Kwentong Lumina, Kwento ng Pag-asa: A New Home from our Family's Hero

2 December 2020

"Kwentong Lumina, Kwento ng Pag-asa" features the story of Mark, certified Lumina homeowner, as he worked hard to achieve his #BahayGoals for his family.


Working overseas is formidable because of the feeling of uncertainty that our OFWs have every time they leave their family in their home country. That rigorous situation that they experience every day as they long for the warm hugs and care of their loved ones in the Philippines adds to their homesickness in a foreign land.


 Technology indeed helps them to stay connected and keep in touch with their families even though they are miles apart from them. But it is still incomparable to the physical communication and in-person interaction they have whenever they are with their loved ones.


Thousands of Filipinos are choosing to bear the burden and anxiety of being separated from their families just to give them a better life. Here is a story of the hard work and perseverance of Mr. Mark Angelo de Chavez, one of our certified Lumina homeowners.


Life before working overseas

Ms. Michelle Roxas, Mark’s wife, shared how their life was before Mark went abroad.


“Bago po kami nagkakilala ni Mark, nagtrabaho muna siya bilang crew sa isang restaurant at sumunod niyang trabaho sa isang manufacturing company sa Laguna, kung saan doon din kami nagkakilala at nagsimulang mangupahan.”


(Before Mark and I met, Mark became a crew first in a restaurant in Quezon province, then worked in a manufacturing company in Laguna. We met there, decided to live together, and rent an apartment.)


While renting, they also decided to build their own family. Mark then started to look for a job abroad to give his family a better life. But life was never easy back then. They experienced a lot of challenges just to make ends meet.


“Bilang mag-asawa, ilan sa mga pagsubok na aming pinagdaanan bago maging komportable ang aming pamumuhay ay naranasan naming ipagsantabi ang budget sa pagkain upang may ipangtustos sa bahay.”


(While we were living together, we experienced cutting the budget for our meals just for us to save money for our monthly rental fee.)


Until one day, an agency called Mark for an interview. He immediately went there to attend the interview, passed the requirements, waited for his deployment call.


Michelle also told us how hard it was for them to continuously move houses while renting.


“Simula noong mangupahan kami, anim na beses kaming nagpalipat-lipat at dahil doon, napagdeisyunan naming humanap ng murang pabahay at magkaroon ng sariling tahanan.”


(We moved houses six times already ever since we started renting. At that time, we decided to look for an affordable house and lot for sale to have a space we can call our own.)


The start of a better life

After working for a year in Saudi Arabia, Mark realized that they now have enough budget to buy their own house and lot instead of renting an apartment. Mark called Michelle and told him about his plans. Michelle, in return, immediately contacted her cousin, who was offering one of the cheapest house and lot for sale in the Philippines.


They then visited the nearest Lumina Homes site in their area and made a reservation assisted by a friendly and accommodating account officer from Lumina.


A message for all the hardworking OFWs

Michelle also expressed her gratitude to his husband, Mark, and all the hardworking OFWs abroad.


“Daddy, nagpapasalamat ako sa lahat ng sakripisyo at pagsisikap mo upang maging komportable ang ating pamumuhay. Nagpapasalamat ako na kahit malayo ka sa aming piling, pinipilit mong magpakatatag. Hindi lang ikaw, maging ang ibang mga OFW na malalayo sa kanilang pamilya. Bayani kayo para sa amin.”


(Daddy, I’m grateful for all your sacrifices and perseverance just to give us a comfortable life. I’m so much thankful that even you are away from us, you try to stay strong. Not just you, but also to all the OFWs who need to work abroad and leave their family. For us, you are the modern heroes.)


In return, Mark also gave a message to his family in the Philippines and all the OFWs like him. For every Pinoy who braved the homesickness in the foreign country to provide a better life for their family.


“Mensahe ko sa aking pamilya dyan sa Pilipinas, kahit mahirap, minsan malungkot, kakayanin para sa inyo para makapagpundar kahit papaano. Kaunting sikap, tiyaga, at sakripisyo para sa mas komportableng future.”


(My message to my family in the Philippines is that even though life here is difficult, sometimes sad, I will endure all these just for us to have some savings and investment. A little hard work, perseverance, and sacrifice just for you to have a comfortable life.)


“Mensahe ko naman para sa aking kapwa OFW, mahirap, nakakalungkot, pero lagi ninyong aalalahanin para kanino natin ito ginagawa. Lahat ng sakripisyo at pagsusumikap, magbubunga yan. Masarap makita na may uuwian tayong bahay na katas nang ating paghihirap. Tiis-tiis lang para sa ating pamilya at mahal natin sa buhay.”


(For my kababayans who are also working here as OFWs, I know it’s tough and lonely, but we must remember for whom we are doing this. All of our sacrifices and tough grind will soon be fruitful. It’s awe-inspiring to see that we have our own house and lot to return to after our backbreaking work abroad. Let’s put up with it a little bit more for our family and loved ones.)


An ideal investment for OFWs

Lumina Homes aim to aid our Overseas Filipino Workers by giving them the opportunity and chance to save up their money and have the real estate investment that can last a lifetime.


Through Lumina Homes Online, our kababayans from abroad can now have an innovative home shopping experience wherever they are in the world. They can access and check out the different house and lot for OFWs 24/7 so that they can decide and choose their preferred site and home units at their own pace.


With Lumina Homes Online, they can now say goodbye to the monthly apartment rental fee that they and their family have kept spending for a long time. Now, they can save up their money by this ideal investment for OFWs.


Aside from over 50 affordable houses and many projects that Lumina Homes has across the country, our OFWs can also be assured that it is built with durable materials.


With Lumina Homes, the efforts and endeavors of our kababayans abroad will not be put to waste through this ideal investment for OFWs. A salute to all of you!

For more information about the affordable house and lot for sale of Lumina Homes, please contact (0917) 629 6523.
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