Five Ways to Express Love This Valentines’ Day

10 February 2023
Five Ways to Express Love This Valentines Day

According to statistics, only 39 percent or 2 out of 5 Filipinos celebrate Valentines' Day. Around 27 percent would give gifts to their loved ones, 25 percent would instead prepare food at home, and 11 percent would send Valentine's greetings on social media. In terms of romantic endeavors, married couples have a happier love life than single and with live-in partners.


Indeed, celebrating Valentine's Day for many sounds cheesy and expensive. But let’s accept it; we are all looking forward to that special person we want to spend with. Perhaps, receiving gifts might be one on the list. But regardless of the type of relationship you have, we always make sure expressing love to your loved one should be done in our sincerest affection in many ways. 


If you haven’t been able to find ways to show how much you cherish your loved ones, or this is your first valentine's day together, take a look at some of the most effective ways to consider.   



5 Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day Special 

Did you know that older people are much happier spending Valentine’s Day than younger ones?


Contrary to love language theory and popular belief, older generations experience the true meaning of their partner's love language compared to young individuals. Although being young and in love is fun, older people appreciate love without actually saying, “Happy Valentines' or I Love You.”


Here’s how.  


Give gifts as your primary love language act. 

The easiest way to express your love is through gift-giving. It doesn’t have to be expensive. As long as it fits your budget, then give them the most special gift they need. But one thing you should remember is that it is the thought that counts when giving a special gift.


You can give them flowers, chocolates, cakes, clothes, jewelry, or something they usually crave. If you have been preparing to provide them with something valuable, a house and lot in the Philippines is the best option.



Do something for your loved one.

Another way to show affection to your loved one is to do something meaningful or useful, especially if you don’t have the budget to buy gifts. You can cook their favorite meal and eat together or do the household chores you rarely contribute at home.



Spend quality time.

If you’re the type of a person who seldomly spends time with your loved one, now is the time to act. You can take them to the park, go window shop, or do a special activity together, like a movie marathon or visiting a family therapist. If you have sufficient funds to travel, take them on a short vacation. By giving your undivided attention to them, your loved one will surely understand that you really love them.



A simple touch will do.

Love can also be expressed through physical touch. You can hug them, hold their hand, rub their back, or kiss them. These simple gestures can surely melt their hearts away.



Demonstrate love through words.

Sometimes, giving your loved one a compliment or appreciation is much better than saying, “I love you.” You don’t have to be vocal about it; you can just leave them notes of affection to let them know how important they are to your life.



3 Money-Saving Ideas to Celebrate Valentines Day

While there is nothing wrong with treating your loved one with thoughtful gifts, it is also possible to celebrate this Love Month on a budget. Check out these tips.



  • Plan ahead.

Note that most restaurants and other dating activity establishments will be fully booked on Valentines’ Day. If you want to take your loved one to a special place, book an early reservation to save time and money. Many commercial establishments offer special discounts on early bookings while offering pricey quotes on Valentines' Day. 


So, plan ahead and take advantage of this opportunity.


  • Celebrate at home. 

If you don’t have much budget to make early reservations, you can celebrate at home. It’s one way to prevent yourself from financial burden and save money on spending costly dine-outs. Make a menu for your Valentines’ day special romantic dinner, and it would be ideal if you prepare them together as a way to express your own love language. You can even spend quality time with your kids if you have a family.



  • Stick with your budget.

These days when the world is uncertain, it is best to be thrifty to avoid financial difficulties in the future. Avoid spending more than you can afford. In case you don’t have enough budget to buy them gifts or treat them to a special dinner, there are other ways to express your love and affection. So, be practical and stick with your budget. 



3 Best Financial Gifts You Can Give this Love Month

There is no better gift than giving your loved one financial security as you grow older. Instead of giving them traditional gifts and treats, why not level up your love language to something worthy and profitable? After all, you’ll spend your entire life with the person you love. Take a look at these best financial gifts you can give them this Valentines.



  • Discuss financial health together.

Enough with the sweet talk, and start a meaningful conversation about your financial health, aspirations, and goals on your date night. Do you have a secured investment you can use once your kids go to college? What are your retirement plans, or do you even have insurance to cover your health? These things must be discussed as soon as possible because this impacts the future.  



  • Buy shares.

Many companies in the Philippines are already offering to sell their stocks and shares. So, why not buy shares from the favorite company or brand of your loved one? This will make them happier, knowing they are a part of their most loved company or brand.



  • Invest in the future.

As you prepare to grow your family and spend the rest of your lives together, experts recommend making an investment to prepare for the future. To start that journey, look for an affordable house and lot property. Choose your preferred location, the type of lifestyle you want, and the cost both of you can afford.



As you can see, there are a plethora of ways to express your love languages or physical affection to that special person or loved one. It doesn’t have to be grandiose or too lousy. The most essential thing is that you make an effort to feel the love they need.


To help you create new memories together, Lumina offers special discounts and promos for our affordable house and lot properties this Valentines’ Day. Make your reservations now or talk to one of our sales marketing representatives online via our message box.

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