How to Make a Real Estate Investment Online

27 October 2022
How to Make a Real Estate Investment Online

Many would say that a physical inspection of properties in real estate is absolutely much better, since it will provide prospective investors an actual and closer look at properties that they’d soon be moving into, or examine whether their physical features and other amenities look good enough to be utilized as a rental property.


However, this is not as convenient in the context of limiting your choices, since in order to explore more than one to two properties, especially if situated in two entirely different locations, it will require you to travel from one site to another.


This is where the convenience of making a real investment through online real estate platforms comes into the equation. The pandemic since 2020 has normalized online and digital transactions, and making an investment is one of them. This article will show you how real estate investments being done completely remotely is just as convenient as a physical inspection of properties.


Steps to make a property investment entirely online

If you don’t consider yourself tech-savvy, it’s even harder to completely rely on the internet to make certain transactions and invest in real estate online. There’s the fear of identity theft, phishing, and other online scams. But if it’s any consolation, technology has also made it easier to detect and report potential scammers out of the internet.


Having said this, making transactions purely online is now a skill you need to learn little by little, and harnessing its power gives you and other people’s lives easier by reducing human efforts, essentially without having to set foot outside of your bed.


Below, learn the various ways to master the art of real estate investment to be completely done online.


Select your location prospect

Location is the most crucial factor in real estate, and this is where you will kickstart your virtual real estate investment. Which location do you fancy investing a property in? Your choice of location also has certain components that you must consider especially for residential real estate, such as the neighborhood, centrality, property appreciation, and lot size.


Narrow down your options

After selecting a location, further narrow it down by deciding on what type of real estate you will be investing your hard-earned money and regular income on. There are five major types of real estate investments. You can search each of them online for more information.


Residential real estate. It’s the most common type of real estate, which is used as housing and residence for an individual or an entire family. It can also be used for a lease where the landlord who owns rental properties gets to earn rental income from tenants.


Commercial real estate. The main purpose of this property is to cater to businesses on the lookout for commercial properties to rent for their business operations. Commercial real estate properties include retail stores, office buildings, hospitals, gas stations, and hotels. 


Industrial real estate. This real estate investment type refers to services done in manufacturing, production, warehousing, assembly, and for goods and products distribution.


Raw land. From the term itself, it is an investment in lands that are not yet touched or has undergone development and construction. This investment is much cheaper, but is not a lucrative investment type either.


Real estate investment trusts (REITs). Finally, the investment vehicle where you could earn passive income without necessarily having to invest in physical properties. It’s a good investment for newbies who are still testing the waters of real estate investing.


Virtually browse the properties

Once all set with your location and choosing an investment type, it’s the exciting part where you’d virtually browse properties for inspection. In Lumina Homes, there is more than one way to virtually inspect affordable house and lot properties and their amenities.


Website: Our Lumina website is user-friendly and will greet you with a pop-up window if you have immediate questions to ask. You can minimize it if you want to proceed and go on a virtual tour via our “Properties” tab in the upper middle of the screen. 


Blogs: Lumina Homes also has a category for articles with topics ranging from finance, culture, and of course, real estate. You can read and learn various topics by clicking on the “search” bar and typing in keywords such as “investment,” “real estate,” or “finance.”


Vlogs: If you prefer learning through watching more than reading detailed specifications, Lumina Homes also has Vlogs or videos where our agents will discuss properties and guide viewers through virtual tours.


Facebook Live: Hosting live events are all the rage these days, and Facebook is the popular platform to connect with real estate investors.


Consult with a real estate agent

Going completely online will not deprive you of connecting to a real estate professional, it’s just that you will be getting in touch with one through, well, online. A real estate agent could give you guidance as you go about exploring options before fully committing to sealing the deal. If you got questions, a real estate professional could also provide you with insightful responses to your legitimate real estate queries. But don’t forget to practice caution, and make sure that you are virtually making business transactions with a legitimate real estate agent who’s accredited by a real estate property company of your choice.


Make your research about your financing options

Real estate is deceptively simple and even inherently complex if you'd want to go deeper into the industry. If you make your research online, especially about finance, you'd discover a whole lot of terminologies that may sound foreign to you during first encounter, such as the importance of smarter diversification and an investment portfolio. You are not expected to learn all relevant terminologies overnight, but it's smart to start sooner than later.


As for loans to help you fund your dream home, there is more than one way to finance your real estate investment. Among Lumina homebuyers, applying through Pag-IBIG Fund is the most preferred financing institution to aid them with making the necessary payments.


At Lumina Homes, we regularly publish relevant articles about real estate, finances, loan applications, investments, and other trends transpiring in the Philippine setting. This includes a number of blogs discussing essential tips and guides that are related to everything about the process of getting a house and lot in the Philippines, as well as the payment methods and loan applications that come along with it, even for institutional investors.


Below is a quick, reliable list of guaranteeably helpful articles about affordable house and lot ownership and financing options besides Pag-IBIG.


Plan your way out

As experts often caution, no investments are completely risk-free. You have to shell out money to make money. Investing to finance projects means accepting that you may lose some money in the process, but still pursuing it with the hope that real estate is a competitive industry with better chances of survival, so to speak. And as mentioned, there are considered fewer risks for real estate investors, but just like other money market accounts like bonds and mutual funds, there is no complete certainty as well.


This all boils down to the necessity of having a preplanned exit strategy that will enable you to minimize potential financial losses and have a backup plan to bounce back in case the unfortunate happens. You can also consult a professional real estate agent online to ask for expert advice, all the while making your own research.



Invest in real estate properties through Lumina Homes Online

Lumina Homes is one among many real estate developers in the country that offers affordable house and lot for sale. Lumina Homes takes pride in being a legitimately trusted real estate brand, having been awarded several distinctions as a quality provider of house and lot in the Philippines.

What is more, Lumina Homes Online allows prospective property buyers to access a one-stop site for home reservations, which will show the availability of various housing models in specific locations around the country. Reservation fees could be paid through debit or credit card, and GCash.

Through Lumina Homes E-services, meanwhile, buyers and existing homeowners can conveniently perform online transactions such as reservations, online payments, and virtual touring of properties, making a real estate purchase very doable for prospective homebuyers.

Start investing in a house and lot now without setting foot outside of your current abode! We at Lumina Homes are beyond excited to discuss our home deals with you. Explore our website and feel free to navigate through its corresponding tabs with specific homebuying purposes.

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