To Believe or Not: Filipino Superstitions About Money

16 May 2023
To Believe or Not Filipino Superstitions About Money

We can thank our forebears for the distinct culture that exists exclusively in some regions of the Philippines and for the cherished traditions that have been passed down through the generations.


If truth be told, as Filipinos, we serve as a model for those who uphold the value of "pamahiin." It's in our DNA, imparted to us by our ancestors, our parents, and even our friends and acquaintances.


Many diverse religious and cultural tenets are important to the identity of the Filipino people and to the conduct of their daily lives. Because they are not grounded in science, but in the traditions of our ancestors, some of these superstitious beliefs may seem bizarre, weird, or even unbelievable. However, many people put their faith in them and apply them in their house and lot Philippines because of the widespread belief that they may bring about financial success or failure.


In light of this, this article will look into the role that wealth and money superstitions have had in shaping our modern beliefs and habits as Filipinos.



6 Strange Money Superstitions that Filipinos Believe in

You may be familiar with some of them from your own family traditions, but we think we can all agree that these are only a handful of examples of the ways in which Filipinos are distinct and the ways in which our culture gives us the flexibility to hold our own views. The following are some money superstitions that you may or may not choose to adopt in your everyday lifestyle:



#1. Leaving or putting your purse or bag on the floor brings bad luck.

It is said that leaving or putting one's purse or bag on the floor brings terrible financial luck and may cause the owner to lose money.


It seems that the Chinese are responsible for this belief since it is considered terrible Feng Shui, or luck, in Chinese culture to leave a handbag on the floor. Some of you may be familiar with an old Chinese proverb that says leaving your purse on the floor is the same as leaving your cash behind.


The reasoning behind this view is that putting your handbag on the floor is a sign of disdain for the established order and a lack of consideration for your financial well-being since most individuals keep their cash, credit cards, and other valuables in their purses.


Nevertheless, carrying your bag away from the floor is the least you can do to preserve its cleanliness.



#2. It's unlucky to sweep the floors at night.

Do you see yourself in this? This is the number one reason why we shouldn't sweep the floor at night, according to the folklore our lolo and lola taught us when we were kids.


Our elders advise against sweeping floors at night due to the widespread belief that doing so would bring nothing but bad fortune and may ruin your financial fortune. No matter how filthy your floor is or how much dirt you tracked into the sala when you failed to remove your shoes, you should not clean the floor since doing so is considered 'malas,' or unfortunate.



#3. A tradition of throwing money coins before entering your new home.

Apparently, finding and getting an affordable house and lot as an investment is not the only thing that can give good fortune as a homeowner. People who will live inside the new home have to throw coins to have their luck and fortunes supposedly improved, as well as to chase away evil spirits.


This is based on the Chinese cultural norm towards money, prosperity, and luck.


Filipinos have a tradition of scattering a huge amount of coins around the living room floor when they first move into a new house or during a housewarming party. Pennies are thrown inwards to each corner of the room as a symbol of money entering the home, a practice they think will bring about riches and success. After doing this, guests may pick up all of the coins, while others prefer to leave these coins alone for a few days.



#4. If your hand starts to itch, money is on the way!

An itchy palm means incoming wealth, or so they say. Even if the itching is due to anything as mundane as an ant bite or grimy hands, the phenomenon is sometimes seen as a portent of future financial success.


The Filipino people may hold this belief, but it is not an excuse to go without washing your hands. Also, it is important to take note that when someone scrapes their hand forcibly in the hopes of attracting money, this idea does not hold. So make sure to put an end to mindlessly scratching your palm since this superstition will not work that way.



#5. When making a purchase, always use your right hand to attract wealth.

Elders say that it is always best to use one's right hand while shaking hands or passing something to another person. People often avoid using their left hands for fear of ill luck. In addition to this, some people also believe that if you give money with your right hand and receive it with your left, you'll establish a state of harmony and balance, which will in turn, bring you greater financial success.



#6. Offering a price cut to your first buyer may boost your business.

Some businesses believe that giving a special discount to their first customer boosts their total revenue for that day.


Many shopkeepers in the Philippines, being influenced by Chinese culture, think that the first customer of the day is a reliable predictor of the day's earnings that's why some of them give discounts to their first client. From another point of view, this is also a good strategy to expand your network to boost sales.


They also believe that the day will be lucky if the first client is a large spender, and unlucky if they don't buy anything. If you plan on doing any shopping, you may want to shop at an earlier time to get some great deals and wait until later in the day to merely peruse and browse the selection since visiting a store early and not buying anything might be a bad omen for the superstitious shop owner, who would then likely raise prices the next time you come to make a purchase.



Other interesting superstitions that you might not know:

- If you find a "money spider" in your pocket or own wallet, consider yourself lucky.

- Unexpected bird droppings to your body bring great wealth.

- A number of steps in the staircase that ends with "mata" bring bad luck.

- Say "money" whenever you see a shooting star, and this will bring wealth and luck to your lottery ticket.


As Filipinos, we have a strong adherence to superstition. Only a few of them make any kind of logic; the others are simply downright strange. However, when it comes to local superstitions, the ones involving money are the most likely to be observed.


True or not, there is a general certainty about it all, and that is hard labor, not luck or superstition, is the true path to success and prosperity.


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