own tomato plants.

2. Vegetable garden

What's the difference between an herb garden and a vegetable garden? It's the different sizes and different types of vegetables you can grow. Herbs are mostly aromatic and green, however, they transform and improve most dishes. On the other hand, vegetable gardening may take longer, but produce a bigger and more edible structure of your own vegetables to be cooked.

3. Flower garden

Have you ever wanted to look out your windowsill and look at flowers growing outside your window? May it be wildflowers or your own flowering plants, these pretty plants can serve as a focal point to brighten up your day. However, to grow flowers, you need lots of patience and knowledge on soil types like that with the vegetables, as they can only grow depending on the right environmental conditions.


Practical advice: no matter which type of garden you choose to grow healthy plants, what's important is it brings you joy, a sense of satisfaction, and can benefit not only you, but also your entire family — and that makes the big difference. But, how will you grow healthy plants if you don't have yet a house and lot?



Getting your own Home Garden in an Affordable House and Lot

With Lumina Homes, you don't have to look far for an available house and lot in the Philippines. Instead, get more worth for your money when you can choose from the affordable house and lot for sale from the various Lumina Homes project in the Philippines. Not only will you get ample space for your family and all your activities, your space feel bigger because you still have room to create and grow your garden plans. If you want to have this valuable investment, then speak to a Lumina Homes accredited seller today.

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