Which Professionals to Get When Building Your Own Home?

29 June 2023
Which Professionals to Get When Building Your Own Home

Having a land title named after you after your house and lot Philippines purchase could just well be one of the most fulfilling milestone for any Filipino of modest economic background. It's a testament to one's hard work for so many years, and indicative of a certain level of financial security.


However, it couldn't be denied that the road to homeownership is not without sources of hassle and stress. It's part of the homebuilding journey, one of which is finding the right and competent professionals to help build your dream house and lot and making sure that the construction process is foolproof.


In this article, we'll help you figure out which construction professionals to tap alongside their job requirements and competencies. We'll also discuss an excellent alternative upon which you can immediately move in to your new community without undergoing through the lengthy homebuilding phase.



Professionals to Hire to Build Your Dream House in the Philippines

If you want to build your own house instead of purchasing a ready-for-occupancy unit, ensuring that the home construction is of the highest quality is an absolute must. And this can be achieved by hiring licensed professionals who can demonstrate adequate expertise in their respective fields and actually deliver the results you want.


Hiring them may seem expensive, but they will actually save you from the financial nightmare that may ensue if your future home is constructed with subpar quality, which is mostly attributed to failing to hire professionals who would have prevented these quality issues.


So for your homebuilding journey, these professionals to hire are as follows.




Since you're building your home from scratch, you would definitely need an architect to create a visual presentation and design of what your dream home is going to look like. Make sure to be clear about your design preferences when communicating them with your local architect. Your inputs will help the latter to accurately make building plans that will match your actual preferences.



Civil and Electrical Engineers

Considered integral to hiring an architect is a civil engineer who will make sure that the former's creative house design will be structurally safe and compliant with local building codes. What is more, civil engineers help make sure that your property can withstand any external factors that will cause your home to collapse due to natural disasters such as earthquakes and strong typhoons. They will also conduct occasional visits and inspections at the construction site to ensure that your future house will be sturdy and stable before and after construction.


In addition to a civil engineer, you should also highly consider tapping an electrical engineer to ensure you are safe and sound from man-made disasters caused by faulty electrical arrangements. You may also ask an electrical engineer regarding energy efficiency tips to save more money.




To make sure that everyone involved in the building project will work efficiently, general contractors oversee the building process and distribute work duties to the building team, such as carpenters who will be supervised in building the roofs, windows, plywood, and exterior doors. As such, contractors help guarantee that the building process speeds up without compromising quality and safety.



Interior Designers

Interior designers are who you tap to beautify the interiors of your home, which is crucial in making sure you'd love coming home to your private space with the design that you wanted and with which your interior designer helped you, from millwork, flooring, moldings, to the interior walls, furniture placements, and lighting fixtures. Interior designers may partner up with architects and will help produce an aesthetically pleasing living space for you and your family.



Project Manager

Construction managers or project managers may be used interchangeably with contractors, but they actually differ in terms of involvement in the building process. Project managers get to be immersed in the construction from the very beginning and consults with owners regarding potential labor costs and gives advice regarding the design and other building features.



Real Estate Agent

You probably won't need a real estate agent if you're constructing your own home from scratch. After all, agents mostly represent clients in buying, selling, or renting properties, whereas you chose to build your own home without relying on developers or private sellers. However, there are still specific instances upon which the expert assistance of an agent may be needed. For example, you can tap a real estate agent to serve as your representative to talk to other professionals on your behalf.


Agents can also be of great help if you are looking for a piece of land where the home construction will take place. Moreover, a real estate agent can provide you with insightful advice about your home's potential resale value and other important information that will come in handy for you in the future. Simply put, the assistance of a real estate agent for the construction process is optional, but immensely helpful if sought.


Aside from these industry professionals as integral parts of your building team, other specialists to tap include HVAC technicians for your air-conditioning systems, construction equipment operators for the transportation of heavy materials through expertly maneuvering a bulky machinery, and more.


Building your home from scratch is a lengthy process but immensely fulfilling once completed. But if you want an easier way to attain homeownership, buying an affordable house and lot for sale from a reputable homebuilder like Lumina Homes is something you should highly consider.


Lumina Homes has been offering affordable house and lot provisions for thousands of Filipino families for more than 10 years. But despite our value-priced homes, we made sure that it's matched with quality construction and convenient community amenities.


You can immediately move in to any of our available RFO units nationwide and enjoy the convenience of homeownership with amenities such as, but not limited to, a multipurpose hall, play area for kids, gazebos, a basketball court, guarded entrances, shuttle services with pick-up points, among others. Our 50 key developments strategically located in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao are also rest assured to be relatively near schools, medical facilities, dry and wet markets, local tourist destinations, and accessible public transportation modes.


Experience quality, convenience, and comfort in your future Lumina Home and secure your real estate investment with us under less stringent processes. Get in touch with us for your inquiries today!

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