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Five Helpful Tips in Buying Your First-ever House and Lot

2 October 2017
Buying your own house and lot is a great investment. It is a dream that every Juan wants to achieve. Just remember to be a critical buyer and be careful in every step you take. You have to make sure that everything is in order and all factors in choosing a home have been considered.


Here are some friendly tips for buying a good house and lot property:


1. The Affordability of the Property.


Lumina Homes Tip No. 1 Affordability of The Property

Lumina Homes Tip No. 1 Affordability of The Property


The price of a house and lot depends on its status, ownership, and proximity. Its affordability also varies if it’s pre selling house and lot, RFO units, new or if it’s pre-owned. Search for an affordable house and lot that works within your budget and that suits your need and lifestyle. You have to assess the property carefully if you can manage to pay for it until the very end or else, everything will be just a waste of money.


2. The Proximity of the Community.


Lumina Homes Tip No. 2 Check for Proximity

Lumina Homes Tip No. 2 Check for Proximity


Are you eyeing a house and lot near the city hub? Is it in the suburbs? Or is it inside a subdivision? Is there a school, market, church, or mall near the community? Do you want to be living near the Metro? These are the things you have to consider when choosing a property where you will stay indefinitely. Take note of the surroundings and the culture of the community. You might want to have a look and maybe attune to what lifestyle there is in the area.


3. The Quality of the House.


Lumina Homes Tip No. 3 Check for Quality of the House

Lumina Homes Tip No. 3 Check for Quality of the House


Conduct an ocular. Make sure that you get what you are paying for. Remember to check every detail of the house and lot (materials used, the electrical wirings, structural design, etc.) with the sales agent and ensure that the property for sale that you are targeting to buy has insurance, be it personal or corporate.


4. The Security Within the Community.


Lumina Homes Tip No. 4 Security Within the Community

Lumina Homes Tip No. 4 Security Within the Community


Feel the surrounding, assess the community. Is the house and lot near a river? Is it low lying? Is it close to a fault line? Are your neighbors friendly? Check these things inside the community, consider everything. Remember to always keep safe on top of anything else. You surely wouldn’t want to push through with living in a community where you can’t get hold of peace of mind.


5. Reliable Real Estate Financing.


Lumina Homes Tip No. 5 Reliable Real Estate Financing

Lumina Homes Tip No. 5 Reliable Real Estate Financing


Make sure you have a reliable agent. Owning a house and lot is a long term investment. Sales agents who work for a real estate firm with a great reputation usually provide the best offers. They have sufficient knowledge in finding you a very good and affordable house and lot that will suit your budget and needs.


One of the best examples of an affordable house and lot that has the qualities stated above is the pre selling house and lot and RFO units by Lumina. Lumina Homes is a mass housing developer in the Philippines that provides affordable house and lot to every Filipino. For only 1,898 pesos per month under pag-ibig housing loan at a 3% interest rate, you can already buy your first-ever affordable house and lot.


Also, Lumina has a nationwide reach, providing you with options of beautiful communities with quality but cheapest house and lot for sale in Philippines where you can choose to live in.


Though it is offered at a very affordable price, house and lot for sale by Lumina Homes are made from a reinforced concrete system that secures the quality of the houses they offer. Lumina Homes also has CCTV cameras and a guarded entrance that will keep you safe all the time. And most of all, it has friendly and experienced real estate brokers and sales agents that will help you out in buying a house and lot.


Lumina Homes have all the factors that you need to consider when buying a home.


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