Filipino Food Dinner Ideas that are Easy and Simple to Prepare

11 July 2022
Filipino food dinner ideas that are easy and simple to prepare

Every day, we have to decide what sort of food we want to consume and what kind of nutrients each food product provides. Food is essential to human life. Humans must have it in order to continue living.


That's why dinner is essential, particularly for Filipinos. After a long day of hard work, many Filipinos turn to food to refuel their bodies with the energy they need. This might also be the reason why in recent years, Filipino food has been dubbed the "next big thing" in the culinary industry.


Traditional cooking methods and the Filipinos' ability to combine flavors and make use of whatever ingredients are available, along with the country's many historical influences, result in unpretentious, no-fuss cuisine that is simply delectable and filling.


If you're looking for some dinner ideas that you can cook for your family after a hard toils day, here are some easy Filipino recipes and Filipino cuisine that you can find helpful in preparing that dinner "ulam" for your family:


1. Adobong Balut

This meal combines two of the most beloved Filipino dishes into a single mouthwatering creation. Balut is one of the first things you'll be served when you visit the Philippines. This dish is made up of duck embryo cooked and eaten in the shell.


I know it sounds unappetizing, and most people, particularly foreigners, would roll their eyes at the mere mention of the Filipino delicacy, but as Filipinos, we find this dish extremely delicious. This is also perfect for dinner as baluts are often being sold on the streets at nighttime.


The balut is marinated in soy sauce and vinegar before being cooked adobo-style in this dish. To enhance the taste of the duck eggs, the shells are removed before cooking. For those who don't mind the hairy duck embryo, this meal is delicious. This Filipino dish can also be partnered with Filipino garlic fried rice.


2. Giniling (Filipino Picadillo)

If you're looking for a Filipino recipe that's both quick to prepare and inexpensive for dinner, go no further than this. Giniling, or Filipino version of Picadillo, is the best recipe out there for you. Popular in the Philippines and Latin America, this meal is a favorite of many. Quick and easy one-pan Picadillo is definitely one of Filipino's favorite.


Many people prefer to use ground beef or even ground chicken to create giniling, although the traditional method of preparing the meal is to use ground pork. A delectable tomato-based sauce is cooked with ground pork and a plethora of vegetables until all the flavors meld together to produce an exceptionally flavorful meal.


3. Filipino Pork BBQ

Pork BBQ is a popular street cuisine in the Philippines, as well as a party or special event appetizer. Tender pork cubes are skewered and cooked to perfection, then marinated in a BBQ sauce and other ingredients. If you like sweet, salty, and tangy meat, these skewers are for you.


Filipino Pork BBQs are commonly being sold as street food in the afternoon or at night, making it another perfect dish for your dinner meal. You can even dip it in sour sauce also known as vinegar, or make it more flavorful with a sweet and sour sauce. It is also a perfect partner for thick noodles or thin rice noodles.


4. Ginataang Hipon (Shrimp in Thick Coconut Sauce)

The Philippines is a good place to cultivate coconuts. Cooked in Coconut Milk (Ginataan) is a typical meal in the Philippines, and each province has its own unique twist on the "Ginataan." There are a variety of ways to incorporate coconut milk into a recipe, from savory to sweet kind of dish.


In the mood for something fast and flavorful for a weekend dinner? This Ginataang Hipon dish is the answer. Indulge in the creaminess and heat of this beloved traditional Filipino cuisine. If you're looking for an ultimate comfort food, this is the dish for you!


5. Chicken Afritada

Colorful and brilliant Chicken Afritada is an excellent way to jazz up your dinner table. This Filipino meal is made with chicken and a variety of fresh veggies in a tomato sauce that is both savory and aromatic. This simple, quick, and tasty meal will make your supper a real treat.


Chicken Afritada is also another famous dish in the Philippines. Pieces of chicken, carrots, potatoes, and bell peppers are simmered in a tomato sauce. You can also cook it without the green peas and hot dogs but other people like to add them to their chicken afritada. You may also make it out of simply pork, or you can make it out of both pork and chicken. With only a few basic veggies, you could have your afritada be simple and straightforward to cook making it a perfect dish after a hard day's work.


6. Embutido (Filipino Style Pork Meatloaf)

Another simple and fast recipe is the Embutido. This Filipino-style pork meatloaf is produced by simply mixing all of the ingredients, and then wrapping everything in aluminum foil and steaming.


Pork minced with onion, carrot, bell pepper, relish, and raisins are used to make this Filipino meatloaf. To elevate it even further, we added an egg and sausage stuffing. It's perfect for as an everyday meal as you can make it in advance, keep it in the refrigerator for days, and cook it whenever you want to. It is as well a great dish to prepare for special events.


7. Beef Bulalo (Filipino Beef Shank Soup)

A hot cup of soup is the best way to keep warm on a rainy night. For this Bulalo, beef shanks, bone marrow, cabbage, and sweet corn are simmered together for a lengthy period of time to create a light, but tasty soup. If you're looking for a comforting meal, this Beef Shank Soup from Filipino cuisine is just what you need.


Beef bulalo traditionally takes a few hours to prepare since the shanks need to be tenderized by slow cooking. Using a pressure cooker, however, could help you to shorten the cooking time for this particular dish. It's possible that this isn't how traditional bulalo is made, but it's an excellent approach to rapidly tenderize beef for meals like this.


8. Chicken Inasal (Filipino Grilled Chicken)

It's a simple and tasty Filipino BBQ concept for your next backyard dinner celebration. This Chicken Inasal, a delightful twist on the traditional grilled chicken, comes with a special sauce that transforms it into something so juicy and gratifying that you'll never go back to the old methods of cooking chicken again. This dish is a certain crowd-pleaser so you can guarantee that your entire family will love this recipe!


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