Living the Buhay Marino Lifestyle

5 December 2015

We know those kids from grade school who brag about their new shoes, dolls, watch, chocolates, and many more things we were envious about. When they tell us that these things come from their seaman father, we start to think and wish… Don’t get me wrong, our dads are the best. They have decent jobs, they provide for the family, and we love them very much. But don’t tell me, not even once, that you did not wish your dad was a seaman. Some kids may have even changed their dreams. Some may be living the dream now.


Strong, tall, rich, rough, conqueror of the sea! We had this image of a seaman. We call them real men, so idealistically that they’ve become at par with mythological creatures and legendary heroes or even Popeye the Sailorman.


What really is the marine way of life? Why do some look for a secret handbook to achieve this?


1. Tapang Marino is true bravery.


Imagine life on a ship for months with only the water and infinite horizon as your view. Away from your family, you never know when a storm will hit or when the sea will take you as a sacrifice. As a seafarer, you challenge the sea. Thus, you learn to bite your tongue at the thought of fear and every day, this fear becomes just an itch on your back.


2. Utak Marino is the sought-for wisdom.


With unpredictable seas ahead of you, not knowing what’s beneath you, you are sometimes faced with unprecedented challenges that you must overcome. Aside from this, with experiences traveling across the world, you meet and converse with people from different walks of life and countries. The wisdom you acquire from these only grow with the days and months you spend on the ship.


3. Sipag at Galing Marino is world-class.


Like other OFWs, seafarers get through lonely days stuffing themselves with work hoping that they could ease up their family’s life even just a bit. According to an article by the Philippine Daily Inquirer, aside from their hard work, Filipino seafarers are prided for their technical knowledge, flexibility, and good command of the English language. The same published source cites that 30% of the more than 1.2 million mariners in the world consists of Filipinos making the Philippines the manning capital of the world.


4. Diskarteng Marino is the way to a woman’s heart.


Ever wondered why they are usually referred to as “seamanloloko”? Their charm and muscle-flexing probably isn’t just the reason why ladies vie for their love. It is also because of their honed interpersonal communication skills that make them fun to talk to with their never-ending stories of adventure. Moreover, seafarers with their tapang, utak, sipag at galing marino are wise and experienced enough in life to know their priorities. They are responsible, reliable, and are forward thinkers. Because their money is hard-earned, they make sure to invest it in something lifelong. Who doesn’t want someone who aspires to secure the future? Who doesn’t think it is man enough to stay away from home most of the year just so they could provide for their loved ones?


No one could testify to this way of life better than the family of a seafarer. There was this one woman who, with the help of her seaman husband’s vision and financial assistance, invested in a house and lot that now stood in a master-planned community. Camella, the flagship brand of Vista Land &Lifescapes, Inc., was one of the house and lot developers that paved the way to giving seafarers the investment opportunity they deserve by serving a seafarer’s wife as its first-ever customer.

Seafarer Investor's Day


This Christmas, seafarers deserve to be rewarded with the perfect house and lot for the family. With this Christmas gift, they will be granted peace of mind for the security and safety it will provide in a beautiful and happy community.


On December 12, premier housing developers including Lumina will bring the Seafarer Investor’s Day that will highlight how seafarers can put their hard-earned money in a lifetime investment.


Lumina Homes, as one of the new affordable house and lot companies managed by Vista Land, also offers a vast array of awesome house and lot deals and options with its various home models located throughout the country.


With Lumina’s flexible payment and financing methods, our seafarers can never go wrong on their smart ways of spending Christmas blessings for house and lot investment.


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