How Road Side Assistance Helps You Drive with Confidence?

4 May 2023
How Road Side Assistance Helps You Drive with Confidence

Now that everyone is going crazy about leaving their house and lot in the Philippines for a while and traveling in different parts of the country, we're sure that your car works ceaselessly on the road these days, whether you are a new car owner or not.


Being "almost always" on the road nowadays might leave your vehicle vulnerable to unforeseen road issues, whether it be a flat tire, dead battery, locked keys in the car, or running out of petrol. This is true even if you drive a recent model automobile. On the other hand, a vehicle that's 10 years or older is four times more likely to break down on the roadside and need a tow.


The recurring nature of these roadside emergencies emphasizes the need of having roadside assistance coverage. When added to your auto insurance, roadside assistance may help you save time, effort, and money in the event of an emergency.



What is Emergency Roadside Assistance Program in Your Car Insurance?

Auto insurance policies may be supplemented with roadside assistance coverage, which puts policyholders in touch with qualified mechanics in the event of an emergency (which includes a flat tire, running out of petrol, or being involved in an accident). The expense of emergency services on the road may add up quickly, but having roadside assistance cover it can help offset those costs.


In the event of a roadside emergency, all you have to do to receive help is contact the toll-free number provided by your car insurance companies for emergency services. Your auto insurer may provide roadside assistance benefits in the form of a tow truck to transport your vehicle to a repair facility or a mechanic to do simple repairs, such as replacing a flat tire or reviving a dead battery.



Coverage of Roadside Assistance Programs You Must Know

Now that you understand the meaning of roadside assistance insurance, you may be curious about its scope of protection. Different auto insurers provide different packages of roadside assistance services. However, insured automobiles have access to a plethora of standard services.



A. Vehicle Assistance

Battery jumpstart

If your vehicle won't start because of a dead battery, this free roadside assistance will get you to the closest battery shop so you can get the old one swapped out.



Locksmith/Lockout service

This roadside assistance is useful in the event that you locked out yourself in your car or if you lose or have your car key stolen. The locksmith's service charge and travel expenses may or may not be covered in whole or in part by the auto insurance company.



Fuel delivery

In the event that your gas tank becomes dry while you're on the road, the roadside assistance service will give you enough gas to make it to the next gas station. The price of gas is not included and will be your responsibility.



Tire replacement

If you have a spare tire, you may have a professional change out your flat tire for it in the event of a puncture. If you have roadside help, it's worth you to make use of this service even if you know how to change a tire on your own.



Towing services

A tow truck will be sent by the car insurance company to transport your automobile to the closest approved repair facility if you are unable to drive it yourself due to a mechanical failure.



Vehicle removal using a crane and towing

In the event that your car becomes stuck after rolling down a hill or flipping, this service will come to get it and take it to the closest repair shop that is qualified to handle the problem.



B. Personal Assistance

24/7 customer service hotline

If situations that you find yourself in a bind while on the road, don't hesitate to call your insurance company for guidance and details on how to file a claim, assistance in finding authorized repair shops, and where to find local hotels and petrol stations.



Accident coordination

At times when you've been in a car accident (hopefully not), you may ask your car insurance provider to help coordinate your care with the police, the motor vehicle department, or other relevant authorities.



Ambulance coordination

The insurance company may dispatch an ambulance to transport the policyholder and any other wounded individuals from the scene of the accident if requested to do so by the policyholder. However, the expense of ambulatory care is not covered.



Hospital admission assistance

Should an accident occur that involves the insured vehicle and injuries to the driver or passengers, the insurance company may arrange for medical treatment at a nearby hospital.



Hotel accommodation and travel costs

In the event that the insured vehicle cannot be fixed within a certain time frame, the insurance company will foot the bill.



Legal assistance referral

Should a third person be injured or killed, or should their property be damaged, after an accident involving a covered vehicle in emergency roadside services, you may ask the insurer to put you in touch with a lawyer who can assist you deal with the aftermath.



Relay of urgent messages

If you need to get in touch with a family member or friend in the wake of an emergency, this is a lifesaver.



The term "roadside assistance" is one that you'll often come across while researching auto insurance policies. As a matter of fact, if you drive an older automobile and value your peace of mind, purchasing this insurance endorsement is a no-brainer because you just never know when you're going to need a spare tire or have your keys locked in the vehicle.


Having this kind of auto insurance coverage might put your mind at ease should an incident of an unexpected breakdown occur, especially on a busy street or in the dead of night. In addition to having a more pleasurable and secure trip, you can also spend more time with your loved ones.


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