Lumina Pandi where Rustic Environment Meets Progressive Living

8 August 2022
Lumina Pandi where rustic environment meets progressive living

The landlocked municipality of Pandi, Bulacan in the Philippines is an exemplary alternative if you want to shy away from the noise pollution of the bustling metropolis. Although there has been a sizeable growth in the number of subdivisions in Pandi over the last decades, the town was, and still is, able to preserve its rustic beauty.


Pandi is no Makati City—but even that seemingly reductive statement can be a good thing in the context of desirability for permanent residency.


This town boasts of cleaner air in that there's minimal traffic and not many lofty buildings around to clog it up. What's more, compared to other highly urbanized cities and towns, the roadways are more pedestrian-friendly, serene, and generally less prone to flash floods.


Read on to get to know more about Pandi's history, geography, and other must-know facts.


Discover Pandi: History and Geography

If you see yourself living in this rustic yet stupendous municipality with a myriad of amenities for convenience and comfort, it is good to learn some basic facts and familiarize yourself with this underrated town that is perfect for permanent residency.


Pandi town in Bulacan is a growing municipality with more than 150,000 residents as of the 2020 census. It was formerly a part of Balagtas before gaining independence as a separate Bulacan town in 1946.


Pandi is subdivided into 22 barangays, including Bagong Barrio and Mapulang Lupa, the two most populated areas in the progressive town.


Pandi is one of the youngest towns in the province, and if checking the Bulacan map, it is also distinctly one of the smallest towns in the area, alongside the first-class towns of Guiginto and Balagtas.


The Pandi town in Bulacan is famous for the Real de Kakarong de Sili Shrine, or the Inang Filipina Shrine, the historical setting where the Philippine revolution took place, claiming more than 3,000 lives, all of whom are Katipunero revolutionaries who formed an armed resistance against the Spanish rule.


The town's primary businesses include farming, furniture production, and clothing. Additionally, there are a number of rural banks in the vicinity, making Pandi a great place to work if you have the necessary skill in these industries.


As a place with Tagalog as its main medium of communication, barangays in Pandi have beautiful, interesting Tagalog names, such as Cacarong Bata, Malibong Matanda, Pinagkuartelan, Baka‑bakahan, Real de Cacarong, Bunsuran I, II, and III, among others.


To get to Pandi, Bulacan from Metro Manila, you can ride a bus or a night bus, as well as through a taxi and private vehicle. The cheapest option is by bus, whereas the fastest way is by car. Traveling through the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) will shorten travel time from the metro to Bulacan.

The Pandi town is currently under the leadership of Mayor Enrico A. Roque, who took office on June 30, 2022. He was also the mayor from 2013-2016, but lost in the 2016 mayoral elections, then reclaimed his seat in 2019, and was re-elected this 2022.

The zip code or postal code of Pandi is 3014. The term "zip code" is mainly utilized in the United States. While they're generally the same, postal code is the more accepted term in the Philippines for mail, package sorting, and easier address tracking.

For Manila, zip code denotes a barangay within a city or, in Manila's case, the city districts. Outside the capital region, zip codes represent the city or town. Metro Manila often has multiple codes, while provinces usually have a single code for each municipality and city.

For a complete list and full details, also read: List of Zip Codes in the Philippines: 2022 Postal Code Update

Why should you invest a house and lot in Pandi?

Are you sick of living in an overly crowded, clamorous city? It's time to pack your bags, get a ticket, and escape for a little while. You can also enjoy this every day and avoid the toxic as well as the polluted air in the metro by buying a home in an area that isn't a part of the urban sprawljust like the properties in Pandi, Bulacan.


Pandi Bulacan is a convenient location to reside, relax, and recharge your social batteries. Here are the top five (5) reasons why:


1. Top-rated resorts for leisure.

Part of what potential homebuyers look for in a location is a resort for leisure. And you should, too. If you have children already, spending the weekend with the entire family is a way to bond and relax after a week of just staring at your work computer. A Pandi Bulacan resort will be your breather from an exhausting work week.


A resident of the area or not, you may be familiar with Amana Waterpark Resort in Pandi Bulacan. It is famous for being home to the biggest water wave park in the entire country, and with a daily capacity of up to 13,000 visitors who could engage in a melange of fun activities catered for barkada and family gatherings.


