Lumina Tayabas Quezon: A Golden Opportunity for Investment

23 March 2023
Lumina Tayabas Quezon A Golden Opportunity for Investment

Tayabas is a beautiful city nestled in the southeast foothills of the well-known Mount Banahaw in the province of Quezon, and it is also often considered to be among the Philippines' most forward-thinking metropolises. Apart from the various restaurants in Tayabas City, there are also several additional rapidly developing cities close to Tayabas in the Quezon province. Lucban town to the north, Atimonan to the east, the capital city Lucena and Pagbilao to the south, and Sariaya to the west are its defining geographical features.


Tayabas City is approximately 144 kilometers from Metro Manila, and its inhabitants may choose from a wide variety of reasonably priced house and lot in the Philippines.



Know More About Quezon Province

In the province of Quezon, you'll find charming islands and forested mountains in addition to a bountiful supply of coconuts and rice. It is commonly called Quezon Province to avoid confusion from a metro city with the same name. Peaceful beaches and woodlands, in addition to urban conveniences and lively nightlife, draw many visitors. Mount Banahaw, an active three-peaked volcano, is revered by locals as a sacred site and a symbol of the province's mysterious past.


Tayabas, the provincial capital, is one of the most well-known cities in the region. Due in large part to its annual festival full of lights, as well as its heritage residences, resorts, and prominent cultural and historical structures, it has risen to prominence as one of Quezon's first-rate urban centers and a spot for residential properties. Some of the Philippines best food coconut wine, Lambanog, and other sweet treats are also produced there.



What Region does Tayabas City Belong to?

Located in Region IV-A (commonly known as the CALABARZON Region), the first-class province of Quezon includes the landlocked component city of Tayabas.


The city occupies 230.95 square kilometers of land, or 2.64 percent of Quezon's total land area. The total population recorded in the year 2020 Census by the Philippine Statistics Authority was 112,658. This was equivalent to 0.70 percent of the whole population of the CALABARZON area, or 5.78 percent of the population of the province of Quezon.



Advantages of Living in Tayabas, Quezon

It's safe to say that Tayabas City is among the top contenders for a new home. Its delicious cuisine and welcoming people have made it famous. Moving to such a location is a safe bet. Not only will tourists be treated to exemplary hospitality, but they'll also get the chance to sample cuisines from all around the world. But apart from this, there are also other benefits to why Tayabas City is an ideal place to start your real estate investments.



1. A stunning view of Mt. Banahaw

The gorgeous vista of Mt. Banahaw, which provides the city of Quezon Province with its relatively cold temperature, is the first of many amazing things about the province of Quezon. Living in Tayabas can give you a great view of this majestic peak while enjoying the peaceful environment and fresh breeze, away from the polluted and noisy streets of the metro.



2. Great business opportunities

The city's high standard of living is complemented by the many professional and commercial possibilities available to its citizens. Weaving has always been an important industry in Tayabas.


Also, rice, coconut, root crops, and vegetables are among the country's agricultural exports. Coconut products (such virgin coconut oil), essential oils and perfumes, furniture and fixtures, hotels and resorts, coffee manufacturing, and farming are all viable options for small and medium-sized businesses.



3. Convenience through various commercial establishments

One of the benefits of living in Tayabas is the city's accessibility. There's a city in Quezon where every everything you could possibly want is within easy reach. Several excellent dining and shopping options may be found in the city itself. Among them are Primark Town Center and Isabang Town Center. These malls are relatively new to the province of Quezon, yet they are already seeing increased retail activity.



4. All-around-the-clock transportation

The convenience of public transit is one of the many reasons why Tayabas is a great place to settle down and the Lucena Grand Terminal is conveniently located close to the city. Moreover, the Grand Central Terminal in Lucena City serves as a hub for several bus routes that take commuters from all over Quezon Province and the surrounding areas of CALABARZON and Bicol. Residents can go about it with ease because of the availability of jeepneys and vehicles. In addition, the City of Tayabas is also quite accessible through the South Luzon Expressway, making your visit to nearby towns, Makati City or San Juan Metro Manila faster and easier.



Arts and Culture

Being known as the Land of Thousand Colors, Quezon Province is quite rich in culture nad tradition. The Mayohan Festival is a colorful event held in Tayabas Province. The picture of St. Isidore, the town's patron saint, is exhibited in a procession that tours the streets of the town, and one of the highlights of the festival is the tossing of "Suman" or rice cake. The goal of the municipal government's Mayohan sa Tayabas program is to help locals engage in reflective memory work about their culture and tradition.


This is also where the Malagonlong Bridge can be found which was the longest bridge way back in the Spanish Colonial era.




The native delicacy of Tayabas, known as minukmok, is a cassava cake which is usually serve as dessert or snack. Other Tayabas famous Filipino snacks are the Yema Cake, which is a sponge cake frosted with yema frosting and topped with a generous amount of cheese, and Maruyang Parirutong, a purple pancake made from crushed parirutong (purple rice) combined with strips of young coconut and are commonly pan-fried using pork fat.



Housing Market Trends

You can take advantage of the expanding developments in the city of Tayabas by purchasing an affordable house and lot for sale in this area. As Tayabas becomes more urbanized, the market value of your real estate investment will continue to increase.


There are several advantages to buying an affordable house and lot in Tayabas. The city of Tayabas in Quezon province is a great spot for settling down or starting an investment because of its strategic location and a number of establishments.



Lumina Quezon, Your Winning Investment Opportunity!

Investing and living in Tayabas is a certain win. Tayabas, Quezon has all a person needs to have a comfortable life because of its progressive government and abundance of available resources.


One of the prominent Filipino real estate developers, Lumina Homes, has settled on Tayabas for one of its developments. Lumina Quezon can be found in Brgy. Isabang, Tayabas Quezon, and offers a variety of facilities and services to its residents such as a 24/7 guarded entrance, mini gardens and playgrounds, and a Multi-Purpose Hall.


In addition to being just a 15-minute drive from downtown Lucena and a roughly 20-minute drive from Tayabas city center, Lumina Quezon's location promises to be of ideal convenience to its residents and prospective homeowners-- bringing them closer to everything that they need.


Hurry and don't miss this most in-demand community in Tayabas, Quezon province and book a site tripping now!

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