Top Valentine's Day Activities for Singles

13 February 2023
Top Valentines Day Activities for Singles

February is arguably the month that is both anticipated and despised at the same time. It's the so-called Love Month, after all, which is most often commercially marketed for couples. Meanwhile, it is shunned for being somewhat exclusionary for people who are unattached. But whether or not you're happy being single at the moment, reward yourself with a financial gift as a gesture of self-love, and don't ditch the occasion and instead take yourself on a date.


If you haven't planned where to go yet, or what to do, Lumina Homes rounded up a list of Valentine's Day date ideas for singles like you.



18 Valentine's Day Activities for Singles

As many couples look for romantic places to go to in the City of Love, there is nothing to be jealous of as you can make the V-Day a celebration of your happy singleness! Below are just some of the things you can do this season of love.



1. Watch a good movie in the cinema

This is what most couples will do on their Valentine's Day date. But who said singles couldn't be in a movie theater without someone to hold hands and exchange "mahal kita" affections in your mother tongue? You may feel slightly uncomfortable at the sight of couples that may be with you inside the cinema for a romantic movie. If this is the case, you may want to consider watching a film that will resonate with your more. Or whichever you choose, may it be the movie that you think you will tremendously enjoy!



2. Reward yourself with a beauty treatment

A great example of self-love is rewarding yourself with a beauty treatment (it applies to fellas, too!). Give yourself a good haircut at your favorite salon, avail of a manicure-pedicure session, a foot spa, and relax with a back massage.



3. Eat at your favorite restaurant

Celebrating Valentine's Day wouldn't be complete without eating out at your favorite restaurant. Better yet, spoil yourself and try a fine-dining food hub and savor all their delicious food offers!



4. Head to a bar to celebrate your singleness

One of the fun activities to celebrate your singleness this Valentine's Day is go where singles but-not-necessarily-ready-to-mingle go. You can also consider spending the night solo or with your best buddies who will join you revel in your singleness. This is the most ideal and surefire way of having a good time without a lover!



5. Date your best friend

Who says "couples" only constitute lovers? Have a fun night with your best friend by heading to a comedy bar and laugh the night away, devour a delicious dinner at a fancy restaurant, or pamper yourselves at a couple's massage. This is a day to create memories with your best friend whom you rarely see because of your corporate job. This is the perfect time and occasion to catch up with your bestie!



6. Buy yourself some flowers

Miley Cyrus just wrote an anthem for singles who might have had ugly experiences from an ex-partner! So yes, buy yourself some flowers. Take yourself dancing. Write yourself a self-love letter. And talk to yourself in the mirror and remind yourself that you are a beautiful and good person with a beautiful and good heart. Love yourself more!



7. Take your parents out

Mothers' Day and Fathers' Day have separate days to celebrate. If you're single and still want to make Valentine's Day meaningful for you, turn it into a Parents' Day instead and take them out. You can treat them both at a hair salon, have their nails cleaned, then take them to an eat-all-you-can buffet. Indeed, the season of love could also be celebrated not only with a significant other but also with family members, especially to celebrate the love of and for our parents.



8. Admire contemporary art in a museum

One of the perfect places to take yourself on a date is in an art museum filled with exquisite pieces of art. People who go to museums enjoy and expect a setting of silence and quiet, allowing visitors some time to reflect and be off their mobile devices if only for a while. Shy away from the noise pollution of the outside world and be lost in the labyrinth of eye-catching art pieces that will inspire you to also go back to arts and create your own.



9. Read and buy books at a bookshop in Manila

For bona fide bibliophiles, heading to a bookstore is the opposite of boring. So if you're thinking of going out this Valentine's Day even though you don't have someone to date, treat yourself and head to the biggest bookshops in the capital region, such as Fully Booked in BGC.



10. Go to your dream destination

Valentine's Day may be the perfect time to tick off a dream destination from your bucket list. It could be a nature attraction on the eye-catching island of Palawan, a road trip to Albay to bear witness and have a selfie with the majestic Mayon volcano in the background, or perhaps ask for a week's worth of vacation leave to spend some solitude at a dream tourist spot in another Southeast Asian country.



11. Attend UP Fair 2023 at the sunken garden

If you live in a nearby city or willing to commute for a few hours to Metro Manila, attending the weeklong music festival at UP makes for an ideal destination for singles! Bring your friends along and watch as local bands and artists serenade the crowd with their relatable music. UP Fair starts exactly during February 14 and ends on the 18th. Entrance fee for non-UP students is ₱200-₱300.



12. Sign up for a gym membership

One act of self-love is setting a goal to improve your health and boost your confidence. You can achieve this by finally signing up for a gym membership near your area. The Valentine's Day shall remind you to love yourself more, and going to the gym and thinking of achieving your goal is an exciting prospect to better your overall health and self-esteem.



13. Sing your heart out at a karaoke

Us Filipinos are known to be a mix of frustrated and legitimate singers. Whichever you are between the two, rent a karaoke machine at home and belt out your favorite heartbreak songs and temporarily feel the loneliness of being unattached. But afterwards, feel okay again by sharing the Valentine's Day with your buddies drinking some beers with Sisig, Pancit, and Crispy Pata as the satisfying pulutan.



14. Go to a comedy show

What could have been a better way to celebrate the occasion other than just laughing the day away in utter merriment? And where can this best be achieved if not at a comedy club with stand-up comedians skillfully performing their signature Filipino humor? To have some company to celebrate with, bring your friends along and drink up to a bottle or two of whiskey.



15. Do volunteer work

Helping others or joining a charitable organization that does humanitarian activities for far-flung and impoverished communities is an act of love. This Valentine' Day, consider engaging in a volunteer work and become a helping hand to our struggling kababayans. You can also send in your cash donations to non-government organizations that are known to dispense donations to those who need them the most.



16. Go shopping

Spoil yourself this season of love and go to the biggest shopping mall in your area to buy the things you've been wanting to spend your hard-earned money on. Reward yourself with a new phone, a new dress, new books, new shoes and, for those who are on the adulting phase, a new home appliance that you can conveniently use at home!



17. Go to an amusement park

There is no month when there is no fiesta happening in a particular area in the country, and almost every place will also have an amusement park set up for the entire townsfolk to indulge in. You can go solo or invite your friends to ride the ferris wheel, horror train, and scream your singleness to the world in a roller-coaster ride! Valentine's Day is a moment for single people to be reminded that if there's no one to love them, we can just love ourselves.



18. Stay at home and relax

If you don't feel like going out, staying at home and just relax is not at all a bad idea. You could still enjoy some of the things mentioned above without setting foot outside of your abode, such as watching a Netflix movie at home. You can also create an indoor picnic and eat comfortably on your living room floor, or cook a barbecue in your own backyard.


If you want to be more productive, unleash the inner chef in you and participate in a cooking class online to learn a new recipe and create a delicious meal. If you're an aspiring dancer, get back to your hobby and enroll in a dance class, or simply learn some grooves through YouTube videos. Going back to your creative endeavors that you abandoned for a corporate job is an act of self-love, wherein you allow yourself to enjoy the things you stopped doing to traverse the more practical path.


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