Kwentong Lumina, Kwento ng Pag-asa: Parol

2 December 2020

"Kwentong Lumina, Kwento ng Pag-asa" features the story of Danilo, a certified Lumina homeowner, as he worked hard to achieve his #BahayGoals for his family.


Most of our Filipino workforce knows how difficult it is to be separated from our families because of our jobs and call of duty, especially our Overseas Filipino Workers.


This can be felt dramatically during the big holidays when most people go home and celebrate Christmas with their families. Our kababayans abroad endure everything to give their loved ones a decent life in their home country.


We cannot measure how many hardships and sacrifices they need to make while working abroad. Like those cold and lonely nights when they go to bed alone while longing for those warm smiles, waves of laughter, hugs, and kisses from their loved ones. It is extra challenging for our OFWs whenever they get sick while being away with their family since they don't have anyone abroad who can take care of them.


They try to withstand and survive all these loneliness and cold nights to fully provide for their family's needs and achieve their lifelong dream of having a brand new house and lot that they can call their own.


Just like our Lumina Kabarangay Danilo who was able to achieve his lifelong dreams through hardwork and perseverance.


It's always difficult at first

After three years of continuously applying as a seaman, but Danilo still didn't get any luck of getting hired. His sister even tried to help him out by giving him a pamphlet of hiring companies from the BPO industry and telling him that maybe working overseas was not really for him, so it's better to find a job first in the country.


An opportunity abroad and challenges

But Danilo didn't lose hope. He was able to receive a call for a great opportunity abroad and accepted the job without any second thought. But the challenges didn't stop there. His parents' house, where they were formerly residing, got affected by the road widening projects from the government that they needed to find a new house and lot where they could live.


A chance for home investment

Thankfully, they were able to find an affordable house and lot through Lumina Baliuag.


Now, Danilo was able to reach his dreams to work abroad and at the same time achieve his #BahayGoals. Now, this is the best gift for Christmas that he could give not just to himself but to his whole family.


“Mayroong pag-asa na pagsumikapan mo ang paga-apply kahit na mahirap. Kahit na anong mangyari, ituloy nyo lang yung pangarap nyo.”


(There is always hope. Work hard and continue applying for a job even though it is challenging. Make sure to pursue and never give up reaching your dreams.)


Spending the holidays in the Philippines

Meanwhile, going home to the Philippines for the holidays can be both an exciting and stressful moment for our OFWs. That's why here are some helpful tips you can do when returning home from your overseas work:


1. Double-check your travel documents.

You must have all of your travel documentation in order before departing for the airport. It's good to print a second duplicate of these papers and store them in a different area.


2. Put a label on your luggage.

Attaching a bag ID card or tying a bright ribbon or tape around the bags is one way to do this. Marks like this make it easier for you to recognize your baggage and stop others from stealing it. To avoid paying for extra weight, never exceed the container's allotted weight limit.


3. Make an itinerary.

Create an itinerary to help you plan your trip. You're more likely to find the finest bargains and the lowest prices when you plan ahead of time. In addition, look for the cheapest flights in advance. As a result of a lack of organization and a lack of attention to detail, it is possible to miss out on critical tasks such as processing bank accounts, settling debts, and renewing professional licenses.


4. Rethinking the Balikbayan boxes.

Going home for the holidays may also mean buying the best gift for Christmas for your loved ones. In this event, the balikbayan box is what most of our OFWs can think of. This time, why not be more practical by giving money instead of gifts. Reserve that best gift for Christmas for your immediate family members or your closest friends.


5. Saving space in your luggage.

Keep in mind that you will include the best gift for Christmas to your loved ones and other souvenirs to the Philippines while packing your luggage. At this time, make sure to prepare a lot of vacuum bags so that you may maximize the space in your carry-on bag.


6. Inform about your accurate arrival details.

Don't keep your loved ones in the dark about your arrival in the Philippines unless you intend to surprise them. In this way, they will have ample time to plan for your return and ensure that you arrive at the proper time and place. You can save time by telling them this helpful information: your arrival date, the name of the airport and the terminal number, the airline and flight number, your expected arrival time, and the estimated number of luggage and boxes you'll bring so your loved ones can also prepare and quickly arrange for a proper vehicle that will pick you up when you return home.


Story Takeaway

Danilo is just one of the thousands of OFWs who continue to hold on to their goals and continue dreaming.


That's why it's like an answered prayer that Lumina Homes launched its Lumina Home Online. Now, our OFWs can easily have their home shopping even they are miles away from the Philippines. They can check out over 50 community projects that Lumina Homes has across the country and can even pay the reservation fee conveniently using their debit or credit cards or even their e-wallets.


Lumina Homes recognized and saluted our OFW's sacrifices and hard work in bringing honor and a better tomorrow to our country.

For more information about the affordable house and lot for sale of Lumina Homes, please contact (0917) 629 6523.
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