Higher Educational Institutions near Lumina Pilar

21 November 2022
Higher Educational Institutions Near Lumina Pilar

The Municipality of Pilar in Bataan Province, which was once part of the town of Balanga, has recently seen unprecedented growth in tourism popularity both domestically and internationally.


Pilar is located in the southeastern part of Bataan Province. Orion to the south, Balanga to the north, Bagac to the west, and Manila Bay to the east form its boundaries.


In addition to this, notable structures can also be found in this town, which includes the Flaming Sword and the Shrine of Valor, also known as the Dambana ng Kagitingan. Veterans from all over the place come here every year on Bataan Day which is celebrated in the country yearly on April 9 to reflect on the past and pay their respects to the fallen heroes.


Small-scale manufacturing is the backbone of Pilar's economy, and much of the city's manufacturing is concentrated in and around the downtown area. Besides this, however, a lot of excellent educational institutions are within easy driving distance for residents of Lumina Pilar.



Universities and Colleges in Balanga, Bataan

Planning to move to the Province of Bataan anytime soon? That's an excellent choice as this province also has its own set of highest caliber colleges and universities.



1. Bataan Peninsula State University - Main Campus

As of March 22, 2007, the Bataan Peninsula State University has come into being. It is a network of Bataan's finest and most prestigious higher education institutions with the common goal of advancing Bataan, the Philippines, and the wider Asia-Pacific region via the delivery of superior educational, research, manufacturing, and outreach programs.


It has expanded to five (5) sites around the province, the most prominent of which is the Main Campus, which is renowned for its engineering and technology programs.


Programs Offered:

Since its founding in 1953, the Main Campus (then known as Bataan National School of Arts and Trades, or BNSAT) has been one of the top-producers of the high-quality technician-leaders required by businesses in the Philippines and across the world.


Due to the institution's dedication to technical education, the campus has fostered the growth of a new subfield within the engineering industry. In 1997, the campus began offering engineering courses, supported by a professionally designed shop and lab space, as well as a faculty of highly qualified professors. Within five years of the introduction of engineering courses, the school's alums were competing on equal footing with their peers from the nation's most prestigious institutions.


The Main Campus now offers degrees in ICT, business, and nursing in addition to its traditional technological and engineering disciplines. In a similar vein, the School of Advanced Studies, also housed on campus, serves the post-secondary education requirements of province's working elite.


Location: Capitol Dr, City of Balanga, 2100 Bataan (Around 18 minutes travel time from Lumina Pilar)



2. Bataan Peninsula State University - Balanga Campus

Started off in 1970 as Bataan Community College (BCC), the Board of Trustees officially changed the name of the institution to Bataan Colleges (BC) in 1984. It is located in the middle of Balanga City and is the smallest campus in regard to the total land area but the largest in terms of student enrolment.


Programs Offered:

BCC opened its doors to the public and began providing the first two years of a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Education, and Bachelor of Arts to the youth of the province at a lower fee. Midwifery and junior secretarial were two of the many programs that they introduced in 1974 that required just two years to complete. The school's student body, teaching personnel, and administrative ranks all expanded throughout time.


With its pioneering BS Nursing program in 1991, the institution provided the province's first undergraduate nursing degree program. The popularity of the BCC nursing program has spread beyond the Philippines, thanks to the efforts of many BCC individuals. When it comes to nursing and midwifery licensing exams, the campus consistently ranks well, placing it in good company with other prestigious institutions around the country.


Location: 118 Don Manuel Banzon Avenue, City of Balanga, 2100 Bataan (Around 23 minutes travel time from Lumina Pilar)



3. Bataan Peninsula State University - Bagac Extension Campus

On June 10, 2008, BPSU opened an Extension Campus in the middle of the historic town of Bagac as part of its mission to make a high-quality, low-cost education available to the children of Bataan.


Named the "Campus of Courage and Wisdom" after the patron saint of Bagac, St. Catherine of Alexandria, patron saint of the courageous and of the wise, it removed the burden of commuting to the city for a college education from the shoulders of young people not only in Bagac but also in Morong, and in some villages in Pilar and City of Balanga (Pantingan and Cabog-Cabog).


Programs Offered:

During its first year of operation, BPSU-Bagac offered four undergraduate degrees: Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship, Hotel and Restaurant Management (HRM), Nursing, and Engineering (*first two years only). The school had 115 students (first semester, 2008-2009), eight faculty members, and three administrative staff members at that time.


BPSU-Bagac is well situated to serve as the University's hub for Human Resource Management and Tourism studies. Its Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEEd) program and its Extension Campus both launched in June 2010. The site also hosts the "Center for Bagac Studies," whose mission is to disseminate information about Bagac's history.


Location: Bagac, 2107 Bataan (Around 31 minutes travel time from Lumina Pilar)



4. Bataan Heroes Memorial College

Founded in 1979, Bataan Heroes Memorial College is a private, non-denominational, coeducational university that is a stock company registered with the SEC. The Capitol System of Schools, founded by Engr. Sesenio S. Rosales and Gloria Laureana S. Rosales, includes BHMC as one of its constituent schools.


The BHMC was established as a memorial to the World War II Filipino soldiers of Bataan, who fought with unwavering bravery and showed unquenchable devotion to their country and people.


Programs Offered:

Currently, the college is offering Junior High School and Senior High School Academic Programs with academic tracks on STEM, HUMSS, and ABM. The school is also offering various courses related to Bachelor of Science such as Accountancy, Accounting Technology, Entrepreneurship, Architecture, Computer Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Criminology, and Information Technology. Moreover, they also offer Associate in Computer Technology program.


For short-term programs, BHMC provides Computer System Servicing (CSS NCII) and Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW NCII).


Location: Bataan Provincial Hwy, City of Balanga, Bataan (Around 14 minutes travel time from Lumina Pilar)



Creating Future Leaders and Preserving the Country's Legacy

When it comes to advancing the fields of education, research, and technology, universities and colleges play an essential role as global thought leaders. This is why having a college or university in your province or close to your house and lot in the Philippines is so important.


Lumina Homes in Pilar, Bataan provide its residents and future homeowners this kind of privilege as it is located near the province's commercial hub, offering not just convenience but also quality education.


Your investment in our affordable house and lot for sale from Lumina Pilar allows you and your kids to save time and energy from the long hours of travel going to the metro's universities and colleges—not to mention the peace of mind and feeling of safety and security due to these institutions' proximity.


Get now your affordable house and lot in Lumina Pilar and pave the way for your child's future and quality education!

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