10 Things to Stop Buying if You Want a Clutter-Free Home

29 June 2023
10 Things to Stop Buying if You Want a Clutter Free Home

It's quite normal to impulse-buy on payday or any other typical day as you head to the nearest supermarket. But if your goal is to save more money for a future major purchase, such as an affordable house and lot for sale, impulse shopping will adversely affect your financial objective. Plus, buying items that you ultimately wouldn't need only adds clutter to your house and lot in the Philippines.


Every homemaker wants a clutter-free living space. Besides, many would agree that there is actually some sort of inexplicable joy just seeing the house clean, neat, and organized. So if you want to make your house look clean and orderly, you should highly consider stop buying things that serve as the culprits to unwanted clutter. Here, Lumina Homes will discuss what house items you should stop purchasing to achieve a clutter-free abode.



Avoid these purchases that only clutter your home

Take this online guide as an organizing solution to accomplish the twin goals of saving as much space and money by avoiding making purchases of the following items:



Single-use home appliances

There are a lot of single-use appliances being advertised online to lure impulsive buyers. Most of the time, these single-use appliances are only trendy for a certain period of time and will dissipate from the public consciousness afterwards. These single-use, and sometimes even ridiculous, appliances include a banana slicer, asparagus steamer, quesadilla maker, pizza scissors, and a popcorn machine. As much as possible, opt for multifunctional appliances to save on kitchen or cupboard space.



Books you know you won't read soon

Sorry, bibliophiles. Hoarding books may be a therapeutic thing for you, but not until you saw it all lying down the floor because there is no more adequate space to house them. If you want to free your room from clutter, make this as an opportunity to read existing books you haven't read yet, and refrain from buying more books that you know you won't read anytime soon. And while the inviting smell of physical books is another factor why you prefer them, consider reading e-books to help you avoid buying physical ones.



Excessive toys

If you have a kid or two, toys are inarguably one of the top contributors to clutter in your home. If they already have a lot, consider not buying extra ones that will make for a home looking like a disaster of multi-piece toys. One good hack would be to have them alternate on playing with toys each day. For example, if they played robots or dolls today, have them focus on solving puzzles the next day.



"Seasonal" clothes and accessories

Why buy another jacket if you already have a nice set? In addition, it's practically summer all year round in the Philippines anyway. Even our rainy season can still have periods of prolonged heat, making wearing jackets and adding extra layers of clothing inessential, unless of course you live in cold-weathered parts of the country like the Cordillera Region in the North. Aside from clothes, you should stop buying accessories that you are likely to throw away or only sentimentally keep.



Holiday decorations

It's tempting to purchase yet another set of holiday decorations for Christmas. However, reusing last year's ornaments is the best thing to do, and it's more environment-friendly too. You just have to dust them off instead of buying another ones and disposing of the old ones. If they are still in good condition and working just fine, buying new holiday stuff would be utterly unnecessary.



Wall décor

Decorations put on a wall may add style and aesthetics to your living space, but not until you impulse-purchase a legion of wall decors that only end up in your closet. In addition to this, you should also refrain from buying novelty items that serve more aesthetical value than practical use. Sure, you need a few serving platters, but you don't need extra ones just because you saw some cutely designed versions of them.



Stationery supplies

When you come across the aisle of stationery supplies and paper items, you think of writing down your deepest and darkest thoughts on paper, or rekindle your passion for the arts by buying colored pencils and pastels for your drawing and sketches. But oftentimes, our jobs and other responsibilities get in the way and all our paper and art material purchases only end up unused.



Decorative pillows

Oftentimes, decorative items create visual clutter. And some of them are the throw pillows you put on the sofa and on your bedroom. They may look visually appealing, but when it's time to sit or lie down, you'd need to free up space, which will necessitate removing the pillows. Where will you put them if not on the floor or pile them up high on a chair or table?



Multiple sheets

For a tropical country like the Philippines, cotton sheets help to cope with the heat even at night. As for rainy days, we still arguably don't need multiple sets of sheets to handle the cuddle weather. We can get by with a single sheet and a cozy blanket. In essence, reconsider buying numerous sheets and consider decluttering your closets by washing your sheets immediately each week.



Extra bins

Ironically, bins and baskets that can help you put items into one place to avoid household clutter can actually contribute to making your abode look cluttered and untidy. Only a couple of trash bins and baskets would suffice, but make sure they can be kept out of sight to save valuable space.


It is also wise to resort to smart storage solutions, as what a professional organizer may suggest. This includes implementing a vertical storage to take up less floor space. Consider this for your kitchen pantry design, for instance, which will achieve both functionality and aesthetics.


Living clutter-free is an underrated lifestyle pursuit that deserve more attention among homeowners and family members. A clutter-free house is indicative of good home hygiene and a great sense of organization. If you make your home clutter-free, you also help declutter your mind from worries stemming from having a messy-looking dwelling place.


At Lumina Homes, you can start your journey to homeownership under relatively hassle-free financing terms. With our affordable house and lot provisions and best-selling home models, you have a set of options to choose from in the location of your choice.


Lumina Homes is present in over 50 key developments nationwide, all of which are conveniently located near healthcare facilities, colleges and universities, shopping centers, supermarkets, local tourist destinations, and efficient public transportation for accessibility. We also offer signature amenities such as a multipurpose hall, gazebos, play area, mini-gardens, jogging paths, and more.


Prevent future clutter in your house and lot Philippines through Lumina Homes. Secure your real estate investment with us and become a Lumina homeowner this mid-year!

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