6 Financial Gift Ideas to Celebrate Valentine's Day

3 February 2023
6 Financial Gift Ideas to Celebrate Valentines Day

Aside from Christmases and birthdays, what other "holiday season" could be more appropriate for gift-giving than the month of February, when we celebrate the season of love and commemorate the martyrdom of Saint Valentine?


Now, you may think of giving a friend, colleague, family member, or yourself something of material value or any other common gifts that the recipients could easily guess. But you may also consider a more practical approach to sending a gift.


While it has traditionally been labeled inappropriate and tacky, financial gifts — or giving money or a money equivalent as a gift — are actually a welcome kind of presents that are extremely valuable during uncertain times like the present economic situation that we're in. Not sure how to pull off this kind of gift? Lumina Homes created a list to help you come up with some financial gift ideas to consider.



6 Financial Gift Ideas to Celebrate Saint Valentine's Day

First of all, you may wonder what's the history behind why is Valentine's Day celebrated. People celebrate Valentine's Day as a romantic holiday where they can express their love to one another. This celebration of love traces its history to a legend stating that St. Valentine secretly wedded couples at a time when marriages were banned in Rome. When he was discovered performing the rites, Emperor Claudius II ordered his execution, resulting in his martyrdom and an annual celebration attributed to his very own act of selfless love.


But aside from this intangible act of loving oneself and another, monetary gifts and their equivalent are the more practical approach to commemorating Valentine's Feast Day with loved ones as well as to yourself as a gesture of self-love. After all, Valentine's Day is not exclusive to romantic relationships.


But how could you make gifting money or a money equivalent become appropriate? Below are just some of the best financial holiday gifts that you or your loved ones will surely appreciate and be immensely grateful for.



1. Buy a Life Insurance Policy

A lot of people still hesitate to invest in life insurance policies because they think it's an unnecessary extra expense. But for those who have enrolled in such policies know how tremendously helpful it could be in the event of an untimely demise in the family, such as their own.


Having said this, a life insurance policy definitely makes for an ideal financial gift for a loved one. This is a realistic approach that you can gift the entire family with in case the worst-case scenario happens.



2. Entrust the Key to Your Apartment

If you're in a relationship with somebody that you could picture spending the rest of your life with, but not necessarily proposing for marriage yet, a gesture such as giving him or her the key to your apartment is a symbolic way of proposing to walk down the aisle together in the near future. Be creative by actually having a key wrapped up and offering it to the one you love.



If asked what this is for, you can wax poetic and express how this is one way to say how serious you are about your relationship. And if you're really considering taking it to the next level, entrusting the key to your house or apartment can also be your gesture of willingness to live together as a couple and contemplate your conjugal plans for the future.



3. Donate to a Charity

Aside from family members and your significant other, you might also consider handing a financial gift to a non-government organization whose advocacy you fully support and are very passionate about. If you're a bona fide pet lover, you can express your charitable giving by donating cash to an organization advocating for animal rights and welfare.


For children, you can donate to charities such as Bantay Bata and UNICEF Philippines, Haribon Foundation for environmental conservation, and the Philippine Red Cross for health and disaster management services, among others. These are selfless acts of love that are absolutely worthy of emulation, Valentine's Day or not.



4. Help Fund a Family Member's College Tuition

As Filipinos, our love and value for home and family are interconnected. One testament to our being family-oriented is when we help each other financially, especially to help fund the education of a studying member of the family.


We take it as a collaborative effort and regard education as the key to uprooting the family from economic hardships. You can help achieve this family goal by giving any amount you are willing to share to fund the college tuition of a sibling, cousin, or anyone you consider very dear to you.



5. Gift a Book About Personal Finance

If you know someone who has ever confessed to struggling when it comes to dealing with personal finance management, then handing him a book that is wealthy with expert financial advice is a great idea. If this person happens to be you, then give yourself a favor and buy a book to achieve financial literacy this year. There are plenty of financial books that are legitimately beneficial to augment a person's knowledge about finances.


If you're on social media most of the time, you can also follow and subscribe to financial influencers who share valuable financial advice delivered informatively and engagingly. In addition, you can also enroll in an informative session with a financial planner. These are creative ways to show yourself and your loved ones your empathy for their financial struggles and for your own.



6. Purchase an Affordable House and Lot

Finally, the best financial gift you could ever give to your loved ones and family members is affordable house and lot for sale. This could be for your wife and children, or as a way to give back to your parents. Lastly, it could be the greatest gift for yourself, since Valentine's Day is not just about couples but also for unattached individuals to practice self-love. This financial gift is a long-term investment that you certainly won't regret for your financial future.


If buying a house and lot in the Philippines is a serious thought that you've been preparing for years, this Valentine's Day may just be the perfect moment to express your love in the most practical way possible!


If you're quite on a budget, you can avail of Pag-IBIG Fund's Affordable Housing Program and get to choose a house and lot worth up to ₱750,000. At Lumina Homes, modest house models start below ₱600,000. But despite its affordability, you will be met with quality house features and amenities that our present Lumina homeowners have been enjoying for years.


Lumina Homes is a trusted and award-winning developer of affordable house and lots. We have over 50 key housing developments in the country, and we intend to build more as the demand for affordable housing continually expands, and as more and more Filipinos attain financial security. See this for yourself and seal your real estate investment with Lumina Homes in this season of love!

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