For a private resort in Pandi, Residence Private Pool earns a "very good" overall rating from 63 individual votes on their Facebook page. It is merely an hour's worth of driving from the country's capital, and is said to be pet-friendly, highly affordable with no corkage fees, and with accommodating staff.


In Barangay Bunsuran 2nd, Pandi Bulacan, the Vientecillio Nature and Water Park is known in the municipality as perfect for relaxation and sightseeing.


2. 'Disenyo Pandi' is a source of pride.

Established in 2002 as the Bagong Barrio Multi-purpose Cooperative, with the trade name Disenyo Pandi, Bagong Barrio in Pandi Bulacan aims and aspires to be the fashion capital of the country with its inexpensive yet world-class selection of clothing linesfrom suits, barong, and exquisite gowns for wedding occasions.


Annually, the town of Pandi celebrates its culture through its Barong at Saya festival, which is only a testament to how it seriously aspires to acquire the distinction of being a primary provider of world-class native Filipino costumes and other local fashion in the country.


3. Town festivities every April and December.

Before the advent of Christmas, Pandi paints its gazebos with colorful banderitas to radiate an aura of holiday festivity. A Lantern Parade will then be conducted to give Pandi residents the feel of its very own town fiesta, accentuated by a superb band of musicians.


The Pandi Fiesta is also dedicated to its patroness, 'Our Lady of Immaculate Conception.' Every April, moreover, the town celebrates its founding anniversary, with festivals like Barong at Saya festival. Just recently this year during its 76th founding celebration in April, it was declared COVID-19-free and held the Karosa festival to celebrate its pride and independence.


4. Plenty of schools for secondary and higher education.

Some parents worry that the community they are living in is inconvenient for their children's education. Sometimes, there are a handful of elementary and high school institutions, but no colleges to enroll their teenagers. This makes students enroll in colleges far from home, live in an apartment, or altogether try their luck in Manila.


Here's a list of schools in Pandi for both high school and college.

  • Mamerto C. Bernardo Memorial Central School
  • Siling Bata National High School
  • Bunsuran National High School
  • Masagana National High School
  • Holy Angels' College of Bulacan Inc.
  • Immaculate Conception Child Development Center Inc.
  • Manuel Guisano Santos Sr. Memorial School. Founded in 1990.
  • Gentle Shepherd Montessori. Founded in 1999.
  • Christian Academy of Pandi
  • Montessori Academy of Malibu
  • For colleges:
  • College of Mary Immaculate
  • Knox Internationale Technological Institute Inc.
  • Bulacan Polytechnic College - Pandi Campus
  • Pandi Technological Institute

5. Pandi played a quintessential role in the country's history.

The Bulacan province is the birthplace of Philippine heroes and where some of the most notable historical events transpired. History buff or not, you will be fascinated by how Bulacan played a significant role during the Philippine Revolution of Katipuneros in their bloody battle against the Spaniards.


Living in Pandi is like reliving an important memory of the country's monumental past.


For Pandi, it's how this small Bulacan town became a historical setting where the 'Republic of Real de Kakarong de Sili' of 1896 took place, which is one of the first revolutionary republics in the then Spain-colonized Philippines.


The 'Kakarong Republic' was said to be the first-ever revolutionary government formed in Bulacan to rebel against the Spaniards. These historical events, like this one under the Pandi town, have been made one of the hallmarks in the seal of the Bulacan province.


Lumina Pandi: Find properties in Bulacan with Lumina Homes

Bulacan is one of the first provinces in the Philippines to gain from the government's objective to deliver prosperity outside of Manila. As a result of the many completed and new developments, a famous tourist destination in the Philippines, Pandi Bulacan is a wonderful place to interact with nature while yet taking use of modern comforts.


If you are looking for an affordable house and lot for sale, find properties, or real estate investment in Pandi Bulacan, Lumina Pandi is one of the top locations to start!


Our wide range of home model units provides reasonable price bedrooms, kitchen and dining area, living area, service area, and parking spaces compared to other properties in the province.


Easily make your home reservations with us either through your mobile device or desktop through our Lumina Homes Online for both desktop and mobile version. You can also chat with our sales agent through Facebook Messenger, or kindly contact our Lumina Pandi office for us to assist you with your homebuying queries.


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Invest in a house and lot now, become a part of our growing community, and experience practicality and convenience with Lumina Homes Pandi Bulacan!

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