Why Lumina Homes House and Lots Ideal for Raising Kids?

20 March 2023
Why Lumina Homes House and Lots Ideal for Raising Kids

Most of us only consider reaching our ultimate life goal after we've purchased our own house.

As a matter of fact, the capacity to buy a house, in reality, is a sign of strength and safety, but it also marks the beginning of making a long-term financial commitment. It entails settling down in one place for an extended length of time, if not permanently.


It's also a great way to leave a lasting impression on the next generation by providing a stable environment for your family to flourish in while building equity in your house. Having a secure place to call home is, for many people, as much a part of the givens of daily life as being mobile or having a sound mind. This is true for everyone, of course, but it especially hits home for kids.


So, if you're looking for a house and lot in the Philippines that are not just great for investment but also a safe haven for your kids, then Lumina Homes is one of the leading communities that you must consider!



Top Benefits of Raising your Kids in Lumina Homes

Everyone, but particularly children, have a fundamental need to feel safe and stable in their own homes. They must have a safe environment that provides for their physical, social, and emotional needs in order to flourish and achieve their full potential. In fact, they say that youngsters who have a strong attachment to their parents and the home environment are less likely to engage in risky behaviors as they become older.

A few of the many benefits of raising your kids in our Lumina house and lot community are listed below:



1. It has a safe playground inside the community.

Playgrounds are a great addition to any neighborhood and can make it much simpler to provide a safe and welcoming place for children to grow up. This affordable housing arm of Vista Land, known as Lumina Homes, provides these features for kids to make sure they're always safe and having a good time wherever they may be.


Of course, playgrounds are great for kids, but they also provide parents of all kinds an opportunity to meet and mingle. When you take your children outside to play, you increase the likelihood of making friends with the kids in the neighborhood. The playground becomes a support group for parents where they can talk about their children, both the good and the bad, and the bright future they see for them.


Smart Tip: As an example, you can check out our Lumina Tagum community in Brgy. Cuambogan, Tagum City, Davao del Norte.



2. Each of our communities has a subdivision marker.

The subdivision marker installed by Lumina Homes to its over 50 project sites nationwide ensures that your new neighborhood will never be missed. Your young explorers will be able to locate your house with ease and add it to their map marker if you do this for them.


Markers for subdivisions are necessary for every community, but particularly in a dynamic city or town. As part of its mission to offer every Filipino with an exceptional real estate experience, Lumina Homes made a significant contribution to the community by funding the creation of a distinctive subdivision marker for each of its developments.


Smart Tip: Take a look at our huge subdivision markers in Batangas and our Lumina Bauan available home models.



3. An escape to the polluted air of the metro.

Get your own home on the outskirts of the metro with Lumina Homes! With this, you can ensure that your kids will not be exposed to too much pollution and be nurtured by nature.


In addition, throughout their formative years, kids need plenty of free time to explore their environment and learn new things. Important developmental abilities that a kid has to perfect at an early age include sensory skills and motor function which can be provided perfectly by a friendly natural environment.


Aside from being close to nature parks, Lumina projects also feature mini gardens inside its community walls that your whole family will surely enjoy!


Smart Tip: Check our Lipa City and Lumina Rosario available home model units.



4. A few blocks away from essential facilities and buildings.

Getting a dream house near shopping malls, grocery stores, schools, hospitals, commercial hubs, and other essential facilities is not only good for investment but also for raising a family as well.


Your kids can go to school without so much hassle since your housing unit is only a walking distance or buy your kids' favorite Christmas season famous Filipino snacks from the grocery story or local market as well as cook them healthy lunch foods in Philippines anytime you want! Also, accessing a healthcare facility will be convenient for the whole family because our affordable house and lot for sale have proximity to various hospitals and medical centers.


Smart Tip: See the nearest facilities and buildings in Lumina Zamboanga del Sur, Davao del Sur, and Agusan del Norte.



5. Real estate investment near major thoroughfares.

For parents looking for an economical, clean, and safe mode of transportation for their children, a reliable public transportation system is a must. They'll have better opportunities to learn, become healthy, and have fun doing it. You may improve your financial situation and spend more time with your family if you restrict your job search to establishments within a reasonable walking distance from your dream home.


And since Lumina Homes is strategically located in towns and cities nationwide, you can ensure prime accessibility and movability in our affordable houses.


Also, our community has a shuttle service that let your kids travel around and outside the community with ease and convenience.


Smart Tip: Discover the nearby roads and infrastructures in Lumina Tarlac and Lumina Tanauan.



6. Near kid-friendly tourist attractions.

It's true that its good to have complete amenities such as a play area or basketball court for your kids inside the subdivision. But, won't it be much better if your affordable house and lot would also be close to kid-friendly tourist attractions?


Being in the center of a progressive town or city gives you more options for kid-friendly leisure and recreational activities. Conveniently visit the best place to go in Christmas Philippines as a Christmas gift to your kids!


Smart Tip: See these kid-friendly places in San Juan, La Union and the bright festivals in Bacolod City. 



7. A house made with quality and durable materials

Lumina Homes guarantees the high quality materials of every home they construct. Lumina assures high-quality units despite the inexpensive price of the available home model units themselves.


Each Lumina House is built to last a lifetime and endure any natural or manmade calamity with the help of the Cast-In-Place (CIP) and Industrialized Building System (IBS) building methods. Due to the advancement of technology, Lumina Homes now also employs a reinforced concrete technique to construct their homes, guaranteeing the safety and comfort of its future residents. The reinforced concrete system is long-lasting, noise-proof, and bug-proof, making sure the safety of your kids and your whole family at home.


Smart Tip: Schedule a site tripping at the Lumina Homes community nearest you and see for yourself our ready for occupancy bare units.



An Affordable House and Lot for Sale For Every Filipino Family

Lumina was founded in August 2012 with the goal of becoming one of the most prominent homebuilders in the nation, meeting the need for more affordable and socialized housing that has been a priority by the national government.


Lumina Homes offers house and lot packages in many different regions of the country at prices that are attainable even for those with modest incomes.


In fact, we're devoted to making it possible for every Filipino family to experience the joy of becoming homeowners by providing them with accessible and reasonably priced house and lot packages that can be purchased through a flexible payment options via bank financing or in-house financing.



If you want to connect with your kid on a deep level and help them become successful adults, you need to create an environment where they can always feel comfortable and secure. Achieve this by getting your brand new home from trusted housing brands like Lumina Homes!

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