Vibrant Summer Color Palettes for Your Lumina Homes Interior

26 April 2023
Vibrant Summer Color Palettes for Your Lumina Homes Interior

The summertime is the perfect time to give your house a facelift and a new lease of life by ditching the drab hues and bringing in some splashes of color. You don't have to go through a lot of trouble to get your house in the summer mood. A few inexpensive and colorful accents can do the job.

If you want to give your house and lot in the Philippines a fast seasonal refresh or if you just want to feel like it's always summer, these colors will do the job.



Summer Palette Ideas to Brighten Up Your Home

What hues best evoke springtime, with its blooming flowers, gentle breezes, and warm afternoons? We're sure that you love these bright and relaxing hex codes colors in the inside your affordable house and lot from Lumina Homes most throughout the warmer months.



Summer Color Palette

From dark charcoal grey and blue spruce tones to light pinks and powder blues, the whole spectrum is included in the summer's soft, chilly, smoky, and delicate color palette. In other words, if you know your seasonal sub-type, you'll have a better idea of which colors to choose from this larger palette, as well as how to blend them in contrast level and coolest end, so that you may express your truest, most certain self.



A. Deep Summer

While Deep Summers share certain qualities with Dark Summer and Bright Summer, the depth of their appearance is what sets them apart, not the Summer hallmarks of coldness or brightness which they do share, but to a lesser extent.


If you were to look at all four seasons as a continuous spectrum of color, Deep Summer's colors would be closer to Winter than to Summer or Autumn since they are on the cooler end of the Summer palette. It looks particularly stunning in shades of burgundy, navy, pink, and purple, especially raspberry and amethyst.



Shades of Berry

The beginning of summer is traditionally characterized by the beginning of the berry-picking season, or at least the improved availability of berries and fruits in supermarkets, for those who can't get enough of fresh food. Summer isn't complete without the delicious, natural delicacies that can be found all over the place, from fields of ripe strawberries to roadside fruit stalls.

Reds, purples, and other colors seen in seasonal food may be used to create a warm and welcoming color scheme that aptly conveys the season's gastronomic spirit.



Carnival Colors

Many people, young and old alike, associate summer with the joy and excitement of attending a county fair or carnival. The amusement park rides and attractions, as well as the cotton candy and funnel cakes, are among the most memorable aspects of summer.

You can't go wrong with a color scheme that includes red, turquoise, and purple.



B. Light Summer

Light Summers, often called Pastel Summers or, more whimsically, Cotton Wool Ball Summers, are characterized primarily by their lightness while retaining the cool and supple qualities of Summer.

Light Summer is the season's palest, "white added," shade; if you saw the four seasons as a continuous spectrum of color, it would be located between Spring and Summer rather than Winter and Fall. It looks best in pastel shades of yellow, aqua, sky blue, and lavender purple, all of which have a lot of white added to them and hence may be mistaken for Spring hues.



Lemonade Shades

Lemonade is the quintessential summer drink, so it's only fitting that it be included in a conversation about the season.

The ideal drink of lemonade is cold and refreshing, and you can capture that feeling in your designs by using rich yellow and white colors with a dash of green.



Bright Beauties

In the autumn and winter, fashion follows the subdued color palette of the season, but in the spring, more vibrant hues make an appearance.

Summertime chic may easily be transferred to your Lumina Homes investment with the help of a variety of colors in their brightest forms.



C. Soft Summer

The most notable feature of these Summers, which are also known as Brown Summer, is their gentle appearance. The softness is more pronounced than the coldness that they inherited from Summer.


Soft Summers are the most autumnal of the Summer colors with its light neutrals, while Light Summers are the coolest and are closest to Spring. This implies that although if every shade in Soft Summer has a chilly tone, it is gradually taking on some of the warmth of Soft Autumn. Many of Soft Summer's most attractive hues—including its signature rose brown and brown tinted pink—have an autumnal vibe. Berry tones and gentle reds are also common.



Beachy Tones

Many people, of all ages, consider the ocean to be the perfect place to spend their holiday. It's the ideal place to spend the summer. The tan and blue tones of the beach and the impression of a calm, peaceful summer immediately bring to mind summer.

This summer palette is perfect for creating a soothing, sea-inspired aesthetic.



D. True Summer

True Summers (and its color palette) embody the ideal harmony between the season's coolness, gentleness, and airiness.


The colors of the Summer palette are, without a doubt, the ideal option for these actual summers. You retain your own, brilliant palette in the center. They come in a variety of shades, from rose pink to denim blue and pinkish burgundy, but all of them have the same cool, light, and delicate quality that you do.



Gray and Blue

Lighter shades of gray and blue create a tranquil, airy environment, perfect for the summer. If you're trying out this color scheme, particularly in a small area, remember to take into account the role that natural light will play in preventing the appearance of stuffiness or overcrowding. Consider hanging mirrors on the walls to reflect natural light from windows and provide the illusion of greater space if you're worried about using gray or blue in a cramped area.

As a foundation, use cloud gray, light slate, and similar tones, and experiment with accents in mint, sage, or aqua to provide visual flair.



Other Summer Colors

To conjure up the "summer feelings" of excitement, joy, and freedom, a project with a summer theme works well. These alternative, high contrast hues can deliver more colours that will look fantastic in your Lumina Homes.

  • Cobalt blue

  • Coral

  • Hot pink

  • Light gray

  • Lime green

  • Navy

  • Orange

  • Sky blue

  • Yellow



Decorating using light, airy summer hues, prints, and patterns may help make your house comfortable and inviting even in the hottest months. Consider some of these summer decorating ideas for interior designs and patio layouts that will make you feel transported to a sunny meadow or a sandy beach.


And for more freedom in decorating your home interior, it's always best to get your own affordable house and lot for sale with a bare-type package and start your home investment with Lumina Homes!

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