How to Celebrate National Women's Month in the Philippines

27 February 2023
How to Celebrate National Womens Month in the Philippines

It all began in 1907 when the First Suffrage Bill for women was passed at the Philippine Assembly, signed by Congressman Filemon Sotto. The bill allows women to exercise their right to vote, get an education, and own property, including a house and lot in the Philippines.


In 1928, the Women’s Citizens League was established by Maria Ventura to push the rights of women to vote and other rights men have. With rigorous campaigns and awareness, the Women’s Suffrage Bill was signed in 1937. Women are allowed to vote in the Philippines, making it the first Asian country to institutionalize women’s suffrage. 


In 1986, the first female president was elected, Corazon C. Aquino. She also signed Proclamation No. 227 (series 1988) or Providing for the Observance of the Month of March as Women's Role in History Month. This proclamation emphasized the role of Filipino women in economic, cultural, social, and political development.



Fast Facts About Women’s Month


Not only is the Philippines Women’s Month celebration being held, but other countries are also hosting several events and activities dedicated to all women in the world. Here’s what you need to know.



International Women’s Day History

International Women’s Day started in 1909, wherein working women in America participated in honoring garment workers who made a protest against inhumane work, low wages, and the lack of protective legislation. It was initiated by the Socialist Party of America on February 8 and called National Women’s Day. Then Copenhagen followed the next year to celebrate women’s rights and suffrage. 


In 1911, millions of people attended rallies in Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, and Germany and declared the official International Women’s Day. In Europe, the Socialist Women's International demanded that every 8th of March should be intended for women's month. Other countries were inspired and followed to promote women’s rights and gender equality. Then on March 8, 1975, the United Nations declared it an official holiday.



International Women’s Day Logo

Women’s month creates a new logo every year. This 2023, the International Women’s Day logo is a looping, arrowed circle with a Venus symbol at the inset. Venus is a symbol that embodies the female gender. All groups and organizations will use this logo for campaigns, rallies, and awareness worldwide.



2023 Women’s Month Theme

The theme also changes every year. In the Philippines, the theme is “WE for gender equality and inclusive society.” The said theme will be used until 2028, emphasizing the need for compassionate and harmonized networks toward gender equality and women's empowerment. This theme also aims to reinvigorate job creation and accelerate poverty reduction for women.



Women’s Month Hashtags for 2023

Women’s month is also taking advantage of various social media networks. If you want to partake in a brief moment of your time, you can share a post using hashtags #WomensDay, #IWD2023, #InternationalWomensDay, #SeeHer, or #EmbraceEquality.



The Importance of Women’s Month Celebration

Celebrating Women’s Month symbolizes the critical role of many women in society. But there are plenty of reasons why we should celebrate women’s month. Here are the top five (5) reasons.



Women are victims of violence.

According to the United Nations, over 30 percent of women around the world experience different types of violence. Through extensive campaigns, more people will support that women don’t deserve to be victims of all sorts of violence.



Some countries have no laws about domestic violence.

There are a few countries that don’t consider domestic violence as a crime. That is why the United Nations and other affiliated organizations are reaching out to these countries to create a law about domestic violence and tighten its punishment.



Gender equality is not practiced in a few countries.

Over half of the world’s total population is women. But only 24 percent of the major political posts are occupied by women worldwide. Several people still consider women as a weak gender and tend to be more emotional in terms of political views and solutions. However, women’s groups and organizations want to change this old-fashioned mindset through global campaigns.



Women are also great leaders.

As of today, almost 30 percent of women hold a CEO position worldwide, and it continues to grow because they are great leaders. Once women focus on their goals, they will adhere to all challenges to succeed since women are known to persevere and be resilient.



Women are peace advocates.

Women know how to hit the emotional spot, which is why they are also excellent peace negotiators. If they are involved in peace treaties, the chances of negotiations lasting longer increase by 20 percent. 



How to Observe National Women’s Month


To honor the greatness and perseverance of every woman in the world, here are some ways to observe women’s month in the Philippines.



Give them flowers or simple tokens.

One of the simplest ways to highlight women’s achievements is by giving them a bouquet of flowers. If you have the budget, you can give them a simple token of appreciation or special gifts. Give them to the most important woman of your life or someone you treasure the most.



Say Thank You.

Saying Thank You to a woman is the easiest way to show appreciation. Give thanks and some compliments to the women around you, especially those who help you overcome your challenges. You can also give them a word of encouragement to keep fighting for themselves if they are facing struggles. Let them know that you are ready to help them when they are in need.



Share a wonderful story.

If you know a woman who has a teeming story about achievements and perseverance, you can share their incredible story through your social media channels. It will also be ideal if you’re a woman with an inspiring story. You can ask your friends to share your post to honor women. 



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