Lockdown Food Diaries Part 1: Filipina Food Bloggers Picks

12 May 2022
Lockdown Food Diaries Part 1 Filipina Food Bloggers Picks

Filipinos love to eat. Consider that a fact! When the pandemic happened and everyone was forced to stay at home, suddenly everyone became a food blogger. Have you also tried the food adventures that trended during lockdown such as dalgona coffee and ube pan de sal?


You're not the only one. Check out what these Filipino food bloggers chose to eat and indulge in when the world is on lockdown.


Amazing Food Bloggers' Gastronomic Adventures

1. The Hungry Kat

Kat Lee is not just hungry; she's inspiring, too! A Lupus survivor, part-time social advocate and full-time member of certified foodies, Kat is on a mission to appreciate the beauty of living. Her personal blog contains her journey with Lupus, simple recipes, as food reviews, and other various featured recipes.


A Huge Fan of Gang Gang Boneless Fried Chicken

We can't blame Kat. When we are just inside the safety of our homes, one of the ways to distract our minds is to watch Netflix and chill. Why not make it extra? Instead of just trying out the usual popcorn, you should try Gang gang Boneless Fried Chicken. This way, you can just focus on what's happening on your chosen show, as you enjoy a great snack.


2. Yedy of

A lifestyle blog started by Hiedi Lyn "Yedy" Calaguas, this food blog features delicious recipes, restaurant reviews, Pinoy recipes and even branched out to other topics such as cooking stuff, technology, health and wellness, beauty, and more.


Playful Recipes like Nutella Marshmallow Grilled Sandwich

Sometimes, we want to take a break from the usual and opt for something fun. If you want to have a food adventure that you won't see on most food blogs, check out this Nutella Marshmallow Grilled Sandwich. With just two to three ingredients, you can cook easy and be stress-free. Check out her blog for the full recipe.


3. Yen of The Tummy Traveler

A tourism graduate with a passion for almost any kind of dish, Yen is not afraid to try a mix of local and foreign recipes. That's why during the pandemic, when she wants to take a break from cooking, she orders from a local food business that she features in her food and travel blog.


Foodie Mommy loves Plana's Pantry

What's admirable with Yen's choice is she used her platform to promote Filipino food businesses. With the pandemic, it's good that the food blogging industry-supported Filipino dishes. Plana's Pantry is a Filipino -Western cuisine restaurant, so rest assured that every order will suit Filipino taste buds.


4. May of

There is no exact taste to a Filipino-style recipe. This is why food blog is born--to appreciate the beauty of every food, including Filipino favorite recipes.

Posting mostly Filipino recipes, these tandem food bloggers feature and cook Filipino food that are not exclusively viands. They also feature desserts, snack ideas, and other curious food stories that capture their readers' interest.


Food Blogger Fiesta: Melon Sago't Gulaman Recipe

A big aspect of Filipino cuisine is desserts. But instead of flans, jams, or ice cream of every flavor, Pinoys prefer a cooling drink, as in the case of halo-halo.

But given the pandemic, not all ingredients may be available. Hence, this melon sago't gulaman recipe blog can be your source of a perfect alternative of good food soothing for the heat of the summer season.


5. Clarisse of The Tummy Train

Most food bloggers today create their Youtube channels and sometimes, even become Instagram influencers. This is a track that Clarisse's food blog aims to take. Her blog includes random ideas about lifestyle, travel, and of course food.


With the lockdown, some Asian recipes began to enter the Filipino food blogs. Creative folks find a way to reinvent their favorite dishes into Asian-inspired recipes. In this case, here is Clarisse's take on pasta with an ingredient every Filipino is familiar with--salted egg.


Salted Egg Carbonara and other Asian recipes

This food category--Asian-inspired but true Filipino food, casts Clarisse on a journey of patriotism, and how she can express it by way of food. It is in this light that she showcases Salted Egg Carbonara in her food blog.


Perhaps what's unique to Pinoy food is its taste varies depending on who cooks and where was it being prepared. Sometimes, when you travel to different places in the Philippines beyond Metro Manila, you get to do numerous food trips and discover new food prepared the Filipino way.


6. Mylene Chung from

Founder of what we can call an online magazine that features the best Pinoy recipes, has been sharing recipes & cooking content for young city-dwellers in the Philippines. According to their website, the team wants to empower the young folks in the kitchen, no matter how small.


With this in mind, the crew of puts on a spin on a Filipino food staple every morning--scrambled egg. Instead of just the usual, here's a fast and still simple dish you can do may it be during lockdown or just a lazy Saturday morning.


Filipino food spin-off: Jammy Tomato Eggs Recipe

Level up your scrambled eggs. The team details how you can create a soft, fluffy tomato egg that can kick-start your mornings. Food bloggers may think this is too simple to be featured, but if you're a young professional who just wants to break their fast in an easy and no-nonsense way, then you must definitely try this.


7. Leslie of Shoot First, Eat Later

What do most people do when served with mouth-watering food? You got it--it's snapping that perfect photo meant to be shared on social media later. This is what Leslie, the owner and founder of the blog


Like other Filipino food bloggers, Leslie appreciates the artistry and effort put into every food. This is why she makes sure to capture a photo; to immortalize the beauty presented on a plate.

Pantry Favorites: Recipes focusing on Filipino food found in the pantry

Ask any Filipino and there's no food you can consider to be a part of the Filipino cuisine as tuyo, or dried herring. In this case, Leslie showcased in her food blog the wonders of having San Sebastian’s Dried Herring (Tuyo) with garlic in olive oil. Stored in a bottle, you don't have to bother with the tedious task of frying it manually, along with the distinct smell only this local delicacy can emit. Best partnered with fried rice, tuyo is can definitely bring back memories from childhood, just ask the Filipino food bloggers!


8. Peachy, The Peach Kitchen

Completing the list of Filipina food blog owners, Peachy started in 2005 as her way to destress and voice out her thoughts. Fast forward, she continues to be a foodie mommy living her best life. As a self-taught coook, she now shares recipes, comprehensive reviews, and other insights on her journey as a food blogger.


Panlasang Pinoy Recipes: Ensaladang Mustasa (Fresh Green Mustard Greens Salad)

We've mentioned meat, breakfast, dessert, and easy-to-cook recipes, but a fresh garden salad that will suit Filipino taste must be included in this list. Hence The Peach Kitchen shares her recipe for a truly healthy meal that stays true to the local flavor.


Filipino Food Bloggers: Certified Foodies started with a passion

Why do people become a foodie? It's because the ritual of eating should not be just for nourishment. It should be a way to express care and love especially inside your home. Hence with these ideas, why don't you brush up on your cooking skills?


Who knows, when you get to live in your own house and lot, you can express a wife's love through food. Come and join the Lumina community today.

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