10 Fun Ideas to Spend Your Summer Vacation at Home

22 March 2023
10 Fun Ideas to Spend Your Summer Vacation at Home

Summer is arguably the most anticipated time of the year as this means an academic break for youngsters. As for adults, summer is absolutely the best to spend more quality time with the entire family. And while it's fun to schedule a trip to a tourist destination, spending the summer vacation at home could be just as fun if you are creative enough when thinking of various activities to productively spend your summer vacation.


Make it fun and enjoyable by following some of our recommendations to spend the summer season in none other than your own house and lot in the Philippines.



1. Take advantage of online cinema

Kickstarting our list with watching a feel-good movie at home through your Netflix or Disney Plus subscriptions. The summer break is indeed the most fitting occasion to spend quality time with family members, and watching a fun-filled, family-friendly movie is the perfect activity to bond and share a good laugh. To make it even more fun, prepare snacks and make popcorn with your popcorn maker and match it with an iced cold beverage. And voila! A movie marathon with the family in the comfort of your own humble home!



2. Invite your friends for lunch at home

The summer holiday under warm weather is an opportunity to create memorable moments with long-time-no-see friends and acquaintances. Hence, inviting them for lunch and dinner at home would be a great idea to spend time with the very people who mean so much to you but are now taking different career paths as part of adulting life. And what better way to bond with your buddies than in karaoke? Belt out your favorite songs and carelessly laugh it out when one of you sings out of tune!



3. Achieve your summer bod and workout at home

Summertime is the season to achieve your summer body goals if you plan to flaunt it for the world to see your hard work and dedication. Two months of summer vacation spent working out at home is enough to achieve a decent body transformation. You don't need to apply for a gym membership — there is a multitude of exercises that don't require equipment. Search online about calisthenics and other bodyweight exercises. Besides, it's not just about bodily aesthetics but to boost your physical and mental health.



4. Play multiplayer sports to remain fit

Make it a family bonding time by opting for multiplayer sports. Play badminton doubles or some proverbial Pinoy street games such as patintero, tumbang preso, and luksong tinik, and be nostalgic about the good old days when social media is not yet very popular. Physical activities such as playing games are essential to remaining fit and healthy until the summer solstice just before the opening of school classes for your kids. This is already a great alternative to enrolling your children in a summer camp for athletic and other recreational activities.



5. Pursue a creative craft

All throughout the year you might have inadvertently shied away from pursuing your creative endeavors. Rekindle your love for art and creation by doing what you're passionate about this summer! Write poetry, create a painting, knit or crochet, and DIY a photo album comprising your family history from your childhood to your present age. You can also document your summer experience navigating your own city, playing in the local park, and practically everything that you did and will do during summer that's fun and meant for the books.



6. Play board games with the entire family

Aside from playing physical games outdoors, play games indoors as a family bonding source. Work on a 1,000-piece puzzle, or play chess, Scrabble, and Monopoly. These are great non-physical games that are not only intellectually stimulating, but also for everyone to enjoy playing without necessarily having to be glued to a phone or computer.



7. Set up an outdoor picnic in your backyard

There is no need to travel far to go on a picnic date with the fam. Your backyard shall suffice to become an outdoor space for a picnic. You can also set up a barbecue session and make everyone involved. That is, assign who will be in charge of the preparing, grilling, and even fanning. Afterward, you can enjoy each other's company and eat dinner outside in a relaxing, open air.



8. Or go on a backyard campsite

If you fancy doing a campsite, your backyard also makes for a good venue to set up a tent. Come nighttime, you can build a bonfire and spend the night looking at the stars above and making casual conversations with your loved ones. You can also grill some barbecue to eat for dinner. You can definitely create a core memory out of this outdoor activity without setting foot outside your property.



9. Learn a new language

Some of us have definitely thought about learning a new language. After all, this learning endeavor is proven tremendously helpful for intellectual improvement. When summer begins officially, take it as a motivation to start learning a new language. Start slowly by learning and mastering the basics first. The next thing you know, you have become multilingual with three or more dialects. You may be thinking of learning a foreign language, but it's also great to consider learning a local dialect instead, such as Kapampangan, Ilocano, Bisaya, or any other local lingua franca besides your mother tongue.



10. Get back to reading

If you have a ton of unread books at home, this is the right time to tick off your to-read list little by little. At a time when reading as a hobby seems like such a boring activity, deviate from the norm and maintain a good reading diet to exercise your mind. If you want books that could help you learn practical advice, read about meditation, or something about investing in money-making accounts or real estate properties to start your financial goals. Reading for about 15-30 minutes is already fantastic to improve brain health.


This season of summer vacations, you can achieve all these activities if you purchase an affordable house and lot for sale through Vista Land's Lumina Homes. Our housing projects nationwide are conveniently located in neighborhoods where you'd very much want to spend summer vacation to because of the atmosphere, perks, and lifestyle amenities.


In addition to proximity to commercial establishments and institutions, Lumina communities from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao are equipped with mini-gardens and playgrounds, guarded entrances, and multipurpose halls for homeowners, among others. Security services are also 24/7 to ensure the collective safety of Lumina residents.


Spend your summer days at your own home and invest in an affordable house and lot with our 10-year real estate brand. Send us your unique real estate investment inquiries today and secure your dream homeownership this summer season.

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