How to Not Let Rains Ruin Wooden Furniture

20 July 2023
OG How to Not Let Rains Ruin Wooden Furniture

Rainy season is currently ongoing in the Philippines, and while the rains are considered a blessing to our plants and farmlands, they can be such a nuisance too. For example, the rainy season can be blamed for drenching your wooden furniture and ruin the material in the process.


In search of legitimate ways to not let the rainy season be the reason for the damage in your wooden furniture? In this blog post, Lumina Homes will help you come up with strategies to prevent rains from inflicting damage to your treasured furnishings.



What is a Rainy Season Like in the Philippines?

Unlike Western countries, the Philippines is a tropical nation with mainly two seasons: wet and dry season. Our overall climate is marked by a relatively high temperature, high humidity levels, and a profuse amount of rainfalls. Our rainy days, moreover, usually start during the month of June and culminates during the month of November. Our sunny days, meanwhile, can be further categorized into two: the the cool dry season from the months of December to February, and the hot dry season from the months of March to May, respectively.


Because of its geographic location, the Philippines is also notoriously visited by at least 20 typhoons every year, though rainfall distribution differs from region to region. On average, the regions of Cagayan Valley, Bicol, and Eastern Visayas are often the hardest-hit when tropical cyclones wreak havoc. According to official reports, local places that receive the greatest amount of annual rainfall is the City of Baguio, Eastern Surigao, and Eastern Samar, while the southern parts of Cotabato collect the least amount of rains.



6 Tips to Protect Your Wooden Furniture this Wet Season

Wooden-type furniture are durable, timeless, sturdy, and affordable. Be that as it may, they can only truly last long and maintain their aesthetic values if they are taken care of, whether it's during the wet season or in a sunny climate. The following are just some of the best ways to protect your wooden furniture from moisture that's primarily caused by rain exposure.



Shield your furniture with waterproof covers

Some of the most effective waterproof covers include materials made out of vinyl or polyester. When covering the furniture, make sure that they not only fit but that even the legs are properly sealed and covered. When the sun is out again, immediately remove the covering to prevent moisture from retaining.



Position furniture away from doors and windows

Avoid rain exposure by strategically positioning your wooden furniture away from doors and windows where moisture may build up from the weather conditions. In fact, your external walls may be dampened by the rain so it's best to place your furniture away from them as possible. It is also advisable that wooden furniture must not be positioned against your interior walls, and that there must be a slight gap between your walls and the wooden furniture.



Move outdoor furniture inside when it's raining

If you have adequate space left in your home to protect your outdoor furniture from the rains, this is only wise. While this may be laborious for you, it is a simple method that works and guarantees protection from moisture accumulation if they are left outside without any protective covers.



Properly ventilate the area

Proper ventilation is another factor to keep wooden furniture protected from moisture accumulation and reduce chances of developing mold. Moreover, keeping a good ventilation around the area where your wooden furniture is stationed at can help prevent humidity levels from going up. Consider using a dehumidifier to achieve the ideal humidity levels in the area.



Use protective sealants

To avoid the actual contact between your wooden furniture and moisture from heavy rains, using protective sealants can tremendously help. These water-resistant sealants can prevent moisture from seeping into the wooden material and therefore act as a barrier to shield the furniture. Some examples of materials used for protective coating to safeguard wooden surfaces from water penetration include varnish, lacquer, and melamine.



Apply moisture absorbents

Aside from resorting to protective sealants, applying moisture absorbents is yet another effective way to protect wooden surfaces, be it chair, table, or your bookshelf. You can use desiccants such as naphthalene balls or camphor to absorb moisture that may build up in your wooden cupboards.



Clean regularly

To keep wooden furniture in excellent condition, regular maintenance and cleaning is key. Notably, do not make the mistake of using damp cloth to clean your furniture as this defeats the goal of keeping them moisture-free. Instead, always use a clean, dry cloth to carefully dust them off without leaving any scratches. You must also promptly address signs of damage such as peeling finishes and cracks. This way, you can prevent having to buy another set caused by failing to clean or maintain them.


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