Tips on How to Remove Marker Stains from Wall

20 December 2022
Tips on How to Remove Marker Stains from Wall

If you have a toddler at home, whether it's a threenager or a fournado, you know how both adorable and annoying they could become just by their presence in your home. They do things that will make you laugh, but also activities that are guaranteed to make you lose your cool momentarily!


There simply is a stage where your kids stop being these adorable little creatures and transform into what some parents call little tyrants, what with their naughty but admittedly normal toddler behavior.


Have you found your little artist painting your walls with his colored pencils or crayons? The next thing you know, it wasn't only the walls in the living room that he painted with blacks, reds, violets, and oranges, but also the walls in your bedroom, kitchen, wooden furniture, and even your floor tiles.


It's normal to feel upset at what your little Picasso has done to your previously bare, immaculate walls. You can later tell your young one that, while painting is a wonderful habit for kids, there is a proper avenue to pursue this artistic endeavor, which does not include the house walls as alternatives to paper materials.


After this little heart-to-heart talk with your little artist, the next task as a parent is to do the pretty tough job of removing permanent marker stains. Not sure which stain remover works the best? Lumina Homes provides this guide for parents to remove their child's little work of art — the permanent marker stain.


Different Marker Types

Not all markers are created equal. Typically, a marker is used at school for writing on a manila paper, cartolina, and a whiteboard. There are two main types of markers: wet-erase and dry-erase markers. The latter is ideal and mainly used for a whiteboard and could be erased effortlessly with a dry eraser.


On the other hand, semi-permanent and permanent markers produce inks that are harder to erase when applied to a whiteboard and other surface areas, such as wooden desks and your house walls. Wet erasers will be necessary to remove the tough stains (more on this later). Your kids might become the clueless culprits of the permanent markers on the wall that you are now having quite a tremendous challenge getting rid of.


Pro tip: hand your kids some washable and water-based markers to color with instead. These are fairly easy to erase and would not leave a semi-permanent mark when your kid uses them against the wall.


5 Ways to Remove Permanent Marker Stains Off Your Wall

Removing permanent marker stains seems pretty easy, but there are really stubborn stains that could make it extra challenging. So we listed down the top five permanent marker removers that you can try to restore your walls' immaculate appearance before your toddler painted his or her work of art on it, so to speak.


1. Rubbing alcohol

This is arguably the first thing that will come to mind to get permanent marker off your walls. You can apply an isopropyl alcohol to the blemished area and let it sit for a couple of minutes before attempting to remove the stain with a soft cloth. Isopropyl alcohol is proven highly effective at removing stains, so continuously wipe the area with it until it's completely gone. Afterward, gently scrub the wall using a clean cloth with water. "Gently" so as not to bring damage to the wall paint.


2. Clean cloth with soapy water

Another handy cleaning product is dish soap mixed in a bowl of warm water. To try this method of removing wall stain, dampen a sponge with the dissolved dishwashing liquid soap from a 3/4 bowl of warm water and gently scrub your walls with it. Dish soap isn't strong enough to destroy the paint on your wall, but still considered effective in removing dry-erase marker stains especially if the engraving is just new.


3. Baking soda with water mixture

Baking soda is a frequently used cleaning agent alongside another element when getting rid of stubborn permanent markers made by your naughty little toddler on your walls. This is because baking soda is scientifically proven helpful when cleaning surface areas. And yes, you can also use baking soda to remove permanent marker from walls. To give this method a shot, you can produce a cleaning paste by simply mixing 3 parts of baking soda together with 1 part of warm water. Apply the cleaning solution to the stained surface by rubbing gently. It may not get removed right off the bat, but with persistent effort it will.


4. Baking soda with toothpaste mixture

As mentioned, a sodium bicarbonate or baking soda is a frequent ingredient and is considered a household staple used in every homeowner's cleaning endeavors, such as removing tough stains from kitchen appliances such as oven and a microwave, and even removing dirt from tile grouts. This time, you can mix a bicarbonate of soda with toothpaste. An unlikely combination, but you'd be surprised at how legitimately helpful a baking soda-toothpaste mixture is when you try it for yourself.


5. Toothpaste with lemon juice mixture

It turns out that a toothpaste is not just exclusive to and helpful for dental health. With removing stain marks from walls, toothpaste could also be dependable. This time, when mixed with lemon juice to produce a cleaning solution versus stubborn marks and stains.


In a small bowl of warm water, mix a modest amount of white toothpaste. After that, fully squeeze the lemon juice into the mixture and stir it with a spoon. The white toothpaste has to be completely dissolved before you stop mixing. To apply the mixture to the stained walls, you can either use an old toothbrush or a cotton swab. Once you thoroughly plunged in the cotton swab or toothbrush, start scrubbing the walls to see the result.


If the stains won't disappear on the first attempt, try again and again and more vigorously to ensure efficacy. To make sure no stains will remain, rinse the toothbrush or cotton swab from the warm water every scrub until finished.


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